2010 Honda Odyssey

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Anyone know when Honda might leak info on 2010 Odessey redesign? Drive a lot in mountains and need AWD. Would buy Sienna now but am waiting on hope Odessey becomes available with AWD.


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    The Odyssey isn't scheduled for a major redesign until model year 2011 (which would debut in Fall of 2010). Even then, I'm not sure that the demand for AWD vans is strong enough for Honda to offer it as an option.

    I'd get the Sienna if you need it anytime soon, since you are over 2 years away from the next Odyssey.
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    Thanks! That is very helpful as two years is too long for us to wait. I have heard from the dealer that Honda has no intentions on offering it in AWD form.
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    With the 8-passenger AWD Pilot, I just don't see much need for an AWD minivan as well. I'd suspect Toyota will stop making the AWD Sienna after this generation; the Highlander is a large AWD-Available vehicle and will likely become the AWD vehicle of choice in Toyota's lineup.

    It's hard to beat a minivan's space efficiency, isn't it? ;)
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    You got it. I also have an MDX which has been great but our Honda van is still a better family vehicle (dare I say more fun to drive, more comfortable, better space, etc.) The MDX is leased and I plan to replace it with an AWD sedan such as the new RL or Infinity M35, hence the hope for an AWD van.

    Thanks again for your help!
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    You're quite welcome. I encourage you to take a look and maybe make a post at the Sienna vs. Odyssey thread, should you have any further questions. More people will likely see your posts there than in this small thread.

    Let us know how your search for the best vehicle goes. :)
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    One of the kids is thinking of new van, but wants to see what the 2010 will offer. Any ideas of when>
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    We are about to purchase a 2009 Honda Odyssey but are concerned that the redesign may happen with the 2010 models and are wondering if we should wait a few months? Does anyone have any real information on whether the redesign is for 2010 or 2011 (if its 2011 we will just go ahead and buy the 2009, we can't wait a year) I see lots of different thoughts on this online, wondering if anyone really knows...
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    The only changes from what I have read is the "buck tooth" front Honda corporate grill. You will have to wait until the Fall to find out what else. If you get it now, you will probably get better pricing. Honda has already stopped making 2009 Odysseys, so color selection is going to be harder. 2010 Ody will sell at stick initially...
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    The new Odyssey is not due for 2010. They have been on a six year schedule since the '99 model debuted (and was around until 2004). Based on that, at the EARLIEST we'll see a new 2011 Odyssey, but not 2010, which would only be 5 years.
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    Is there any difference between the 2010 specs and 2009?
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    Biggest difference is availability of RES on EX models. Also, no PAX.
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    Has anybody gotten any new word on the redesign, and will 2010 be a short run, or a normal one and the redo will be next fall, on the sienna page there is talk of a new sienna early in 2010, and honda moved up there plans.
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    The 2011 Toyota Sienna is coming out in Jan 2010. For Honda to not lose a year advantage to Toyota, they better release the redesiged 2011 ASAP.
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    How do you figure? In 2004, Toyota released the same basic Sienna you can buy today. Honda's current Odyssey came out a year later, for 2005. The current Camry came out a year before the current Accord. The Corolla and Civic aren't even close to the same schedule for redesign. When one comes out doesn't necessarily mean "instant failure" if the other brand doesn't debut a new model at the same time.


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    Can someone tell me if this is good deal.2010 Honda Odyssey EX with res 36 month lease 12 k per year. I live in Pa. 450 per month with 500 down.Any info would be appreciated.
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    I am interested in leasing the Odyssey EX-L w Nav and RES. I have shopped a bit through email and found my two best offers so far to be...

    475.30 / month
    2048.61 to pay at pickup


    466 / month
    2094.12 to pay at pickup

    Do these sound competitive? Some other dealers were way over these numbers.

    The selection seems limited. Should we accept on one of these or keep pushing. I'd love to get lower or the same price with running boards and/or all weather mats.

    Which do people find sharper looking -- white/ivory or polished metal/gray???

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    I'm showing that I'm not car savvy, but what does RES stand for?

    I am really interested in the Odyssey, but there are so many posts on these boards about problems with these vans, especially the transmissions. Has Honda fixed that yet? How about weak braking? I can live with the noise issue that people mention frequently.

    I know there are complaints about every vehicle, but the Odyssey seems to have more than its share for being a Honda. Is it just because there are so many out there, or is Odyssey somewhat less reliable than other Hondas?

    Any input from current Odyssey owners would be appreciated. I don't want to make an expensive mistake. I am considering the EX model.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    I'm showing that I'm not car savvy, but what does RES stand for?

    "Rear Entertainment System." Its the DVD Player.
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    I am considering EX or EX-L. Among differences between two, I am wondering whether VCM in EX-L is worth to try. I have seen many complaints of vibration issues related to VCM in older model. I am not sure whether this issue has been addressed or not. I want to buy it ASAP. So, please, give me your advice. Thanks in advance.
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    We traded in our 2003 EX-L for a 2009 EX-L, and haven't noticed any more vibration between the two. I will say that the mileage difference is really apparent on long road trips, as on our last trip (400 miles) we made it 380 before the fuel light came on. I really think VCM works, and again, we haven't noticed any more vibration than any other vehicle we've driven. I suggest taking a test drive, and insist taking it on the highway for a bit to get an idea of what it's like. You may be more sensitive to vibration than me. Good luck!

    LOVE our Odyssey!
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    ehhh, sometimes I think people on these boards have nothing to do but nitpick. I just spent 6 hrs roundtrip on the hwy with my new 2010 and I honestly cant feel any VCM vibration. Problem is VCM is apparently not directly linked to the ECO light so I'm not even sure when VCM is actually on. There were a couple times where I thought I felt a tiny vibration but I think its because I was trying to feel it. If I felt VCM I didn't really know it.

    I am very guilty of what I'm about to accuse you of, but GET OFF YOUR COUCH and take a good test drive. Stop obsessing on these boards before you've even driven the car in question. Would you buy a house just by reading online reviews of what other people like and dislike about their houses? So go do the old fashioned thing and actually drive the car, then if you are feeling all the 1000s of gremlin problems that people on these boards are feeling, you'll know. If not, then you could be a happy owner/operator of a Honda Odyssey.
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    Just picked up my son from college last week. Drove our 2010 Ex 9 hours round trip. What a pleasure this vehicle is to drive! I am so glad we purchased this van. The dual climate controls work great for me and my wife. She can lower her side of the van and be comfortable. The seats are supportive and allow us to drive this trip without being uncomfortable. The interior is quiet, I don't understand what people are talking about with the road noise. We have an 07 Accord as well. The Odyssey is our preferred vehicle for any long trip, not to mention it can haul all the items our kids need to take to school. :) I highly recommend this van for anyone looking for a vehicle to haul people and "stuff". We got 26 miles per gallon on this 320 mile trip. We traveled 67-72 mph the whole trip.
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    Whoops! That was a 520 mile round trip, not 320. We also had on Blizzak WS60's. They were a necessity here in the snow belt of NW Pa. this winter. Put on the stock Michelins today. It's finally getting warm (50F) here and the soft rubber wears quicker in the warmer temps. :shades:
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    1. Does the road side service with Honda Care "Sign & Drive" come with any Honda Odyssey lease or purchase by default?

    2. The dealer tried to sell me a "Maintenance Coverage" service at $760. He said only purchasing this service, the road side service will be available; If I don't purchase, then No Road side service is available. It looks this is not consistent with what Honda "Ownerlinks" web site show?

    3. Where can I get the road side service details to review, to see if it comes with Honda new car by default, or only comes with a maintenance service purchase?
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    I just bought a 2010 EX-L. It has 6000 miles on it since it was the demo.

    When I start the car, it tut, tut, tut, tut a couple of time before starting.

    Does yours start up immediately when you turn the key?

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    I have a 2010 Odyssey and do not hear any issues or noises like that at startup...I would raise the issue and be firm.
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    We own a 2010 EX-L and recently received a letter from Honda about the possibility of the transmission experiencing judder and that we should bring the van in to have it reprogrammed. We did, and are going to pick it up today (had to have another issue addressed - see below), but I hope this is not a harbinger of troubles to come. Apparently, judder (I assume that is some kind of vibration?)problem has been common on Oddys in previous years. Anybody with a 2010 have this yet?

    The issue we had was that we thought the van was out of alignment. The mechanics agreed but had to order some bolts to fix it, which is why we had to leave the van at the dealer's shop. Does this sound right? Has anyone else had to have their van re-aligned? What are the bolts for? We just have 7,000 miles on it.
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    I'm glad you posted this because I had an immediate alignment issue that was not fully resolved by a trip to the dealer. The ordering of "bolts" suggests a mechanical problem with the front suspension (wrong part installed at factory or something was bent or mis-installed) which, once addressed, should resolve your issue...and maybe mine too!

    The transmission software issue is common.
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    I wouldn't agree with you more. This Car is fun to drive for a long trip. I had mine since April, 2010. I took it to the dealer last mont for the Sofware upgrade issue(which I didn't experiance any issue before the upgrade anyway) and it rides like BMW 7 Series. Worth every dollar I spent on my 2010 EX-L
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    I have a Odyssey 2010 EX-L got it new 2 month ago it currently has 2000 miles. A number of days ago my wife was driving it and she heard a pop noise under the rear seats. The van cut off completely. Luckily she was able to get it out of traffic safely. We had it towed to the Honda dealership 5 day ago. I went in and they had the engine almost completely disassembled. An they still don’t know what the problem is other than 3 of the cylinders are completely locked up. That seem strange because when we tried to restart the van it would turn over but not start. Have anyone heard of anything happening like this.
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    Whatever it was, my van seems fine now. Did you get your van fixed?
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    hi i recently bought a new odyssey 2010 touring.
    when i use keyless entry to lock or unlock i don't get any indication.

    only visible thing is inside light going on/off for unlock / lock
    but i don't hear any alarms(beeps) or flashing lights from outside

    i even tried pressing lock button two times (within 5 seconds) and still it won't make any difference.

    anyidea, if there any switch to turn these behaviour on?

    i remember in my old honda civi, had a switch to make this alarm on/off
    but that was a 3rd party alarm system. i don't see such switches in odyssey.

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    I have the same problem. 3 months old and i needed new front struts. Recently heard strange knocking noise from engine and had it checked out. They have had the van for over a week and no news. Engine is pulled apart and I'm driving a rental. Not sure what is going on with honda but if they want me to buy a 4th Honda, this experience will have to end very well. If I pull up in the Toyota Sienna maybe they will work something out!! Let me know what the final diagnostic was as they seem to be very confused.
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    Check the battery terminals, could be loose. That's one of the reasond for the sound.
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