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Sunroof leak on my Saturn Outlook



  • Hello,
    We have an 08 Outlook, currently in the shop, that the roof drains are clogged. Funny thing is the shop manager told my wife that it says in the owners manual to clean the drains. When I asked him, he said it's in there vaguely and of course couldn't say, but he ultimately said "you must maintain your vehicle." We love the Outlook, but unfortunately, the sunroof has issues. The America people did the so called "right thing" when GM was bailed out, GM should step up and fix this problem. If anyone hasn't filed a complaint on the NHTSA site, please do so now! The more complaints the better. Also, write letters to GM and voice your issues on every social media outlet. If you have news stations that will do investigative stories, see if they will bit on this. I wish everyone the best of luck with their Saturn.
  • Yep, I fixed the leaking sunroof problem on my 2008 Outlook. I traded that sucker in for a 2013 Kia Sportage. Now I have a vehicle with a sunroof that will not leak....and if it does, I purchased the 10 year/100,000 mile bumper to bumper package that will take care of anything. I will never purchase another GM vehicle EVER. So I gave up some space (kid is gone now anyway) and will be getting much better gas mileage and easier to park! Win/Win for me!
  • Good decision. I traded my leaky 08 for 09 that didn't leak but at 60000 miles had transmission problems. GM tried fixing leak 11 times and never got it done. There answer for transmission was essentially "lived with it, this is due to transmission controller and cannot be fixed". So I traded it for Lexus. Done with GM
  • I think that's what many are doing. We traded ours in for a Ford Explorer and I couldn't be happier. We have sworn off GM entirely. How they've handled this whole issue is deplorable. I thought there was hope when I actually had a GM rep respond to my post. That was a joke. It's just so they can see they responded. It's a KNOWN issue to them and yet they aren't willing to do the right thing and recall the car to fix it. I mean why should they? They killed the brand. Now I get why Roger Penske pulled his bid to buy Saturn... Good call, Roger!
  • I own a 2008 Saturn Outlook with 64000 miles. We too are having leaks in the sunroof and most recently the service air bag light has come on. Water leaks in through the lights and more recently through air bag covers. I have an appt. on Monday to have it looked at, but after reading all the posts I wonder if it's a waste of money?? Already had transmission issues at 36,000 miles (luckily covered under warranty). I loved this vehicle so much we bought it but am now so fearful about future problems. Love the layout, perfect for our season of life with carpools. I hope GM does the right thing...guess I shouldn't hold my breath:(
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello chelseaw,

    I apologize that you have experienced this with your Outlook. I would be happy to look into your situation further. If this is something you would like my assistance with please email me, attn: Jonathan A. at [email protected] If you would also reference your username, and include your full contact information, VIN, current mileage, and involved dealership. I look forward to hearing back from you.


    Jonathan A.
    GM Customer Care
  • I just left the dealership that I bought my 08 from in '11. Initially I LOVED it but since it started leaking last year and now flooding with the EXACT issues I'm done. They have my Saturn there with two flooded front floor boards, water coming out of the airbag ports, water sloshing over my head when I move the vehicle, water pouring out of the visor arms attached to the headliner and water pouring out from under the dash to the point it's soaking my feet when I drive. Looked back yesterday and saw water dripping on my 3 yr old son from the interior lights. I told them to fix it so I could get it cleaned up and traded off. I'm DONE.

    I'm leaning towards a '12 Ford Explorer XLT.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252
    Hello 4vinsons,

    I'm very sorry to hear that this experience has led you to consider trading off your vehicle. I apologize that the leaking sunroof hasn't been fixed on your Saturn and recognize your dissatisfaction with this situation. If there is anything we can do to help with this matter, please email us your name, VIN, mileage, contact information and the name of the dealership you've been working with. We can be reached at [email protected] [attn Amber]. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care
  • I've been posting and watching the activity since 2009, the year after I purchased a new Outlook, which has been in the shop 8 times. I see a lot of complaints, and much lip-service from GM, which in my mind, amounts to stonewalling. It appears to me that the dealers can only make temporary repairs, and eventually the leaks return. Has ANYONE who has posted on this site EVER had a permanent solution to the leakage issue??
  • cvelascocvelasco Posts: 1

    can anyone tell me if they got any good outcomes with GM repairing the sunroof leak hose? i have had the same problem since last year. the last time i took mine into the dealership they said they could not find a problem so nothing was done. we just had a bad storm this past weekend and my airbags on side panel were leaking and my front passenger carpet was soaked. ive been told by the dealership that the hoses for dranege could not handle that much water so it overfloaded into the car. and the hose is too short. this should be put on recall.. now they want to charge me $450 to replace hoses.

  • weebijouweebijou Posts: 1

    My mom has a 2007 Saturn outlook that has the clogging problem. she took it to the dealership (same one she purchased it from) and they want to charge her $4000 to fix it. The recall part was apparently fixed. I am so worried about her driving it because of the electrical system and the water. Plus the car restarted itself after she turned it off and took the key out. I am a loyal chevy customer- was getting ready to buy a new cruze later this year but now am disheartened.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    @weebijou said:
    My mom has a 2007 Saturn outlook that has the clogging problem. she took it to the dealership (same one she purchased it from) and they want to charge her $4000 to fix it. The recall part was apparently fixed. I am so worried about her driving it because of the electrical system and the water. Plus the car restarted itself after she turned it off and took the key out. I am a loyal chevy customer- was getting ready to buy a new cruze later this year but now am disheartened.

    Hi weebijou,

    I just responded to your private message regarding your mom's vehicle. I look forward to hearing back from you and working towards a possible resolution.

    Amber N.
    GM Customer Care

  • tiredofgm1tiredofgm1 Posts: 1

    Does anyone got an answer from GM about this leaking issue with Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia? I sent an e-mail to [email protected] but so far I haven't received a response. In my case, I have water leaking on the airbag sign of the airbag in the column at the sides of the windshield. As the water may affect the performance of the Airbag it may be ineffective on an accident and may jeopardize the lives of the front passengers thus I believe it is time for GM to take serious action and propose a recall before they have to pay another $35Million fine to the NHTSA....Amber, I'm at your disposal for discussing it. Just let me know where I can contact you.

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,252

    Hello tiredofgm1,

    We are sorry to hear that you are having concerns with your vehicle. I understand you mentioned you sent us an email, I want to ensure that you sent the email to [email protected] We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you,

    Andraya R.
    GM Customer Care

  • My 2008 Outlook just went crazy last week with the radio not turning off and draining the battery, then yesterday it kept running with the key out of the ignition! So we found all of these posts with EVERYONE who owns these vehicles having the SAME problem. It just so happens the airbag light came on this week too AND we get the recall notice that this is covered under a RECALL due to CORROSION!!!! Coincidence??? I don't think so!!! The dealership wants to charge us $1500 to fix this problem and also acted like we should have maintained these drainage tubes?? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? So if the airbags are compromised by the leaking, but you don't fix and cover the leaking problem in the first place. These problems should all be covered under the recall... I am on my way to contacting the BBB and the news and our state government to address this WELL known safety issue that GM has been aware if for years! I am tired of these companies trying to pass off poor design issues on the consumer and only own up to it when FORCED to by congress!! Reply to THAT, GM customer service rep!!
  • I too have a 2007 Outlook purchased new in April 07' for $41,000 +.... In August of 08' I noticed the floor carpet wet on the passengers side, took it to Saturn they disconnected drain lines reassembled tested and verified repair. In Oct. 08' Saturn installed drain tube extensions. My Outlook has always been garaged so I have not noticed any leaks until Oct. 2014 as I was parking outside due to moving and my garage was full of stuff. I lived in Florida, we had torrential down pours and I noticed a water stain on the headliner just above the passengers side hand grip. took it to GM they fixed in a minute. Said the drain line was clogged. Sell my house move to Maine, have beautiful weather for weeks then it rains for a week straight. Notice more wet spots now on the drivers side headliner and floor carpet. Take to GM dealer they to tell me the drain line is clogged. I debate the issue, paid another $125.00 to repair. You all know where I'm going with this. It rains, back to GM they now say the sunroof seal needs to be replaced, makes sense, so another $245.00 and for 2 days it was dry... The rain came down hard and now the leak is worse than ever. Take it back to GM they tell me they need to replace the inner track (?) system to the tune of $2,400.00. I asked them if they would give me credit back form the wasted $$ I already spent.. NOPE!!! So, I called GM customer service today have a case# and will be speaking to a Senior Advisor by Tuesday.

    I can't believe all the claims and GM has not made this a recall issue. I to have always both GM, I have loved my Saturn all these years and had intentions of keeping this vehicle forever, BUT I think the end is near. Hoping GM will stand by this major flaw.

    Is there a lawyer in this Forum who wants a class action suit?
  • Spoke to a Senior Advisor last night an again this morning. So far all I've gotten from GM is lip service.. Keep repeating that my Outlook is not under warranty any longer.. I keep repeating that this is not a warranty issue - it's a GM defect which should have a recall. I am a waiting for a call from the Senior Advisors Boss on Friday. If she gives me lip service I will speak with her boss. Everyone has a boss. I have just begun my quest to make GM do what's right.
  • webdsnwebdsn Posts: 1
    When you have been a life long GM guy and then something like this happens you lose faith in the brand. My first vehicle when I was 16 was a 1955 Chevy PU (still have it). Since then I have had a 1963 Corvair, 1972 Impala, 1978 Grand Prix, 1980 Silverado new, 2002 Trailblazer new, 2004 Silverado new, 2007 Tahoe LTZ new, 2007 Corvette Z06 new, 2008 Outlook new. Not to mention a 2005 3500 commercial box truck new, and a 2014 Freightliner Chassis w/ a 6 liter GM motor and Allison transmission in a FedEx step van new. Also not to mention the dozens of freinds and family that I have sent to Henna Chevrolet, Covert Cadillac, etc.
    So I ended up giving the 2008 Outlook to my parents. First it was the transmission with the defective wave link?. The dealer tried to screw my elderly parents into a new transmission until I got involved. I did my research and found out about the defective wave link?.
    Now the leak! If something happens whether it be electrical or mechanical from the roof leak, before I can get to them and intervene, all hell will break loose. Especially now that GM has such a [non-permissible content removed] record for admitting defects and doing something about it (ie the ignition switch debacle). Very disapointed from what I'm reading on this topic.
  • To all who still have leaks, I want to let you know what I found was actually leaking. I originally had clogged drains which can easily be verified for being clogged. Open sunroof and using a plant water feeder fill the dish pan at the front of the sunroof on the left side, then right side to see if water drains out under your car. If it does the sunroof is probably not your problem. The problem could actually be your windshield. When it rained, my car had a bad smell, radio went on and off, and carpet was wet. How I found the leak was by taking off the trim covering the two airbags, then removing the piece of trim at the base of the windshield running all the way across the dash. It is not difficult to remove these items, the piece across the dash pops out if you pry it up starting at one side and work your way across. Now you can see the framework below your windshield. Take a hose or bucket of water and poor over the top of windshield on side of car that gets wet when it rains. After pouring water, watch to see if you get water buildup on the structure or frame where you removed the trim. I had water building up in the left corner of the frame. I had Safelite remove my windshield and they verified that the sealant was not making contact with the windshield allowing water to enter into the car. Once windshield was removed, I can see the exact area where window did not properly seal. They reacomplished my windshield installation, and my car has not had any smell, or issues for over a year. Both issues being fixed, has completely eliminated my leaks.
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