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Toyota Tundra Axles and Differentials

lhenry51lhenry51 Member Posts: 1
edited March 2014 in Toyota
Help,the manual calls for 90 weight,i dont think its available-i wanted to use mobil 1 synthetic multi-grade,if its ok and which one?thanks-L.Henry51


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    jwise9jwise9 Member Posts: 2
    i have a 2005 tundra double cab 2x2 4.7 i have been getting a little vibration for a while now but when you put the shifter in nuteral i will go away now it is getting worse at times on interstates it will go and come but is definatly the drive line i just don't know where to start it is dry under neath no leaks new michelins new rotors and pads could it be the carrier bearing or a u-joint
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    roger2951roger2951 Member Posts: 2
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    daninsatxdaninsatx Member Posts: 1
    I just wanted to put out my experience with a 2002 Toy Tundra v8 TRD with LSD -2 wheel drive that developed a chatter a couple of weeks ago.

    It has about 97K and I pulled a 3K trailer all over the US last summer about 10 K miles. Before I left on that 10 week trip, I went to Valvoline Lube place and had them put all synthetics in the Tranny and the Diff. I got back from the trip and started using it as a daily driver to my job, and found that it shuttered and groaning when turning right or left at slow speed. I think the Limit slip only works at slow speed so I took it in to a mechanic who told me that I had put the wrong fluid in.

    He said he put in the additive but the chattering continued, so I took it to the Toyota dealer and they also said it was the wrong fluid. They put the non synthetic lube in and told me that since it was still chattering, i need a whole new differential, about 2800 to do that work. I take it back to the Valvoline place and they denied that the lube was wrong. They wanted proof from Toyota, but that lube was dumped out so I was stuck.

    I checked on the web and found a few reports that people sometimes had put in the wrong fluid, but flushing it out and put an LSD additive in fixes it, so I thought ok, I would do it myself.

    I bought the Leed additive for about 6 bucks at Advanced Automotive. I went to put that in this morning. It was real hard to get the fill hole bolt off, I think they used an air hammer to tighten it. I had to use a ball pean hammer hit a foot long wrench to get it loose. I added that LSD additive in, backed it out and no Chirping!

    I am very thankful I can continue driving this truck! I really didn't want to go out and buy another now, since except for that chatter LSD problem, the truck is great.

    I am putting this out because I looked everywhere last night on the web for this kind of info and got enough feedback to encourage me to try that additive myself. I am not sure the mechanic or the dealer put it in so putting it in yourself is a good idea, especially since I was looking at an expensive repair or new truck. So try this cheap fix if you ever have this kind of problem.

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