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Buying Hybrids Online - Is It The Future?

worldofpriusworldofprius Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Hello all,

Having sold Prius hybrids online for 12 months now, I am getting the feeling that the trend of buying cars online through sites such as mine is definately on the increase. When I first started, I would find that only one or two sales a week, whereas now, that has reached to upwards of 6 - 8. Has anyone in here bought online, and could this mean the beginning of the end of the traditional car yard. What are your views?


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    patrick31patrick31 Member Posts: 2
    What is your website ?
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    The forums cannot be used to buy and sell, nor can they be used to promote or advertise.

    We can discuss online buying, but any posts that get into specifics of pricing, contact info, web sites, etc. will be removed.
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    larsblarsb Member Posts: 8,204
    Buying any car online, sight unseen, not being able to sit in it or drive it? Not a good idea to me at all.

    If you could combine some sort of "real-world test drive capability" along with the online buying service, then yes it might make sense.
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Actually making a purchse of a vehicle online after I've seen it/sat in it, that's one thing. (Although if I was able to go see a vehicle I'm not sure why I wouldn't buy it in person) But buy based on pictures or descriptions? Not me.

    Someone asked Dub Schwartz the same question recently.

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    The chat opens at 8:45 pm ET and runs until 10 pm ET. I hope you're able to join us tonight to meet and greet with your fellow CarSpace members!
    See you there!
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    PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Member Posts: 9,372
    Please do NOT mention websites where you are engaged in selling. The forums cannot be used to find customers.
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