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Toyota Sequoia Engine Questions



  • ive got a 2004 toyota sequoia, when driving with the a/c on randomly once a day the vsc light comes on and engine dies, pop in neutral fires back up and works fine again, did pull road trip last weekend happend on way driving 70 with a/c on but not on way back with a/c off, the light that comes on is the light with the car and two sqwiggly lines, then engine shuts off, why is this happening. Also this started after i replaced a rear tailshaft seal that was leaking actually the driveshaft yoke was leaking this is the only thing ive done to this truck besides brakes and services
  • jamatrixjamatrix Posts: 1
    My ex wife was borrowing my 2003 Toyota Sequoia which has been running fine. Today she went to start the car and the security key light was flashing on the dash and the relay under the hood was cycling. It appears that the system is immobilized. I tried the spare key but still nothing. The light stops flashing when key is turned. Did flashing light drain the battery or is this a damaged key chip?
  • My 2003 Toyota Sequoia has an ignition problem after getting into a wreck. Everytime i turn the key to start the car, it will start but then it dies right after. Anyone know what could be causing this issue?
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