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Volkswagen Tiguan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • What is a good price for an S? How much below invoice is reasonable? Does anyone know about the $250 rebate "Cash to Customer"? Does it only apply to those that finance through VW?

    I live in Bay Area California.

  • This is the deal I just got:

    2010 SEL Tiguan with sunroof + nav 33,887 del. (Invoice 34,575, MSRP 37,255)

    of course then you have to add in the dealer fees of 339, plus tax + reg.

    later in the day, after signing for this deal, I got an email from another dealer
    offering the same package for 33,892 out the door, fees incl. shoulda waited..

    To get these prices I emailed about 5 dealerships asking for their best price on this
    specific config., also giving them the int/ext color I wanted. Maybe I could have
    done better, but that's what I got.
  • I was just offered a 2010 SEL AWD with nav, roof, side airbags, trailer hitches, mat kit for $100 over invoice (MSRP: 38,525, Invoice: 35,628) plus tax/tags but no dealer fees (Fleet dealer). VW Costco affliates quoted me $500 under invoice plus dealer fees last year for a 2009 but then said they couldn't order it due to availability. What do you think? :shades:
  • I think you can get that deal on a 2010.

    It wasn't too hard to get 675 under invoice, but the dealer will all add in 250-400 in fees. I negotiated that down 50% when I bought my daughters Hyundai - but that was a different situation.

    The last deal that was offered was ~675 under with no fees, in NH. This was
    Seasoast VW.

    I am not aware of any mfg - dealer rebates going on right now, but I get the
    sense there must be something because they were all willing to go this low.

    BTW - my config was also AWD.

    One other thing, if you can find a 2009 they are offering 0% financing/36 mo but
    not on the 2010.
  • Costco Consumer Advocacy reported they do not have their 2010 price sheet yet from cooperating VW dealers to get the $500 under quote for 2010 models and it could take 3 months. He said I should consider my $100 over invoice with no dealer fees offer as this is a good offer considering supply/demand on this model. I did email your Seacoast dealer. Although I live in South FL, my family lives in NE. Did you order your Tiguan or get one off of the lot? I am ordering.
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  • jwdkhanjwdkhan Posts: 11
    The best price I was offered here in Dallas, TX for a S was $24,400 out-of-the-door with the 36 month 0% apr financing. There's a shortage of Ss here and I'd only seen and tested SEs uptil then. When I finally did get to see the S, it was not in the color of my choice and it looked very different without the roof rails (not available on the S). I also did not like the cheaper cloth and plastic steering wheel.

    Ended up buying the last locally available White 2009 Tiguan yesterday (9/30), a SE for $26,350 out-of-the-door with the 0% apr financing. It came with the heavy duty mats and the ipod adapter. Didn't care much for these extras but definitely like the upgraded cloth, the longer roof bin with mini compartments, the leather steering wheel and the roof rails in addition to several other small extras.

    Stayed with the dealer till 10:30 pm trying to work out the deal. My saleperson was very pleasant but I did not appreciate the finance guy's scare tactics in trying to sell extended warranty, insurance coverage etc by saying this is an expensive car to maintain and we charge $100/hr to fix problems. I mean I hadn't even signed all the paper work yet. He had a grin on his face when he said I had successfully managed to avoid all of the extras!
  • Thanks for the reply.

    I ended up getting a 2009 Silver S for $21888 before TTL, including 17 inch wheels, bluetooth and mat kit. According to Edmunds, the invoice should have been $24089.

    I used VW's request for quote on their website and sent the request to about 20 dealers from Napa all the way to Santa Cruz. This is the first time a dealer has come in significantly BELOW my bid, which was $22700. The dealer is in Sunnyvale, CA and I was very happy with them.

  • Good deal!
    Is it automatic or manual?
  • j_oyj_oy Posts: 1
    SE 4motion with leather, moonroof and 18" new york alloy wheel. The quote we got from a dealer is $30,856.00 plus TTL. Invoice on Edmunds is $30,684. Is this a good deal?
  • Hi i'm in the market for a tiguan. could you tell me where is your location and where is the location for this dealer that offer u $33,892 drive out price for 2010 SEL w/ sunroof + nav. Thanx a million.
  • naj1naj1 Posts: 1
    HI vw2009,
    I was wondering if you can share the dealer's info with me, i am looking for 0% on Tiguan for 60 months and i live in chicago.

  • SEL AWD with sunroof as an option.

    Got an offer of $32,730 + tags title taxes. What do you think??
  • Got my Tiguan at the price of $30403+tag title tax through costco auto program. The MSRP is $32900
  • I got an offer from a dealer on a 2009 Tiguan FWD with Leather and power Sunroof

    MSRP: $30,325
    Invoice: 28,528
    Offered price: $25,228 ($5097 below MSRP) + TTL

    If I choose AWD, the price will be $27,216; is it worthwhile to get AWD (I live in DC area and may have big snows occasionally in winter).

    I am not sure if this is a good deal because it is a 2009 model, not a 2010 model. So what you guys think? Thank you very much for your help.
  • r6dr6d Posts: 3
    This is a very good deal if it is a new 2009. I bought the same car with cloth interior for the same price in Apr. At that time VW had a $1500 financing rebate. There is no difference between 2009 and 2010 Tiguans. As far as AWD versus FWD is concerned in the DC area it depends on whether you plan to go offroad. If you don't then I don't think it is worthwhile to pay $2000 extra and lower gas mileage for a few days of snow.
  • Just wondering if this is decent deal:

    2010 SE FWD with panaramic roof (no leather, no nav):
    MSRP: 29,600
    Invoice: 27,778

    Offer: 26,980 (798 below invoice) + TTL

    Lease: 0.00131 with 51% residual. They say no additional fees like acquisition fee, etc.

  • Update: actually got this lesae deal after hours of negotiation on last day of year:

    Same MSRP: 29600 (2010 SE FWD with roof (no leather/nav)
    Sale Price: 26011
    MF: 0.00141, Residual 50% (showed 14800 on lease)
    $595 lease fee waived but I paid title, plate, and doc fee.
    5% WI tax
    $379 per month (only paid the fees for downpayment)
  • iqbalmiqbalm Posts: 1
    Just purchased a 2010 SEL 4Motion w/ Nav and Sunroof for $35000 plus taxes, fees, etc.
    MSRP - 37650
    Invoice - 35197
    Paid - 35000
    Financed for 60 months at 4.3 APR which is better than what VW credit was offering at 4.49 for 60 months on the 2010.

    It also included a winter mat kit. Seems like a good deal after shopping around quite a bit. It wasn't a car the dealer had in stock either. I got some great prices on 2009's with the same configuration but they did have the color combination my wife wanted. We live in Northern NJ so I am not sure how this deal compares to nationally. Sales department was excellent. Finance department tried to sell us way too may extras when we said we didn't want anything.
  • nlrlnlrl Posts: 5
    Do you know what is the difference between a SEL 4 motion and a SEL 4 Motion Wolsfburg edition beside a badge?
    Why will the Wolfsburg cheaper with the same options?
    Is it anything missing on the base car?
    For a SEL 4 motion with sunroof and Nav I got quoted $36,700 just the price of the car.
    Doesn't it sound too much?
    They claim that it is $600 over the invoice.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,692
    The Wolfsburg edition isn't an SEL, is it?

    I think those are two different trim levels. The Wolfsburg is cheaper, because it has less options..

    Unless I'm wrong... ;)


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  • I believe you are right. I think the line up goes S > SE > Wolfsurg > SEL. If I remember correctly the Wolf is very close to the SE except leatherette instead of cloth; Wolf badging; and something else that I forget. SEL adds more stuff.
  • nlrlnlrl Posts: 5
    Thank you.
    Yes I got a verification from a dealer.
    The Wolfsburg in in between SE and SEL as far as equipment.
    Is $600 over the invoice too high for an SEL 4 Motion with Nav and sunroof, in Northern California?
  • Out the door $27665 and 1.9% financing for 2010 Wolfsburg Tiguan without sunroof. Seacoast VW in NH. Drives nice and drives fun!
  • everet1everet1 Posts: 1
    Out the door $27800 for '10 Wolfsburg Tiguan with the following extras:

    "18 New York tires (not selected, just on the vehicle)

    Set of rubber floor mats (thrown in by the dealer after purchase)

    This seems like a good price......
  • how much your guys pay for it,just for base or the wolfsburg one,i do not need sunroof or something like it. the best price you can get,i am live in NY thank you!!! :)
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 38
    I've been given a quote of $26800 for a wolfsburg edition Tiguan (plus processing and taxes). It has no extras on it. Is this a good deal?
  • starbirdstarbird Posts: 38
    Then I discovered American Express has a auto program from, which knocked the price down to $25,547 plus $99 dealer fee, title and tax.

    The good news is that the our local dealer matched that price so I didn't have to drive to Virigina, what I am unhappy about is that he also said VW wouldn't offer the 1.9% financing with that price. Which turns out to be a lie, so I'm stuck at 3.5%.
  • mwtorockmwtorock Posts: 2
    Hey guys,

    Could you recommend dealership around new england? I am searching for a S 4motion 2010. The OTD price is sort of high around 28000 without options after I asked the nearby dealers.

    Any info on recent purchases would be appreciated. Thank you.
  • maxxusmaxxus Posts: 3
    I bought mine about a year ago, but the method I used should still work. Settle on the configuration you want and just email about 6 dealers asking for their best price. Be sure to tell them you are ready to buy from whomever is lowest.

    When I did this I got the best deals from Wellesley and Seacoast (NH).

    Good luck..
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