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Volkswagen Tiguan Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Just closed this deal in tristate area:

    2012 Tiguan SE - All Wheel Drive - 4 Motion
    Panoramic Roof
    VW All Weather Mats and Cargo Liner/Blocks Kit
    $279 Total Out Of Pocket & $418.00/month includes TAX and 10K mi/yr 36 months

    Happy Holidays Carman & Members and thx for all you do!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,843
    Nice car...

    Which Tri-State area?


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  • In Houston, I was offered a choice of $29,250 drive out for the SE, or $31,350 drive out for the SE w/ sunroof and navi package. Should I try to go down a bit more? Has anyone found a better offer?

    Also they even just got in one SEL premium navi with a backup camera, rare right? Offered $3k off sticker, but that price point is much too high for me.
  • Hi,

    I wanted to know if this a good deal?
    Quoted for by the dealer:

    MSRP: $35,030
    Before - Tax & Fees: $32400
    OTD: $34800

  • Hi,
    Is $29500 OTD price or only car price? thanks.
  • A dealer on the Central Coast (CA) offered this quote on the 2012 Tiguan SE w Sunroof & Navigation. Does anyone have any thoughts if it's good enough to jump in?

    MSRP $31345.00 + tax,lic,fees
    Invoice $30124.00 + tax,lic,fees
    My Price $28524.00 + tax,lic,fees (Note: This is Cash Price)
    Tax $2214.87
    Fees $347.75 (registration and doc fee)
    Total OTD $31086.62

    He also mentioned that this price is the Cash Price, refused to accept any counter offers...If I were to take the dealer incentive of 0.9% APR, then the price could be higher by $500 bucks.
  • How much off MSRP or Below Invoice should I except when shopping for a 2012 VW Tiguan now the 2013 are hitting the lots? I'm look at the top-of-the-line SEL 4M w/ Prem Nav & Dyn plus option for a total of 39,960 w/dest.
  • Now 2013 Tiguan is on board, the 2012 ones should be cheaper. Anyone bought or planning to buy one of 2012 styles?
  • I too am looking at the 2012s. How good should the deals be?
    Was looking at preowned 2011 & 2012 but if the price is good then I would check out the new.

  • itstiitsti Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    I'm new here. But I just dealt with the dealer yesterday on a lease on a black 2013 S (base) no sunroof 4motion Tiguan.

    signup: 4500

    after some negotiation they showed me the math and a breakdown:
    3000 signup - 270/month - 36 months

    MSRP: 27480
    residual: 60%; 16488
    term: 36
    Money factor: 0.00045
    Cash cap reduction: 2077.50
    Sale tax: 7%; 793.78
    Selling price: 25990.84
    Bank Fee: 625
    Adjusted cap cost: 25527.12
    Registration: 396
    Doc fee: 349

    Any opinion on this would be great!

  • Purchased SEL 4MOTION with hitch (no wires) for 35,500 in NYC.
  • I read so many good reviews about the Tiguan that this compact SUV is attractive. However I just cannot get my head around how small it is. I just don't understand VW, why would they build something that is so much smaller than all their competition. It is 5 inches shorter than the Rav4 and on cargo capacity, well not even close.

    I could be easily persuaded if they built it to normal size for the category.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,843
    Different seats for different butts... ;-)

    It is small.. but, it drives so much better than the competition.. Some people put more stock in the Sport than the Utility in SUV....


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • harryrobertsharryroberts Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    What sold me was the build quality, solid feel and interior design.

    I drove the RAV4 with the 6 cylinder and thought it was fun but everything else didn't do it for me. The large knobs on the dash looked like they came out of a 1960 sic-fi tv show.
  • kfcyummykfcyummy Posts: 2

    Just come back from local VW dealership, was offered $30,750 out the door with a 2014 SE appearance w/ sunroof, which is ridiculous in my mind. Anybody purchased the same trim recently? Please leave your comments, thanks in advance!

  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited April 2014

    Well, the dealer is below invoice and below TMV and that's before adding in taxes and fees (which I assume are included in your out the door price).

    What Others are Paying: SE 4Motion 4dr SUV w/Appearance with no optional equipment

    If my link says "no info available" try changing the zip code.

    Anyone else shopping Tigs?

  • jw074jw074 Posts: 16

    Any recent prices on 2014 S 4Motion Tiguan?

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