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Infiniti Customer Service

sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 27
Hi Fellow G owners:

Is it me or does Infiniti's customer service absolutely suck?

I'm thinking of selling my car, simply because the customer service is awful and every single dealer in my area (New York City and Northern NJ) are equally poor. The cars seem to have endless electrical and quality control problems, that they simply won't address...

What's the deal? Are there any customer movements afoot to address this issue? Maybe a class action suit or advocacy movement would force Infiniti to behave like the luxury car company is purports to be.

BMW, Lexus, etc....all have outstanding service.

Infiniti should be ashamed of themselves...


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    patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    Why don't you share with us your experiences?
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    alang4alang4 Member Posts: 40
    This is a very subjective experience....my service from Infiniti has almost always been excellent, and I've had four Infiniti's from NYC-area dealers. Sounds like you got a bad car. If you read the posts in this forum you'll find the vast majority are very happy G-ers!

    What kind of issues are you having?
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    sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 27

    You are correct, it is vey subjective. However, after reading several posts about dealers in new jersey, experiencing it firsthand. I conclude there is a problem with Inifiniti vs. other luxury brands......


    1. nyc dealer tried to charge me for parts they did not replace. I complained to customer service, they did a piss poor investigation and believed the dealer's lies. i had to fax them the first incorrect invoice three times, before they understood what the dealer tried to do, and that the dealer lied.

    2. there is a problem with the air intake (my guess, i'm not sure). what happens is that i get a burning smell in my car anytime i turn on the heat. at one point the heater blew cold air for a few minutes after blowing luke-warm air. i took it to the original dealer i bought it from in new jersey. they said it was the smell of new breaks...INCORRECT. I took it there when the smell was strongest and they still can't get it diagnosed. I can't get a reputable auto mechanic to look at it, because they are concerned they won't get paid, because the car is under the manufacturer's warranty.

    3. when they "wash" the car at the dealer, in new jersey, they simply use a wet rag over the perimeter of the car. my car looks worse. i always have to wash it again, myself. AND I've ended up with swirl marks from their "washing".

    4. The white plains dealer and the new jersey dealers never have the accessories i want in stock (car cover, touch up paint).

    5. The dealer in new jersey continually changes the address associated with my name. this happened four times. I always have them change it back. I've complained to Infiniti about this, to no avail. I guess they find this to be minor. I think something strange is going on.

    6. I've asked Infiniti to send a manual to me twice. The first time, I got a response from Nissan and after finally getting someone from the Infiniti division, I still didn't get the requested manual. That was a year ago. I asked again three months ago. Still no manual.

    7. You cannot get touch up paint from anywhere except an infiniti dealer. And of course they want a baby fortune for it OR to refer me to one of their "partners" who does body work.

    8. I had to replace my air filter after 3k miles.

    I know dealers peruse these webpages and post as well. I've read some pretty serious complaints on these strings over the past two years. I'm certain there's more, but they just haven't gotten out yet. I would love to see the buying public fight back. Enough is enough...

    Lots of little things, but little things that I never experienced with Lexus. Nor have my family experienced with BMW (of course they charge a fortune) or Cadillac.
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    drjwtaylordrjwtaylor Member Posts: 3
    See my travails with Tustin Infiniti at Edmunds.com Dealer Review. That should answer your question.
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    drjwtaylordrjwtaylor Member Posts: 3
    Lousy service is not limited to New York/New Jersey. Read my horror story at Edmunds.com Dealer Reviews for Tustin Infiniti.
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    drjwtaylordrjwtaylor Member Posts: 3
    Read my horror story at Edmunds.com Dealer Reviews for Tustin Infiniti.
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    sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 27
    can you send the link to me. i can't seem to get to it.

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    sportsfansportsfan Member Posts: 27
    What is difficult to understand is why with so many customers unhappy with customer service both at the dealer and with the corporate office, there isn't a
    class action lawsuit against them.

    It is reprehensible that an almost $40k car would have so many electrical, mechanical, break and other various problems and they choose to continue such poor service/maintenance for these vehicles.

    I would join any class action suit started by a lawyer who is interested in holding Nissan responsible for these various debacles.

    Maybe we customers should do fundraising and begin a marketing campaign to let people know what they are in store for if they buy infiniti. I should have bought an Acura.
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    himoldhimold Member Posts: 1
    I completely agree that Infiniti sucks! Not only the customer service of their dealers, but the build of quality as well of a 40K+ car. I bought this 08 G35x for my girl because it had all the goodies like nav and such plus all wheel drive, plus she just liked it. Stupid me! I have a BMW and couldnt be more happy with it. The car has had many mechanical and electrical issues that the dealer refuses to accept as abnormal. As a former mechanic for many years and still a weekend warrior, I think I would know if a car is having a problem....especially when my girl, who knows nothing about cars is the one to bring it to my attention! So now, we are stuck with a car that has more problems than a 92 saturn with 200K and the dealer refuses to do anything about it. Not only that, but they refuse to take or return my calls.
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    johninnjjohninnj Member Posts: 243
    My 07 tossed it's serpentine belt (Failed tensioner) at 19K miles. Belt got grabbed by the crank pully and tore out a seal...rendering it pretty much undriveable...even on battery power. Infiniti customer service nicely informed me that, though I was 30 miles from home, the best they could do for me was supply me with #s for local cab companies while they took the car to a holding site to be taken to the dealer in the morning. Wound up using my friend's AAA, who was glad to bring ME home with my car. NOT HAPPY...to say the least. Acura's customer service, by comparison, is TOP NOTCH !!
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    cchiricocchirico Member Posts: 2
    ....click on my name and read my post about how I hate to steer people away from this car. I can't wait to get rid of mine!!
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    nbt_05nbt_05 Member Posts: 1
    I'm joining the chorus. Customer service is terrible!!!

    Knew the problem on my G35 (bad compression rod bushing) and learned that it was a common problem. Contacted Infiniti to see if there's any special repair assistance. They told me to get it reviewed by an Infiniti shop and then they would see what they could do. Spent time and money to confirm what I knew. Infiniti came back and said sorry...they didn't provide assistance on bad compression rod bushings. Could have told me that from the beginning. Still, they insist my time and money were well spent and apologize that I didn't see it their way.
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    jeve621jeve621 Member Posts: 2
    If you don't mind me asking , which location/state did you get your service done?
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    yogiowneryogiowner Member Posts: 117
    Well, five years and a new transmission later - i still cannot get thorough service from the dealers. Instead of doing what you ask, they do nothing, wait for the car to break down, then charge up the gazoo for repairs. It's a crap shoot, if the repairs are done properly.

    The manufacturer is useless. All throughout the owner's manual are references of the owner contacting the dealer for proper services. however, when the dealer doesn't provide it. the owner is left without any recourse.

    It is unacceptable that a car this expensive should be so shoddily manufactured. I hope that the word gets out about poor construct and consumers buy other manufacturers. As soon as I am able, I will sell this piece of junk and buy a toyota or honda. ThOSE manufacturers stand by their products a little bit better.

    For all of you dealers out here, who troll this site looking for your next victim, the worm is about to turn.

    Infiniti purchasers need to push back and not accept this nonsense. I am too done! :mad: :(
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    oldbob5oldbob5 Member Posts: 1
    3 years ago, I had the drivers seat positioner fail on my then 5 year old G35. The dealer told me that the mechanism couldn't be serviced. I took their word for it and dropped $1,200 to get it replaced.

    3 years later, it failed again. This time they wanted $1,300 to replace it. I opened a case with Infiniti corporate and got nowhere.

    Since I wasn't going to put $1,300 into an 8 year old car, I began looking for a local mechanic to find a used seat at a junk yard. Instead, I found a bright, honest guy who did some research and found out that the most common failure in the seat was a drive gear and that there was an after market part available. Instead of giving Infiniti $1,300, I gave him $300 and my seat works great.

    If Infiniti thinks they can continue to treat their customers as patsies and get away with it, they're wrong!
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