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Mitsubishi Outlander Service Manual

bkellichnerbkellichner Posts: 2
edited March 2014 in Mitsubishi
i just bought a very nice looking 2004 outlander and am looking for a service manual. i havnt had much luck finding one under $165.00. does anyone have any suggestions?


  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If you don't have to have a hard copy, you can get lots of info online, and lots of it is free:

    Online Repair Manuals
  • I have been searching too. There is one online if you search hard but I cannot make my mind up if its for the 2.4 petrol 2004 UK model or not. Where are you?
    What sort of jobs were you wanting to take on? I did both front and rear pads this year and they were the easiest I have done ever.
    The service schedule is in the owners handbook and apart from diff oil changes and autobox fluid (carefull what you use) which are not due yet there is nothing hard to do. I just made sure the coolant is compatible with the green Japanese stuff , Castrol coolant is.
    I shall let Mitsubishi do the timing belt.
  • batman47batman47 Posts: 606
    There is a publishing company which is authorized to sell the manuals (or workshop) for a number of car brands. Mitsubishi is one of them. You may order on line and the CD/DVD will arrive to your home. This CD is good. All the information is in PDF format easy to read and scroll. If you are friendly with the manager of the garage where you bought your Mitsubishi he/she may give you one free of cost e.g. 2007 version (the manager were I bought mine offered me one but I had already purchased one) otherwise you may order one for (not sure) $120.00. Make a Google search (e.g. Mitsubishi CD Service, etc). I have the name of this company somewhere in my PC but I don't have that laptop with me at the moment. I am in Alaska.

    Also you may download a manual from the internet but they are catering for the 2.4 L Outlander (Europe). The Web owner is of Russia origin and it appears that the outlander is very popular in that country.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The publisher I think you are thinking of is Helm, Inc..
  • rek7rek7 Posts: 1
    i just replaced front brakes. was ez.going for the back i didnt have a big enough socket to remove the drum. theplugs in my 93 S-10 are easy to find. this took me afew minutes to find. the local autoparts store had to order the plugs at $6.45 each. until i read a description of how to change the timing belt i was thinking of doing it myself. but i think ill pay the $450 for the dealer to do it. ill probably change the transmission filter before long.
  • Here is one online.
    Nothing re the autobox here but the other parts look the same as UK model.
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