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Chrysler Pacifica Engine Questions and Problems



  • All I can tell you is good luck!!! For the simple fact Chrysler didn't help us out at all. We ended up having a rebuilt engine put in the car through a local shop not the dealer( they will rip you) took the car out of state it ran well..soon after it seems like the transmission was trying to slip alittle..we were told by the shop that because the new engine may not coincide with the original transmission we might have to get a new transmission sometime in the future...long story short we were still financing this nightmare car so we let it go back to the finance company...My opinion would be to get rid of that car as fast as you can ...we will NEVER buy another Chrysler vehicle!!! I am going back to BMW!!! Good luck!!!
  • I have a 2007 Crapcifica!!!! I'm reading what everyone has to say about this and I am absolutely furious. I have one that now needs tie rods replaced. Both motor mounts replaced and that's not to say that its going to fix all my problems!!!! It has less then 50,000 miles on it!!!! You think a car with low milage and garage kept would be a great deal, WRONG! I'm a single mom trying desperately to get on my feet and this is in no way any help. Thanks for the kick back down Chrysler! NEVER EVER WILL I BUY A CHRYLSER PRODUCT AGAIN!!!!
  • 69dodgeman6969dodgeman69 kelownaPosts: 1
    Engine mount failures. For those considering this car. Everyone complains about this with this car. I have two of these cars, both high mileage. I did replace them on one car and now the other car has the same issue. But with these miles it is probably normal. Any car I've owned with these miles has had this issue.
    Now what about repeated failure? I was concerned about this issue after reading all the posts all over the place about this problem. Only now I have exhaustively researched all about these parts. I highly suspect poor quality parts and/or driver abuse. And driver abuse. The two cushions (hydraulic mounts) are identical to the 3500 series Ram, Cummins with even the standard transmission. I cannot find any complaints about mount failure in this vehicle. It IS mounted differently BUT I don't see how a Pacifica can put the same strain on the part as a heavier load hauling massively higher torque vehicle like a RAM. If my mounts fail I'll stand corrected and try to repost. I have however opted for low cost cheap parts. If they work in a RAM I believe they will work in a Pacifica. DEA and likely another cheap brand on the next car.
  • My 2006 Pacifica 3.5 had 4pcs mount set that me and my friend changed out. I purchased from rockauto
    Piebu said:

    Have a 2005 Chrysler. Shops says engine mounts need to be replaced. How many are there? I know by reading the forum that a lot of people are having problem with this. Shop also say engine mounts are in national back order. I have been trying to replace them for 6 months. Any other brands I can use? Can i have ooriginal part(s) number(s)?


  • andie321 said:

    Same problem. I have the check engine code p1080 and I need a new engine or engine overhaul. I will never buy another Chrysler again. It was purchased new and although it looks good it runs awful. This is the only car I've purchased with so many problems. I'm going back to Nissan or Infiniti. Chrysler lacks reliability and dependability. :mad:

    Don't but foreign! I have owned a 1998 Chrysler Sebring Convertible and had 2900000 miles with no problems. Also 1996 Chrysler cirrus with 190000 and still driving strong. I aslo have a 2012 Jeep Rubicon no problems so far with 630000. My 2006 Pacifica only thing suspension seems to be the only thing I have been having problems with. don't give your money to overseas!
  • nafga said:

    During an oil change I put in 4 quarts,start engine to fill oil filter,and after a few seconds I will rev the engine a few times to warm the oil.I then shut off car and finish filling crankcase.I have used this procedure for years.This time the engine seemed to clip the rpm's at 3000.The air conditioner was on during this,and it didn't dawn on me at the time to shut it off.When oil change was finished the car went up and down the road with no rpm clipping,and I even forced the engine at or near 4000 rpm's.Was the clipping of the rpm's in park some sort of electronic safety to protect the air conditioner compressor?

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