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2009 Infiniti G37 Sedan



  • r8cutr8cut Posts: 21
    "I think I might rent a 37 from Hertz for a day to see if it's for me."
    Assuming you rent a G with 17" wheels, I'll be very surprised if you think it's noisy... because it isn't. I doubt the 18" wheels are that "noisy" either. You'll certainly feel the road a bit more in a G than a car with a cushier suspension, but based on your preferences and budget the G seems like the car for you (assuming you're interested in a new car, as opposed to used).

    Who knows, you might find some '08, new G's in stock. I would imagine you could get a decent deal on those if there are any still around.
  • addamsaddams Posts: 74
    It looks that way. I've got 40K cash to spend.
  • fahimfahim Posts: 1
    Everybody , how r U? I m new member of this forum.

    Wish U all the best.

  • Just a couple of observations, since I relied heavily on this forum when I bought my G37xS:

    1.) More road noise than I had with my Audi S4 with summer performance tires. Overall not bad, and ride is a bit softer.
    2.) Stereo has pretty flat response with minimal deep bass--very good soundstage with the driver focus selection. Good for voices, but not sharp on highs--thinking of replacing tweeters and adding tight sub
    3.) 7 speed will never be called "smooth"--on rapid acceleration, really hangs up, paddle shifters to correct shifts are a must
    4.) Ugly engine noise at higher RPMs--but sound is ok if you are not pressing too much
    5.) Paint is much softer than Euro models, would really think about getting dark color (swirls)--and yes, it does scratch and not heal
    6.) Mileage estimates appear pretty accurate, unless you like to have fun driving (lead foot)
    7.) WIth all that said, I like this car as much as my S4 which cost 18k more--great handling, should be good reliability, and as fast without the nose-heavy V8--but will miss the exhaust note of the V8 :)
  • i just bought an 09 G37x sedan and the OE ties are the Goodyears.

    I've been reading some reviews at and other places that go so far as to say DO NOT USE THESE TIRES.

    i'm concerned about this of course.

    I've been reading about the Michelin Primacy MXV 4 tires. a bit pricey but supposedly outstanding tire.

    any recommendations?

  • esfoadesfoad Posts: 210
    I just bought a set of Primacy MXV4's in the H speed rating. They are fabulous, smooth and I'm getting 1 MPG better mileage. However they do not handle as well as the Goodyears I took off. So there's always tradeoffs.
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Interesting feedback; I'm currently at around 3500 miles (also a G37xS) and agree with some of your notes...

    - Stereo: Agreed. Bass and treble are both weak by default; cranking them both "to 11" yields much better tone, but it's surprising that a "premium" sound system's bass response is so weak (maybe not, considering it's Bose). Also, I've noticed that XM broadcast quality ranges from "decent" to "horrible." Some channels/songs sound like they're being transmitted over a phone line; I suspect this is a limitation due to the low bitrate that the XM feed receives, since CD's tend to sound much, much better.

    - Tranny: I guess it depends on your preferences/expectations. I actually like more aggressive shift feel versus a Lexus-like seamless shifts, but I agree that paddle-shifting makes things more entertaining.

    - I actually enjoy hearing the higher-rpm engine noises--very much in character with the car. I agree it doesn't compare to the throaty growl of, say, an E39 M5's V8, but I think it complements the (significant) engine output nicely.

    - Agreed that the handling is excellent, albeit soft (again, varies with your expectations). Two things I intend to look into eventually are installation of the OEM big-brakes and suspension updates on the (non-X) sport package (or third-party alternatives if a better deal).
  • Excellent, let us know if you like the suspension upgrades. And if you decide to change out some of the sound system components, there is a really good thread on MyG37 that has a number of ideas (though more questions than actual change-outs, unfortuntately).

    Liking the car more every day...
  • kavzkavz Posts: 2
    Hello Guys,

    Hope everyone is enjoying their new ride.

    I recently got a G37S. I love the car but for the seats.

    The Cup styled seats especially in the side thigh area is bothering me. Didnt feel it when test driving as I was more focussed on Car performance, pcik up, etc.

    Does anyone feel something similar about the Drivers seats in a Sports version? Or is it just me?

    Appreciate your feedback!

  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I have not spent a lot of time in my G37S-6MT (only 850 miles), but that did include a drive up to the Western part of our state and back, ~3.5 hours in the car one way. I did not have any problem at all with the seats.
  • kavzkavz Posts: 2
    Thanks so much for sharing your experience.
  • Good point, but my '09 is a late production vehicle which had the trans update done at the factory.
  • Is anyone having a problem re-activating their new Infiniti's XM service after the 3 mo promo ends? I've been trying for about a month now and still no service. XM "claims" the problem is with Nissan (or their dealers) because when the car is delivered to the dlr, the radio's ID# is registered to Nissan. When the car is sold, the ID# (for some reason) doesn't get switched to the new owner, something that XM says they can't do because of how Nissans system is set up. So far, Nissan cust. serv., Infiniti cust. serv., my dlr, and XM, can't seem to find a solution. Any ideas?
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    I don't know why Sirius/XM wold care who the Radio's ID # is registered to. So long as they get a credit card number to use to bill to, why should they care?

    FWIW, I am not planning on continuing my sat radio subscription when it expires.
  • I share your experience with the sports seats, and there are similar comments on some of the G35/37 forums. My G35 is first generation with normal seats, but I have been shopping for a 2009 G37 6MT sedan. I should start out by saying that I am 6'-4 1/2 inches, 260 lbs. I work out and my butt is not large. I have recently test driven a 2008 G35 6MT sedan, a 2009 G35 Journey with sport package (incl sports seats), and finally a 2009 G35 6MT sedan.

    The first two cars were fine in the seat back area but literally pinched my butt to the point of discomfort within a mile or two of driving. The last car seemed tolerable after a four mile drive. I do not understand why it was different from the other two.

    I have seen other posts which claim that the sport seats are designed to fit a 5'-4" gentleman from the car's origin country (actually the other posters words were more direct than mine). I can believe it from the way I was pinched.

    For the life of me, I do not understand why Infiniti can put the steering wheel and pedals on the left side, but cannot design the seat to fit American physiques.

    I have seen reports of frustrated Infiniti G drivers removing the seat from the car and modifying the springs underneath. I would like to see some pictures, so I can understand the magnitude of the effort. Seems unreasonable for the customer to have to do this on a new car.
  • I would think a guy your size wouldn't find the sport seats too comfortable. My '07 G35 sedan didn't have the S pkg. and it was fine. My new '09 sedan has the S pkg and the sport seats are a bit tight, (i'm 6' and 215) but for me, not really a problem. Drive faster and you won't notice the seats! :)
  • That's like saying, "why should the DMV care whos name is on the reg/title so long as the plates are paid for". To leave the XM-radio under Nissan's name would make Nissan legally responsible for paying for the service after the promo is done, which is one of the reasons they shut it off. The other being they want to sign-up a paying customer/subscriber. Problem is, whenever you call XM, your call is switched to different countries all over the world, which is why their system is totally FUBAR!
  • snagielsnagiel Posts: 750
    Is your problem that you can't resolve the billing / account for the radio or that you just can't seem to get an XM signal on your radio?

    If the latter, I had a similar issue; to activate the radio with your new (personal) account, you need to park it somewhere OUTSIDE where it has a clear, unobstructed view of the southern skies, and leave it on channel 1 (PREVIEW) for at least 15-20 minutes. And, you must do this WITHIN THE HOUR of your calling XM customer service and asking them to send a "signal refresh" for your radio (and make sure you give them the right radio code).

    This is key, since (1) in many cities, XM has ground-based repeaters which boost signal strength but DO NOT send the signal to authenticate your unit; you need the "real" satellite signal. (2) Leaving it on channel 0 (which I had accidentally done) does not work--it needs to be channel 1. (3) The refresh signal customer service sends only lasts for about an hour after you call.

    After waiting the 15-20 (very long, boring) minutes, you should be able to scroll through the full channel lineup.

    Good luck.
  • Yesterday I installed snow tires (Blizzak LM-60s) on my G37 S, and
    pulled out the OEM jack to see just how it engages the car's jacking points (and this winter I'm gonna cobble up an adaptor for my floor jack.) Anyway, In the trunk, along with the jack, jack handle(s), and wheel lock key/socket, there was another "tool." It's a heavy-duty-looking steel shaft, about 6-8 inches long, threaded on one end, with a
    sturdy "loop" on the other end. It looks like it *might* be used to
    lift or pull something....if I had a crane, come-along, or chain fall handy, to do the actual lifting or pulling!! :-)

    Does anyone know what this thing is?? Thanks in advance for any and all replies.

  • It is the vehicle recovery hook for freeing a stuck vehicle.
    See owner manual 6-15.
  • "It is the vehicle recovery hook for freeing a stuck vehicle.
    See owner manual 6-15." [GBT6146]


    Thanks for the response and the info regarding the G 37's "recovery device." I also see, (on manual page 6-14), that you probably can *not* use the recovery device to tow the car from the rear.... I wonder what you're supposed to do if a wrecker can't get to the front of a stuck G 37. (I bet most/all wrecker operators will use the tie-down hooks) .....or, why didn't Infiniti put a second "vehicle-recovery socket" somewhere at the [non-permissible content removed]-end of the car??

  • It was an account problem which XM blamed on Nissan's system of not transfering the ID# when the cars are sold. And i sat in my car for a total of 3 hrs (on 2 occasions) waiting for a signal on Ch. 1. Yesterday, i called XM again. (8th time in 3 weeks) I told the woman the problem and her response was, "gee, why is it taking so long to get your service back?" If i could've shot her through the phone i would have! She repeated all my info, then told me to go to my car and wait 20 minutes for the signal. (i had been told this by 3 other XM people) After sitting in the car for 10 minutes, on came the music! Don't ask me how or why, because i have no clue. But, i do have my music back. Thanks for your responses friends...
  • well i just came back from trying my new G37x on a big empty parking lot with 3 fresh inches of snow on it.

    with the "snow" mode on, i proceeded to accelerate, brake, do donuts, figure 8s and everything in between.

    it was a blast. the angle of lean as i did hard turns and donuts was minimal.

    i noticed the "slip" light come on as i did hard, fast donuts and the wheels slipping underneath me. that's apparently normal for those conditions.

    the car seemed stable and capable of handling a few inches of snow under it in AWD mode. the braking at 25 MPH on a snowy surface was good.

    my G has the Goodyear RSAs on it, and they seemed to handle the snow just fine.
  • do you mind giving out what you paid for an XM contract for a year?

    i have heard a wide variety of pricing and negotiating issues.

    i've heard people getting as low as $75 and up to paying $185.
  • srs_49srs_49 Posts: 1,394
    Just got my renewal notice for XM, after the 3 month trial period expires. It's $164/yr for XM, $212/yr with NavTraffic.
  • In the past (i.e. about 6 mo ago), to get a lower XM price I called a week before my sub ended. I told them I wanted to cancel. They asked why. I said I just don't use it too much since I have an MP3 player. They transfered me to customer retention. I told them the same thing. The came down to $120/yr and I said no then they came to $85/yr and I said ok. This had the effect of killing my online access and I had to pay it all at once.

    Now that they are one with Sirius, I don't know what they will do.
  • Just bought a new G37S Sedan. Doing some upgrades/modifications in a few areas, including Stillen exhaust and cold air intake, window tint, and fog lights. I want to upgrade the rims but having a hard time finding 18" rims that will fit given the large size of the rotors and calipers on the S Sedan model.

    Anyone out there having any success in finding a decent looking rim that will fit in the $200-400 price range?
  • ross57ross57 Posts: 6
    I'm 6'-3", 175 lbs; comfort of driver's seat is a high priority. It felt good during my two test drives, but I'd be grateful for any feedback from G37 sedan owners of similar height. I'm especially interested in knowing whether you adjust the seat to its highest position and whether you feel the head room is sufficient. Thanks in advance for your help!
  • woj207woj207 Posts: 54
    I'm just over 6ft, but I have a tall upper body (I only wear 32inch inseam pants). I just purchased a 2010 G37 with moonroof, and I can feel the roof on my head on occasion. I've got the seats as low as they can go, and Its not like i"m rubbing on the ceiling, I just bump it every once in a while.
  • ross57ross57 Posts: 6
    Thanks--I just purchased a 2009 G37x with moonroof, and the top of my head barely misses the roof even with the seat in its highest position. But I have a 34" inseam, so clearly in this case it pays to have a stubby upper body. Very pleased with the purchase, and with the car, which I pick up on Monday. Enjoy your 2010!
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