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I have an 07 SEL. I would like to put larger tires on the back. Where could I find the Maximum tire size allowed? Would it be OK to run larger size on the back (currently 235/60/16 all round)? Can I turn off the tire pressure monitor and throw different rims for winter tires? any help appreciated.......


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    What do you mean by larger? Do you mean wider, taller, or larger rims?

    Why do you want larger tires on the back? In general, it is better to keep all four the same size.
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    I would just like more clearance on the back, and the Freestar sits very low at the back. All tires are 235/60/16's and I was wondering if there would be any harm in putting 235/75/16's on the rear. Thoughts.....
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    Not a good idea at all. Your speedometer will read 10% lower. I imagine the handling will be affected.

    Here's a website that allows you to compare tire sizes:
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