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Saturn ION Maintenance and Repair



  • Hi, i understand how you are feeling! Can't trust to drive your car from point A to point B without worrying if your going to make it or not.

    My first question is do you have a manual stick shift?

    because what happened to me was there is a Roll pin/cotter pin that goes into the shifting linkage that allows your stick to go into gear. If that roll pin cracks or breaks in half or just falls out, you will lose ALL ability to shift.

    I've had this happen to 10 times which ended up making me stranded. I tried a few things from bigger stronger pins, to bolts, to jb welding it in there. The ONLY thing that has kept me shifting for more than 6 months is that I got the bolt TAC WELDED into the linkage.

    Shouldn't be too costly of a repair. Just explain to your mechanic you only would like that done.

    hope this helps. My roll pin hasn't fell out, but with the syncronizers being so bad, I grind against the pin every shift.. so I'm sure something will break again
  • calimomacalimoma Posts: 1
    my ion has been acting up. when I turn off the ignition the radio and windows are supposed to still work til you open the door...mine doesn't anymore. but sometimes it does. also my front two reading lights stay on when they are supposed to fade off. if anyone can help me with this id really appreciate it!! thanks!!
  • So frustrated. I have had my Ion 3 '04 since 05. Got it from dealership and have been the only owner. I love the look and feel with my car, but it's a lemon. Two years after getting it it started stranding me. I had the column replaced because of the passlock issue. It stranded me 2 times in 2 weeks. I had the column replaced twice, once right after picking from the dealership only to have the key get stuck leaving the car on. I drove it back the column replaced. The dealership wouldn't take back as a lemon, so I sued and they settled. I still have that issue but I found the ignition override in my column which allows me to fully turn off my car and get my key. I however now have the power steering issues. My car is over 100k miles on it but the columns don't. Thinking about calling the lawyer again. Either way, I'm done with this car. .
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