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Honda Fit Travel Experiences



  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    A 4 hour treip with 2 people & problem. We drove for 9 hours in our Fit with 2 adults, a toddler and so much stuff that I needed to use the side mirror to see out back and it was just fine...saved me a lot in gas money too.
  • wgewge Posts: 16
    I just got back from a two-week hiking and climbing trip to Colorado in my Fit. It was just me and about 200 pounds of gear. It worked great. I slept in the Fit four nights and was very comfortable. The trip of just under 4000 miles yielded an average of 45.09 mpg. It was great on wet gravel and mud roads as well. In September, my wife and I and three Beagles will do another vacation trip to North Carolina and we should have plenty of room. So, I think the Fit is just fine for an economical travel car.
  • vdalvdal Posts: 6
    Thank you guys.Fit it is then.Mine still making 19-21 mpg so it's not gonna be economical but at fun for sure,cause I love me "bullet"
  • i have a same problem. my Fit just get 24-26 par gallon gas mileage. I drove on freeway and city harf and harf. This gas mileage is too bad.
  • Gang,

    Yesterday, The Buster and I drove the 2007 Fit Sport AT to Corpus Christi and back from Austin. Left early morning and returned late afternoon. 40 mpg on the way down (A/C off most of the way) and 39 mpg coming back (A/C on). :shades:

  • bobw3bobw3 Posts: 2,992
    what sort of speeds were you doing?
  • Bob,

    We drove between 60 and 70 mph. I should have mentioned that we had an extra 110 lbs. of stuff in the car.

  • I have a different posting about my recent purchase of an armrest. I was satisfied with its fit but I couldn't drive the 4 screws snugly because they're screwed into a soft base. I'm thinking of replacing them with longer screws but I don't know if there's more soft material deeper down the surface. I'd want to hear from others about how I can make the armrest fit more tightly.
  • wehnerwehner Posts: 4
    I just bought a 2009 Honda Fit sport with automatic transmisison on 21 October 2008. The owner's manual says the vehicle can be towed behind a motorhome 4 wheels down provided you don't exceed 65 MPH and the auto transmission is cycled through all ranges with the motor running for 3 minutes ending with the shift lever going from Drive to Neutral. This must be done at least every 8 hours of towing. There are no other restrictions mentioned in the owner's manual. The manual transmission can be towed simply by putting the shift in neutral.
  • nugget2nugget2 Posts: 3
    I have a 2008 Fit and have a wiring Kit from Road Master. I need instructions specific to the fit for instilling the wiring to the brake/etc lights. Where do I get help? I'm towing with a2003 31 ft.Jamboree GT
  • Does anyone have experience towing Toyota Tacoma manual transmission all four down behind a RV. I know the manual says no to do that, but people do it. Remco does not have a disconnect or oil pump for the manual tranny saying they are unnecessary.
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