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2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan



  • rdesmanrdesman Posts: 43
    Are the standard wheels actually painted with metallic paint? I think mine have a couple of places where the paint is starting to chip away from the underlying metal or undercoat.
    Does anyone else have this problem or is my eyesight just bad and its not really a defective paint job but something else.
  • I'm with karsick to a point, if you have a G you are not really worried about the fuel price, at least i'm not. My 2005 has over 350hp with a few after market adds and a performance tune. The hype of a 7 speed vehicle doesn't even interest me; I can hardly get our of 4th gear, at 120mph before i start depending on my Jamming system to keep me turning into 5th gear for a little more speed at a top speed of 147mph to date, what in the world do i need another 3 gears to go through before you feel the need for speed? My question is, why not keep the one you have, build it, love it, keep it maintained and save yourself $50,000.00 dollars. Drive it like you own it, and goose it every chance you get.
  • I will admit that my G 35 Sedan is a toy to me and i have alot of fun driving it. In any thing you have you have to take care of it! It seems to me through reading the blogs, that everyone is having issues with their Car, do to, more than likely, lack of maintenance. Remember your car is a machine that needs to be inspected after long drives in the country, to a from trips to work, or in my case after a high speed extravaganza's. All i can say is don't think your car will not let you down if you let it down by neglect. Just a little word of wisdom. :shades:
  • billpaulbillpaul Posts: 103
    Interesting comment about number of AT gears.

    I have a 2010 G37S sedan with 6 MT. I generally use only 3 or 4 gears, although I could use a taller highest gear for better fuel efficiency on the road. So, it's not so much the number of gears, but rather driving conditions & style.

    I like the acceleration and performance when I need it. At other times (e.g. in street traffic) I try to maximize fuel efficiency by following the LCD fuel meter. Getting 21 mpg around town and 26 on the road. Not bad for a street rocket.
  • jtlajtla Posts: 373
    edited July 2010
    LOL. I concur. When I had my 6MT (a 3-series), oftentimes I went 1st, 2nd, and then straight to the 6th gear once I hit 45+ mph.

    Now I have the 7AT G37S, the transmission has adapted (no kidding!) to my driving style. Depending on the amount the throttle you apply, it will either go silky smooth through all 7 gears (you hardly feel it shifts), or hold on to low gears to around 5000 RPM before up shifting and then settle at 6th or 7th gear once you loose up the gas pedal. It is a blast to drive this car. :)
  • sjaievesjaieve Posts: 252
    DS Mode

    Nuff said.
  • I find my 7sp G37S tends to chirp 2nd quite often when I get on it. Not consistently but about 75% of the time. Traction control on and not in DS mode. Just giving it most of the go pedal.
    Anybody else experience this?
  • mazzmanmazzman Posts: 8
    Does anyone have any opinions on Service (Shop) Manuals for the 2009 G37 sedan? I did a net surf, and got two hits, both CD versions. One was an/the
    "Official" Infiniti site, that wanted something like $250 for the (CD) manual. Another
    was some site called "" that offered a "downloaded" version of a manual for $7.99. Needless to say, at the moment the $7.99 version has my interest... Has anyone heard of this "" outfit?

  • Hi,

    A few thoughts on G37X 2009 after 8 mths. of driving. Love the car and service. However a few things come to mind:
    - software for transmission is subpar, they are not able to get it right, it's jerky around 30 m/h and no current update available;
    - paint self healing is awful, so soft that there is more damage from highways than on another car in 2 years, just a silly gimmick;
    - no more than 23 miles/gallon on highway driving with easy - low;
    - a need to slam trunk each time - a design defect with rubber supports;
    - no thermo insulation for cabin from engine, as a result it gets hot and radiate the heat inside the cabin - has to run a/c even when outside is nice;
    - tires already at 7/32 tread depth after just 7,000 miles;

    This is just FYI, I addressed these issues to Infiniti and they were not interested whatsoever. It's difficult to understand that groups of professional engineers are not able to fix all this at try outs + always hire a lot of consultants from the side.

    I am happy with the purchase due to $7,500 discount, but surprised by all these design mistakes.
  • Why do you even need it? You just need to change oil/filter every 4k, rotate tires every year and replace cabin and engine filter + brake fluid after 2 years. Nothing else needed for first 4 years, bogus expenses. Even oil could be replaced after 7K according to manual if highway driving mostly. But it is a silly theory as the oil compartment is rather small, it burns oil out and at 4K it is at low level.
    If you do what service people tell you - do 7K, 15K service and so on - you are wasting money that hard to get, and it would make sense just to give them to some needy or homeless people.
  • g37issuesg37issues Posts: 1
    edited November 2012
    2009 Infinity G37x-Two weeks ago- had the VDC, slip and check engine light come on and it was hesitating and the gas pedal wouldnt work, like it had no power- stopped and turned the car off, still had the issues. Took it in they replaced the Mass Airflow Sensor. Unfortunately I still have this problem although since then the lights do not come on anymore. Also after that I notice when I brake the RPM's will go up about 500 and quickly go back down which causes the car to pull. There is also a slight rattling noise coming from under the car (cant hear it every time). I have also notices when going from
    3rd to 4th it hesitates, like it doesn't want to shift, will sit at 3000RPM for up to 2 min...

    I have it at the shop now but they dont seem to know what to fix. I did see something online about a PCM Software update? Any ideas?! I just bought this car.
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,222
    edited November 2012
    Hi, g37issues,

    A lot of folks (including 2009 owners) say that the most recent software update took care of the transmission problems. Here's a link to more information:

    Infiniti G37 Transmission Problems

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