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Toyota Highlander Bluetooth



  • Toyota has just set up a new site that will help people hook there phone up and it will tell you what your phone will do.
    I am finding that some of the new phones are not working well with the Toyota Bluetooth system.
    Go to :
  • iPhone's work great with Toyota.
    To change the volume use the plus and minus button on the steering wheel.
  • Did you experience any problems going over your songs in your iPhone?

    Pls see this video:

  • I am now having the same problem with my Iphone. Were you ever able to solve this problem?
  • kblgykblgy Posts: 2

    I have an issue with my Bluetooth in my 2012 Toyota Highlander. it started when I got the jelly bean update on my Motorola razr maxx. before the update everything worked fine, after the update I could use the phone fine, but could only play mp3s using the play music app, I could no longer stream using slacker radio , pandore , or songza just to name a few, thought it maybe the phone at first so I had it replaced with a razr maxx hd and the same problem occurs, now I figured out a way to fake it by pausing the play music rebooting the phone and it seems to work , but it's stuck saying the last song from play music on the display..

    I really just want to fix this if possible.
  • kblgykblgy Posts: 2
    not yet, but i'll try to keep you updated.
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