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Toyota Corolla Paint Problems



  • Just for the record I own a 2007 corolla LE "Blue color", it chipped/lost paint on the hood and looks ugly. Everything else is in perfect working condition, dealer serviced etc but I cannot put it up for sale because the ugly hood only invites embarrassing offers/trade-in. So I have no choice but to keep it. And like many others I got a quote for $1200 and one body shop offered to do it for $600 but he would replace entire hood and I thought it was a bad idea.

  • 4asmyle4asmyle Posts: 2

    I would like to know of anyone with a Canadian Toyota Corolla, with the paint peeling on it. I have a 2009 Toyota Rav4, with the paint peeling on it. I am gathering info on Toyota's with paint problems. Preferably 2007-2014's. Preferably Canadian manufactured, as I am not sure of complaint process in the U.S.

  • Buyer Beware - My wife owns a 2010 Rave 4 and the paint is peeling off the roof just above the windshield. The car is one year beyond the 3 year warranty. No help is available from either the dealership or Toyota. Upon inspection the paint in this area is blistering and evidently begins peeling off from wind and rain. I have owned more than 10 new automobiles of different makes in my lifetime. I usually own my cars for 8 to 10 years. I have never had a problem with the paint finish on any of them. Toyota, never again!

  • 09corollapaint09corollapaint tennesseePosts: 1
    2009 toyota corolla with passenger side paint issues. how do we file a class action suit?
  • flamierdflamierd Posts: 1
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    I have a 2005 Red Corolla. Paint was ok for first 5 years or so, after that it began to fade fast. Discoloration, chips in the hood, etc. The rear of the roof is bubbling. The car still runs great, but I doubt I can actually get anything on a trade with it so I'm stuck with 'running it into the ground' if that is even possible mechanically with a toyota.

    I was thinking about buying another Toyota, but given these problems I'm leaning toward something that isn't going to start experiencing leprosy after 5 years.
  • I have a 2006 Toyota Corolla S and the entire roof is rust. The paint completely faded away within a few months. What kind of paint does this? I have never seen a vehicle do this. Now I suppose I have to spend more money on my Corolla to get a entirely new paint job.
  • My Corolla is a mess from the peeling top coat . What a shame The car runs great No issues at all except the pain I hate to get rid of it simply because of a lousy paint job, It is all over the car and I have not used anything hash on it
  • I have a 2012 RAV4, "Super White" in color. Paint is pealing above the windshield. I notified Toyota via email w/ pics. They gave me a case file number and recommended I take it to a dealership, perferably one with a body shop. Well, I wanted to arrive "uneducated", so I first took it to a privately owned, reputable body shop in my area. The estimate is $1,100.oo! The cause was determined to be "delamination," which the technician explained was due to poor adhesion of primer coat. The fix requires that the paint and primer be removed down to bare metal and repainted. The car does have some rock chips. I asked if I should expect those to peal similarly. He said that's hard to predict, but the delamination was a different issue than chipping. He said delamination is due to deficiencies in application. In other words, manufacturing defect! He indicated that this is a common problem and that Toyota is aware of it. Obviously! Now, I'm headed to the dealership today to see what excuses they offer. Post more after. Not too optimistic at this point! Haven't read a "success story" on line yet!
  • I wanted to arrive "educated!" Not "uneducated." Oops! Disproved that, I guess!
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