Odyssey Powertraine Warranty: 3/36 for 2005 vs. 5/60 for 2006+

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Just learned that 2005 Odyssey warranty coverage for Powertraine is only 3/36K as oppose to 2006+ Odysseys that are covered for 5/60K. Let me remind you that 2005 was the first model year for the third generation. What is the logic? The first year production cars are more prone to different problems, why would Honda reduce the warranty coverage specifically for the first year production cars?
I called Honda and asked them to extend my coverage to 5/60 and they refused. Any comments? I hope someone from honda Customer Service is reading this message board and will be able to answer my question.
That is my third brand new honda i have owned over the last 10 years.


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    IIRC, Honda increased the powertrain warranty for their entire line in 2006. It was a marketing move, not a let's be nice to our customers this year move.

    If they extended your warranty, they'd have to do the same for everyone who bought a 2005 Honda. And then the 2004 owners would start asking and so on.
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    Believe it or not but Honda did extend Powertraine warranty for 2001-2004 Odysseys to 7/80K b/c of transmission problems. So it is only 2005 year owners who got screwed up. :sick:
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    Actually, we 2000 owners got 105K on the tranny.
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    Where can I find documentation of this? We are having issues with our 2004 47,000 miles and want to be ready when I go to the dealership!
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