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Sunroof leak on my Saturn Outlook



  • WE too were told this by the dealership and with the first call to GM. I feel this is a part of their script. I'm not sure how many times you've contact them. We pushed the issue and told GM that we were aware of the complaints, etc and GM paid for ALL repairs, the car was in the shop for a long time on and off because the leaks continued. They also rented us a car that totaled over 800. dollars. We no longer have the Outlook. It was a death trap! Despite repairs, problems continued. GM wants to wear you down.... I'm not aware what State you live in but there is a few states there is protection against Secret Warranties which in my opinion is what GM is doing with this horrific known defect. Good luck simone 89.
  • Hi, nice to know we are not alone with our lemon of a car. We bought our OL new and within two years it was having problems. My husband nearly lost his life twice when the car suddenly turned completely off while driving 45 mph on a four lane arterial home from work.. no steering, no brakes, nada. After MANY attempts to get help, multiple visits to the Chevy dealer at our own expense, me on the phone endlessly with GM trying to get help (you have to yell finally - no one cares otherwise)we got a GM custmer service person on board, and someone FINALLY decided to replace the car's computer which solved the problem. My husband is lucky to be alive.. at least all the other times it died were either pulling into our driveway or at stop lights. We did have to have it towed home from a vacation when it wouldnt start, so that was fun. We HATED this car at this point, but are stuck with it.
    NOW it leaks endlessly. We are in the Pacific Northwest and have had 18 inches of rain this year.. Guess where it all ends up.. INSIDE THE CAR. Comes out the airbag hole, out the seam between the roof material and the plastic of the corner, splashes all over my husbands head if he stops quickly. We've had the Chevy dealer deal with the drain tubes.. AGAIN at our expence $350.. just add it to the rest of the money we've spent. Im all for a class action suit and would gladly sign on. Will watch this forum for details. No one will take responsibility for these cars. We're screwed, essentially. Never buying a GM car again as long as I live. Hope my kids, husband and I live through this car.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Our apologies that it was a frustrating process to get the computer replacement done, tallgolf, and that now there is a leaking concern on the vehicle. Are you already working with Customer Assistance on the leaking concern? If not and if you would like for us to check into this further, please contact us at with more information (including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and a summary of the current concern(s)).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • Hi Sarah, no, we are not working with anyone at this point. Im not sure how it will help... reading this forum, it looks like most never get this water issue fixed. Will be interesting to see how this manefests in future accidents with that side airbag failing to deploy, or suddenly deploying, due to years of water saturation. The Chevy dealer we work with has done what they know to do at this point. We've already spent $350 with them.. not willing to spend more. I'll take your suggestions but I honestly have zero expectations of any help or solution. Sorry.. its just been Hell with this car.
  • Perhaps if enough Outlook owners complain of the hazards that the leaky sunroof and moon roof are causing to the NHTSA a recall can be initiated.

    I emailed the gm customer service about the leaky roof and it was suggested I take it to my dealer. This Outlook has been to the dealer several time for the issue and I still have a problem.
    I plan on scheduling another appointment for the problem with my GM dealer.
  • Here's the thing leaky, IT WILL NEVER END. These cars cannot be fixed. You only have to see this forum to know we were all screwed when we bought these cars. Are you aware that the GM CEO made $9 million salary in 2012? How does that make you feel? Think he drives one of these leaking death traps? I sincerely doubt it. Bet his kids arent sitting in black moldy seatbelts.... think about it.
    Thanks for the link. I am going there now. And then Consumer Reports if they have a place for these kinds of complaints.
  • I have posted several times on this site since my first roof leak issues in 2008. Its now been in the shop 8 times. The dealer says the leak is repaired, and it may not rain for several months, thus I don't know immediately if it has been fixed (never has, yet). After a year of aggravation, I notified the NHTSA of the issue. My concern was the water running out of the rear airbag covers, and whether they, or any other airbags, might fail as a result of continued water intrustion. I was assigned a case number, but never heard further...not surprising, since the taxpayers of America actually owned GM at the time. They wouldn't want to have a recall of all the leaky Saturns, GMCs and Buicks. I truly believe it is a design defect, and the only sure remedy would be to scrap the vehicles.
  • I couldnt agree more. We have water literally running out of the airbag covers. I see on the NHTSA site that many people have had $$$ transmission issues and $$$ headlamp fires. I suppose we have that to look forward to. If we survive this car that long.
  • leakyoutlook1leakyoutlook1 Posts: 3
    edited February 2013
    I would like to share this with everyone. A disgruntle GM dealer mechanic shared this with me. I was informed that these vehicles (Outlook) Have a structural problem, it is from the vehicle body basically twisting during operation. What has to be done is the complete roof liner has to be removed and i understand that some type of reinforcement is installed and sealant. So basically the sunroof / moonroof combo has structurally degraded the integrity of the vehicle.
    I think this vehicle broke the Bank for GM and that is why they had to take the Government bail out. Wow ! Now things are starting to make sense. That could be one of the reasons to the end of Saturn ? Just a Thought.
    I am starting to question my devotion to GM.
  • If you take your vehicle back to the dealer, the head lamps should be replaced under Recall. Ask the dealer service to check for you. request that your vehicle be updated for all the recalls. You can go on line and get a list of the current recalls on the vehicle and compare them with what the GM dealer service comes up with. I have had a Brand new transmission put in my vehicle and it had less than 60K on it. I believe there maybe a recall for that too. My Trans was replaced under warranty.
  • So we have actually ended our nightmare and bought a Ford. After all of this, we will never buy GM again. The service manager told me they know this is a problem, but because they've discontinued the car and it only happens in a limited number, GM will not do anything about it. I get they need to make money, but what about doing right by your customers? Oh, and he also told us "Sunroofs leak - period." In my almost 30 years of owning a car, all but one having had a sunroof, I have never had a sunroof leak. I have never had a friend's sunroof leak. Maybe we're just lucky, but something's telling me that everyone but GM knows how to install a sunroof.

    Goodbye GM. Wish I could say it was a great experience. At this point, if our Ford doesn't work out, we will go back to buying Japanese.
  • I also am part of the 2008 Saturn Outlook issues. It is sad this car is a money pit and GM not standing behind it at all. Obviously it's not rocket science it is clearly a design problem. Every car I have had in the past also has had sunroof's not one of them leaked. Not one!!! The car leaks out the lights inside the back, it smells, it leaks at the emergency brake area it is ridiculous. I call GM because clearly everyone ha this problem. Nope not covered. I also brought it up when I too was part f the transmission problem with the shaft. I can to believe how much trouble this car is.
    I am going to look into a class action suit because clearly this is ridiculous. You start to type it in google and the sentence gets finished for you. That is clearly pathetic!! Comment after comment same troubles. So what I should put more money out on this car?? I would love to make them buy it back. Piece of junk!! Makes me never want a GM again. Can't wait to get rid of it after I go after them for to doing what they should have fixed to begin with!! :mad:
  • dmunizdmuniz Posts: 25
    I just purchased a 2007 Outlook and before purchasing, vehicle had sunroof leak at deaership. They stated they would fix it and put it on my bill of sale.

    I took it home after they stated the drains just had to be cleaned and now I have leak again plus the DVD Map error.

    I purchased a Lexus service contract so car went back to Lexus dealership I bought it from. Lets see what dealer says about leak.

    Do I have a recourse for the listing the sunroof leak on the bil of sale if they cannot fix it?
  • Good luck, is all I can say. It's not an issue with dirty gutters. It's a faulty design and they need to replace it. For me it was in the rear and an issue with the flap that opens/closes to keep water in/out (that's basically how it was described to me). I had my gutters cleaned 3 years in a row. Never helped.
  • It should be stated that it is not only the vehicles with sunroofs that leak. My 07 outlook leaks from the rear view mirror area when we get heavy rain. The water leaks onto the stereo and fills up the console with water. Then when it gets below freezing here in the northwest the water that has leaked into the gear shifter freezes up and makes it impossible to get the vehicle out of park. Add this to the broken lift gate motor, broken sway bar end link, leaking power steering unit, and broken driver seat adjuster. The vehicle only has 50,000 miles on it and is draining the money out of our already lean budget.
  • I am so happy to find this forum....We have had our 07 Outlook from new and I have loved this car. As everyone knows as soon as you pay it off, it falls apart. At least that's what I thought until reading these posts. We are having A LOT of the same issues. We have taken it in and paid $140 last week for the dealer to tell us "yep, it's leaking from the roof"...Well DUH, we have a puddle of water on the passenger side floor to tell us that! The left headlight goes on and off while driving, my dashboard will be lit sometimes but mostly it's black....I can't even tell how many miles we have on it because the lights are out. The tire pressure monitor is always on and is wrong. We hear the splashing sound above our heads every time we make a turn. The airbags leak on both sides of car. The AC makes a hissing sound and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Dealer says it's working fine! I'm at a loss and don't know what to do. The price given at the dealership is over $600 to fix the leak...over $700 for the headlight, oh, but they are nice enough to credit the $140 we paid last week for them to tell us Yes, it's leaking, back to that! Someone PLEASE tell me how to start a claim about this! We can't afford to repair this or to replace the car!! Any help appreciated!!!
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    We'd be happy to check into this further for you, although we cannot make any promises up front as to what the results of our inquiry will be. Please email us at with more details, including your name and contact information, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and a summary of the situation.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I also am part of the 2008 Saturn Outlook issues. It is sad this car is a money pit and GM not standing behind it at all. Obviously it's not rocket science it is clearly a design problem. Every car I have had in the past also has had sunroof's not one of them leaked. Not one!!! The car leaks out the lights inside the back, it smells, it leaks at the emergency brake area it is ridiculous. It causes electrical problems. I call GM because clearly everyone has this problem. Nope not covered. I also brought it up when I too was part f the transmission problem with the shaft. I can not believe how much trouble this car is. I am saddened by how happy I was to get it o find out it is a lemon.
    Clearly this is an extreme manufacturer defect. You start to type it in google and the sentence gets finished for you. That is clearly a problem. Comment after comment same troubles. So what I should put more money out on this car?? I would love to make them buy it back. Piece of junk!! Makes me never want a GM again. Can't wait to get rid of it now problem after problem. :cry: :mad:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I see that you've already contacted Customer Assistance via phone. Were you issued a Service Request number at all when you called (71-**********)?

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • anglins4, I wanted to comment on your hissing noise. I have the 2008 Outlook and had this hissing noise on multiple occassions. After multiple times to the dealer and them telling me there was nothing wrong, I had to explain it to the technician over the phone. What it was, was my AC system was under serviced. After actually listening to my complaint, he troubleshot it down to needing to be serviced. I can't explain what he was telling me, but it had to do with a venturi or something like that, that the refrigerant was passing through. They serviced it and the noise was gone, but less than a year later it showed back up. Re-serviced and gone again. Sad to say, the noise is back about a year later, and I am heading back to the dealership to discuss finding the slow leak that they put the blue dye in my system to find. I also believe you do not have a water leak around the airbag, you have a clogged sunroof drain, and the water goes over the edge of the plastic shroud and runs down inside your car. Clear the drain tube, and your problem should go away.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    Sorry to hear that the AC noise came back. Keep us posted on your progress with your dealership as we're available if you should need anything.
    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • You have to take it to a sunroof specialist or someone who installs them. That was the only way i got mine fixed completely.
  • Sarah, how long does it take to hear back from someone at the email address you provide? I sent the email last week and haven't heard anything. The dealer told us we had 30 days from the time we paid to have the diagnostic done to have that money applied to the so called "fix". I have no clue what to do next!! We don't have the money to keep taking this car in! I'm just waiting until we start getting tickets for the headlight like others have said. This is so frustrating!!
  • Anglins4 et al:

    Want to send a quick reply here - long story, but our 07 Outlook is now entering week 3 at Gm dealer - with full host of electrical water damage - fuse box, wiring harness, ECU, etc... (I had to tell them where to look!) In our experience thus far, dealing with Gm social media will get you NOWHERE. They will reply briefly in email, no phone # ever, and will not even read your email, unfortunately. Our experince with 'sarah' and 'ashley' lead us to believe they are actually not human, and some sort of automated computer response. Though I don't know the specifics of your current situation, my best advice is to go through a Service Manager (not just the Service rep - has to be someone with some decision making ability) at your GM dealer. in our case, though yet unresolved, our service manager had his own contact at GM - wouldn't give a name or # - and had never heard of 'Ashley' or 'Sarah'. Our service manager had to 'build a case' for us, and convince GM to cover the repairs. Will post more here when our issue is resolved, if that happens, but hope that helps in some small way. I am convinced you are wasting your time with GM social media.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    If you haven't heard back yet I would recommend trying to resend the message. My apologies that we haven't been speedier!

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • WOW...Thanks for the heads-up tallgolf.....right after I posted the comment about not hearing from anyone within minutes I got this email.....

    You do only have 30 days to get the work done for the diagnostic to stay current. However, this is something that would normally be covered uner the bumper bumper warranty but it is expired due to both age and mileage on the vehicle. We apologize for the frustrations.

    GM Customer Service

    Funny how convienent it is that it would "normally be covered"! If that's the case WHY are so many other people experiencing the same problems right after getting the vehicle and still can't get it fixed!! I will take your advise tallgolf and see if that will help us....this is just crazy! We are at a loss of what to do. Please keep me updated on your issue....Thanks!
  • tfish30735tfish30735 Posts: 1
    I too have a 2007 Saturn Outlook with a leaking moonroof. It leaks down the passenger side A pillar onto the passenger floor. I can replicate the leak with my garden hose when I pour water on the moonroof. Currently, the sunroof can withstand the gardenhose test. I've had the draintube extensions installed and the tubes cleaned out twice and it continues to leak. My dealer is telling me it will cost a minimum of $500 (cost to remove the headliner) to continue to find the source of the leak. I am not willing to pay money for something that isn't fixable. Has anyone tried applying a bead of silicone or similiar water repelling chemical product around the stationary moonroof? I know it won't look the best but I can't afford to trade cars and am more concerned with dryness than appearence.
  • tallgolftallgolf Posts: 8
    Hello Outlook owners - couple updates:

    After 5 weeks at GM dealer, got my Outlook back. As described before, they replaced seemingly every electronic component, Fuse box, wiring harness, ECU, etc. Again, to their credit, my local GM dealer went to bat for me with GM and I DID NOT PAY A DIME for this repair (a $3000 + estimate for repair) - I believe largely because I had already paid to have the leak repaired prior -and as we all know, the leak is not fixable. So, just prior this last round of repairs, I too did use some silicone sealant on both the sunroof and the moonroof - and I truly believe this was working - and in my case, it was the moonroof, not the sunroof. So, long story short GM, buy some $7 tubes of silicone and seal the you know what out of the moonroof! (though, I'm sure GM can't 'prescribe' this fix, as that would admit the problem exists, then lawyers get involved, etc..) I basically filled the 'gutter' of the moonroof with the silicone (a 'marine' type sealant) on the first dry day I could.

    After getting the Outlook back, I had absolutely no faith that the problem was permanently solved, in fact the dealer admitted as much - only the broken parts fixed. Sadly, I gave up on GM and traded in the Outlook. Though I believe it is fixed in it's current state, I simply could not drive that car anymore, as there is no real guarantee it wouldn't leak again a year from now.

    Good luck to you all.
  • dmunizdmuniz Posts: 25
    I have had my 07 Saturn back from dealer and it looks to be the non ooperational moonroof that is the problem. They took car to sunroof place and resealed the rear moonroof and I have been leak free for a month.

    The dealership covered this so I have no idea on cost.

    Hope this helps anyone.
  • dassarinadassarina Posts: 2
    Hello all,

    I really do love my Outlook, but I'm faced with the decision of a possible hefty dealership fix of many issues (that may or may not be related to the leak).

    They believe all of the current problems I am having are from the leaking:

    Parking brake light on when the parking brake isn't on
    service air bag
    engine issues (doesn't turn off when key is removed)
    steering noise
    back hatch won't automatically open.

    They said that leaks aren't covered even if we are under warranty. The service rep even said "you've been bringing this car in since 2010 every 10 months for leaks." Yes, I have and every time I've asked if it will cause greater damage and have always been told "Nah, it's fine."

    The car leaks from:

    The driver and passenger side air bags
    The parking break and same area passenger side
    inside the front windshield
    the back seat belts

    Any ideas of cost? Do we just start looking for another car? Will the dealership cut me a break since this isn't new?
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