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Toyota Sienna Rust problem

mimi111mimi111 Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Hi, I was wondering if anyone else had this problem. My 2006 Sienna at only 4 months got some rust on the passenger door. It was fixed by the dealer. Now, on the inside bottom of both side doors, rust showed up. Not just a few dots but big spots. We live in Ontario. Snow and salt may have a role, but not after 2 years and definitely not after 4 months.
Anyone else had this problem with their Sienna?


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    ateixeiraateixeira Member Posts: 72,587
    Our 07 is OK. The paint seems to scratch easily, though.

    The panels are galvanized and should not rust that easily. Was yours bought brand new, or used? Were the panels ever repaired?
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    mimi111mimi111 Member Posts: 3
    You are right about the paint. It sure scratches easily.

    I just came from the dealer and after the collision center refused to fix the problem since we have 80k KM (while the warranty is up to 60k) they agreed that there is a problem and fixed it by sanding the rust and applying rust inhibitor. It should solve the problem for a while.

    I was told that rust on the bottom of the front doors is a known problem but on the back doors (to be precise, it's on inside, on the body and not on the door itself) is not something they know about.

    One more thing they told me is that starting with 2009 the paint will be water based on all Toyotas. It's supposed to be a bit more resistant to chipping.
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    bigsexy29bigsexy29 Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I have a 2004 Sienna and i have rust coming through my paint on both side doors, my front doors and my hatch. I am really upset about this issue. I keep my van clean dont understand the rust. The paint job sucks and chips away like nothing. i have a rust hole starting on the back panel and the dealer is trying to tell me it was nicked and i have to deal with it. or i can pay high dollar to have it fixed.
    i didnt know if there was a rust issue on the sienna's like there is on the Thundra.
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    marty08marty08 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Sienna and it has little rust spots from the mid-line of the door, to the bottom of the vehicle. This includes all the doors, rear quarter-panels, tailgate and bumper. The dealer claimed it was "rail-dust", from the train wheels when the vehicle was transported across the country. The service writer retracted his theory, when I proved that the rear bumper was replaced last year, due to an accident. Now the dealer claims it is from my brakes and the metallic pads. I have Auto-Armour and the dealer used rubbing compound to remove the rust and after 30 minutes of my wife complaining, the Auto-Armour was re-applied. Two weeks later, the vehicle is covered with the little rust spots again. What to do? :(
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    stanyhstanyh Member Posts: 4
    I purchased a 2004 Sienna CE version. Rust started appearing on the back lid first, than the doors. Its like there was no zinc to protect the metal sheets. I kept waxing the metal sheet to try and offer more protection. I finally had a 3M Plastic installed on many surfaces, but that was very expensive. Than the plastic became yellowish. Can never win ah..

    Also you should check the front headlamps, typically they dull out quickly due to sun rays.

    I kept my Sienna for 131,000 KM (Montreal Canada) and 39 months.

    Than i sold it due to expensive repairs, such as alternator, steering assembly, and radiator leaking from inside. All under 100,000 km of highway driving.

    Our Sienna 3.3 L also had the bad drive by wire problem. You would push hard on the accelerator from stand still, and most of the time, nothing would happen.
    Dangerous indeed when trying to move along to a quicker lane, from a stand still lane in traffic. The dealer had reprogrammed the ECM, but to no vail.

    Finally we sold the Sienna, and have had no regrets. It was a fine vehicule, if you did not push it in any way. Wide body made it comfortable, and the engine and transmission were both very smooth. Dangerous package however.

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