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GMC Envoy Headlight Problems



  • Can anyone tell me how to remove the ballast that operates the low beam/drl lamp? It appears to me that the only way to get to the ballast is to remove the bumper cover; however, that seems a bit extreme to me.

  • Right side headlight comes on momentarily when cold and goes out. Can I assume the only resolve is to dump the HID light and convert to concentional lights as per item #25.
  • j_engj_eng Posts: 9
    I'd have your dealer mechanic check out the windows power module. I have a 2007, when at 72K miles the window module melted, shutting off all the electronics in the car and left me stranded. Also the burnt plastic smell lasted for a month even after using an Ionizer to get rid of the odor. If your instrument are going dim when your using the power windows then a partial short is dragging down the voltage and your on your way to a bigger problem and getting stranded. A seriuos poroblem on the 5 volt logic line doe not have a fuse.
  • labagainlabagain Posts: 2
    My problem with the lights on my 2002 Envoy is that when my lights are on, the left turn signal in the front wont work. when I turn the lights off, the turn signal works perfectly. Also the left lights are more dull than the right side. Any suggestions? I have changed the turn signal light, and checked the connections and all seem good and tight. The guy I bought it from is a mechanic and he has been unable to find it. He says he would need it longer to trouble shoot this. Thought if anyone had come across this issue I could help point him in the right direction. It won't pass inspection with this issue. :confuse:
  • i have a gmc envoy and my front head lights bulbs went out i paid for some more bulbs and put them in still they dont work. my high beams work and my fog lights work. but not my regular front lights. i bought a new switch for it and that didnt work. i tried to find the fuses and check them but all the fuses seem to be working. does anyone know what could be the problem
  • I have a 2004 and both low beams went out at the same time in 2006. Like you, replaced both bulbs and that didn't work. Took it back to the dealer and they fixed it for free. Just went looking for the paperwork (I usually keep all that stuff) but couldn't find the documentation stating what they replaced.

    The low beams have worked fine ever since but now I have a new problem. Driver side low beam went out. Bought two new bulbs to replace both. When I pulled out the bulb on the side that went out, the connector to the bulb was discolored. Removed the bulb and discovered the connector was internally half-fried. Checked the working bulb on the passenger side and everything looked fine.

    There's enough wire to replace the connector...but, what caused it to have a meltdown?

    Probably not related but another electrical issue showed up this past winter. Remote lock/unlock would not work sporadically, mostly when it was really cold and/or wet. When the remote went out I also noticed the rear defroster and wiper didn't work either. Everything is working fine again in the warm weather but I need to fix the problem before next winter. Anyone know what it is?
  • My 2000 GMC Envoy is experiencing HID headlight issues. Factory parts are way too spendy.

    Anyone have any experience, success or failure on using "after market" HID conversion kits?

    From what it looks like I can either use a 9006 or a D2S kit, with out having the actual bulbs in hand it's hard to know if both have a 1 inch diameter flange mounting with o-ring seal.
  • toddbaileytoddbailey Posts: 2
    edited September 2013
    I basically fell out of my chair when I found out that a replacement lamp and ballast would cost well over $1000. I ultimately found 'hid lighting kits' on ebay

    Now for less than the cost of a single bulb/ballast I replaced high, low and fog lamps with hid units. Not sure what GM was thinking when they used HID by Philips, but what I installed works and the price was right. The only downside was I had to use a hot glue gun to mount the low beam bulb to the lens assy.

    Now that I know better, if any of these fail, I'll replace with 55 watt parts as the 35 watt units are not as bright as I'd like, but still much better than the 13 year old oem parts were. btw: for the fog lamps I used 3500K bulbs, for low beam I used 6500K and 9000 K for high
  • I tried to changed out the relay but when the parts stores look it up it's not the same as in my Envoy. they keep pulling up 5 prong modules and I have only 4 (two on each side) prong modules. I have 2005 4 wheel drive 6 cyl. The low beams are the only thing not working. The high beams work. I changed the switch becaue someone told me to. $200 later still not working. i switched the washer lamp with the headlight lamp. It worked for a few minutes then went back out again. It still did not work on automatic. Please help I don't have a lot of $$ to fix this.
  • My daughter's 05 Envoy lost low beams yesterday. Looking here I found the fix to replace relay #46. I swapped it with relay #45 and lights worked so off to the store for a new relay. Thanks.

  • I have a 2005 envoy. Recently when I turn the fog lights on the low beams turn off. I usually depend on the fog lights to see at night because the low beams do not help much. Read here about the #46 relay, bought it changed it but the situation is the same. Checked the fuses 6,3, 53 and the are ok. What else could it be? :s

  • xgraphixxgraphix Posts: 1
    edited January 2015

    I HAD the same problems as many of you do ... It is actually a pretty quick fix if it turns out to be the same as my issue. After installing aftermarket HID lights, my low beams would not come on. turns out it is a fuse, but it isn't the low beam headlight fuses ... so here is the issue I found.

    Turns out ... fuse #53 is a 15 amp fuse that feeds into relay 46 which then feed into the low beam headlight fuses #3 and #6. It is fuse #53 that needs to be replaced. If that turns out to be okay try replacing your #46 relay, but #53 fuse should do it.

    As far as the high beams ... its the same for those ... the #9 feeds relay #43 and then feeds into high beam fuses #2 and #5 ... it could be fuse #14 that feeds relay #43 but I am pretty sure it is #9 since it is a 15 amp fuse. so if your having high beam issues, be sure to check fuses #9 and #14.

    I hope this helps many of you ... I was stumped until I pulled out a meter and tested all the fuses. If this works for you, please let us all know.
  • zoraczorac Posts: 1
    angelj said:

    I have a 2005 GMC Envoy and my headlights have quit working, well at least the low beams (both sides at the same time). I have checked the fuses and the bulbs and both are fine. What else can I check before giving up and landing at the mercy of a local auto shop? I am not exactly a mechanical girl, so feel free to speak in short words.

    Did u get an answer I have same problem
  • under the hood in the fuse box relay#46 goes bad....take the relay out of slot 45 and put it in slot 46 this should fix the problem worked on a 2005 saab 9-7x (same as envoy) thanks to those who poseted this fix saved my frien hundreds of dollars and miles to the dealership !!!!!!
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