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2009 Outback - AWD systems



  • Well I'll be, the Outback is 3357lbs while the larger Forester is only 3250lbs.
    I really didn't know real work Millage, I just assumed the larger Forester would get less, so much for assuming... :O)

    I still would have chsen the Outback anyway because it has LSD and just looks a little more sporty to me.
  • For those getting '09 Outbacks, and are driving in winter weather, consider ditching the stock Bridgstones for Nokian tires.

    I've had many a comparison between '09 Forester and Outbacks, and found that the Outbacks had harsher ride on small, strong bumps than the Forester did, especially after the Forester got outfitted with WR or WRG2 Nokian tires.

    Most likely the Outback's ride will improve, and the snow traction will vastly improve, with the Nokians.
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