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New Honda Insight 5-passenger Hatchback



  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Because I love Hondas that's why. Had a CRX si years ago, an Element more recently, a silver Fit and currently a red Fit. Loved them all! No love for the Insight though. Just my opinion, yours may differ.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    Ah Galileo5, alas, the earth DOES revolve around the sun. You're right, partly, I no longer have an Insight. They trucked it away last night as a trade. All my posts here are either factual reports of the truth ("you can't handle the truth") or my own personal observations. Yours may differ. I love Hondas, there's an 09 Honda Fit Sport in my garage right now and i LOVE that car! I did not love the Insight and I'm pretty sure I'm allowed not to. Thank you.
  • jrlncjrlnc Posts: 48
    dweiser, you're of course entitled to your opinion and I'm sorry it didn't work out for you. :(

    I've had the opposite experience myself with my new Insight. I'm very comfortable in it and enjoy driving it. I commute ~75 miles/day. My overall *calculated* gas mileage is 50.1 mpg. :)

    I also came from a Honda Fit (which I also liked), but for my needs and uses, the Insight suits me much better. Buying a car is such a high-dollar and long-term decision that we should really research it thoroughly and do LOTS OF TEST DRIVES! Even with all of that, it is possible to make a wrong purchase decision because our emotions get involved in the choice.

    I made a mistake myself of buying a Toyota Tacoma about 10 years ago. Although it was an ok vehicle of itself, it didn't suit my commuting needs. I hated it the discomfort and safety issues of it, and after 2 accidents and a near third one (which I blame on the handling and poor visibility), I got rid of it.

    For everyone who is considering the new Insight -- I will say that it has really exceeded my expectations.

    I bought the car for economy, reliability, comfort, convenience & safety features (like VSA and NAV). I like the looks of it and plan to keep it for 5 or 6 years.

    It's not as roomy as an SUV, or quick as a Civic Si or as fancy as a TL, but that doesn't bother me. The car meets my criteria and is well-made and designed. I've never had a bad Honda, unfortunately I can't say that about some other makes/models that I've owned.
  • How much did the dealer give you for your traded in Insight dweiser ?
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    How drastically does the gas mileage get affected by using the regular,non econ mode? Is there a big difference in the gas consumption?
    I was thinking of using the regular mode for city driving and the ECON for highways.Would that make sense?
  • Used with and without the Econ Mode and I have seen about a 3 MPG difference. I just leave the Econ off because I like the Air on at long stop lights. This of course is in Florida that needs the air on all the time in summer.
  • rookie60rookie60 Posts: 39
    I averaged 41.8 with econ off and 45.8 with econ on. At first I thought it was a joke until I tried a tankful without using econ. However, the compressor shuts off with econ on when stopping. Also, power is less with econ on. (Not enough power either way however).
  • franko1franko1 Posts: 15
    The bloggers have reported that there have been 1,124 positive reports on the 2010 insight, and 207 neutral, and only 12 negative since the Detroit auto show. This should give us a warmer feeling.
  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 24
    The car looks great!
    Haven't test driven it yet but I am still very interested in this car for 2 reasons:
    firstly, the price is decent for an hybrid and I am not interested in a sporty car ( I commuted with a Plymouth Horizon, a Ford Escort wagon and now a Ford Focus)
    Please note that I also drove a 1963 Citroen 2 CV (2 cylinder car) in France!
    Secondly, Driving in New England , I get scared by the reports on this forum that one cannot disengage the "Vehicle Stability Control" on the Prius but it can be done on the Insight!
    So, when my Focus dies, I am still thinking to get the Insight.
  • I am in a market for an economical car. My first choice is Civc, then Mazda3. But we all know they are dime a dozen. So I checked out the Insight. Unique ideas and features. Photos and videos looked great.

    I went to the car dealer last night. Check the hood, metal (good, not plastic like Smart car). Opened the door and the door felt too light. Okay, economical so I moved on. Sat in, not bad. Unique but in a good way, a very nice lay out. Then sat on the back seat. Now, keep in mind, I'm only 5'8". My head touched the ceiling. No, I don't have big set of hair, in fact, I'm practically bald. So there
    's hardly a head room for someone even at my height.

    Test drove. Nice handling. Power is adequate. Got to be patient when it comes to speed up to merge, etc. Road noise seemed excessive, not enough insolation.

    Asked for the price. $500 off MSRP was the best they could do. Too hot they said.

    I really wanted to like it because it unique looking car and it is Honda. But the look alone could not pass the quality and price in my book. So that 2009 Honda Civic LX-S is looking really good now.
    Saving $120 per year on gas Civic vs. Insight did not justify for me to pay extra to purchase the Insight.
  • I have 10K on my insight and with A/C on, in city, I'm averaging 36 mpg. I think you did your homework well. I didn't when I bought.
  • dweiserdweiser Posts: 288
    I was offered $15,000 and took it!!
  • I started at 41 in town I am now over 47 with the cooler weather.
    The MPG on the car is about 2-3 better than the real thing.
    I am very happy with the car, I am surprised at those who, because there are some negative comments, feel the need to get rid of theirs. I liked the style and I like the performance (well, for a hybrid) what anyone else thinks is really irrelevant as long as Honda stand by their warranty I am going to be happy. We bought ours because I wanted a hybrid and we much prefer our Honda dealership (we have 2 CRVs).
  • I got $17,600.00 on trade for a 2010 CRV EX-L

    2010 CR-V was invoice ($27,388.00 OTD ) with all taxes and fee's such as the florida Dealer fee of $599.00.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    Unless you tell us what it was that you traded in,it means nothing.
  • Now that I've had the 2010 Honda Insight for a few more months and a couple of thousand miles additional on the odometer, here are my observations; most contradict virtually everything I've read in magazines or on the web:

    What the reviews had right: one thing only...the acceleration. Yes, the car accelerates slowly, but it's a hybrid, what do you expect. Having taken the car on several long trips (Jersey shore, NC shore), power is still adequate to reach cruising speed safety and adequately. No turbocharged engine under the hood though.

    Where the reviews are wrong:
    Economy: car gets 44 mpg in city traffic, 50mpg at 70 mph cruise, and 62 mpg at 45-50 mph (highest mileage yet, and no "hypermiling", just normal driving). Maybe not Pruis-level, but I'm happy, even surprised. The auto-stop function took a bit getting used to, but having the car for a while, I only think about the gas not being wasted.
    Comfort: At first, seats seemed uncomfortable, but with two long trips concluded (including a 1000 mile round-trip, no backaches here. Room plenty for me and wife and lots of stuff. I don't understand what reviewers were complaining about when it comes to road noise. Yes, there are probably lots of cars with less, but it's not an issue unless you're looking for something to complain about.
    Quality: Yes, material quality is on economy level but I could see that in showroom. On the other hand, this is the first car I've owned since my 1979 Toyota that I didn't have to bring back to the dealer within the first few months of ownership due to minor or major problems. My previous cars, all assembled in Europe, put me on a first-name basis with the service manager.
    Handling: Firm but not jarring. Maybe more rubber on the road would improve cornering but that will probably reduce mpg's.

    The perfect car? No, not until they put in a turbocharged engine capable of 0-60 times of 5 seconds while getting 100 mpg, and with interior of wood inlays, leather seats, and thick carpeting, all for $22K.

    But I'll keep it for a while.
  • I now have 6,000+ miles on my Insight. I agree with almost everything. However, I just got back from a 2,000+ trip from Minnesota to Arkansas. I wish I could get your mileage. I get 42-46 in normal city/highway driving. I did get 50mpg twice. Both on 50-60 mile per hour cruises. On my trip to Arkansas, cruising at 70-75, I got 41-42mpg. The car cruises nice at 75mph but strains. It does need a bit more power. At 75mph I would average about 39-40mpg. The car is surprisingly very quiet. Hardly any road noise. Great car around town.
  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 24
    Thank you for your review!Nice details with different driving modes.
    I have a Ford Focus with 97K and,on one hand I want my Focus to"live" for another 2 years (I get 34 mpg with it, mostly highway driving), but on the other hand, I want it to go, so I can visit a Honda dealer and get an Insight.
    I've been reviewing everyone's input and it seems a good hybrid without a sticker shock! I am not interested in a performance car and, with the gasoline price will go up with the crude oil price going up and the dollar going down in the world currency market.
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    The Insight with cruise is only a couple of hundred less than a base Prius. The overall quality of the Prius is much better.Check it out.
  • dnatechdnatech Posts: 24
    Well, I live in New England & I read that the Prius can be trouble with icy road and its lack of disengaging "automatic traction control"(not sure of technical term here).
    The other thing is that I want a dash display in front of me and not in the middle of the console.
    Correct me if I am wrong on either point.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    proper ice+snow tires can solve the traction problem for prius in winter, for most cases.
    but if there's no way to disengage traction control, that's a blocker problem for new england winter driving, as far as I understand. When stuck on certain kinds of snow/ice conditions, the only way to get the car moving is to rock the car back and forth, intentionally spinning the wheels- with traction control OFF .
  • I liked the looks of the Prius.Beautiful futuristic body style. They sell more hybrids than all the others combined. The Insight handles better than the Prius. Seems more like a real car. Prius gets better mileage. However, the biggest kicker and deal-breaker for me was that dash display in the middle. I think it is ridiculous that they put it in the middle. I would never buy a car with a dash like that. I hate that dash. That's just my personal opinion. Obviously, I am in the minority because they sure have sold a lot of Prius'.
  • eWas all set to buy the new Prius. Sat in the driver's seat and realized I could not read the center positioned instruments. What a disppointment! Did not buy. Am now looking at the Insight. Who knows?
  • Finally starting to see more of Insights in New England and the car is mentioned more often on the internet in comparison with other cars.
    I guess people only think of the Prius which is so common.
    Glad to read I am not the only one who cannot comprehend why the display is in the middle of dashboard in the Prius?
  • It's not just it's location that I don't like.It's too damned small,and unless you have perfect vision almost impossible to see clearly.
  • Well France has many different cars on the road than the ones we have here. However, the cars here like Honda fit & Nissan Versa are starting to make the USA look more like France. Did see a few "Priuses" and saw more Japanese cars, but French and Europeans cars dominate the market. The gas is so expensive that French people stick to 4 cylinder cars and there are very few big cars! Somehow though, the cars idling in the traffic jams make an awful smell, just wondering if their gasoline is different than here, it's not a diesel odor?
  • I have about 3,000 miles on my 2010 Insight and get 1-2 fewer mpg than reported above, but everything else is spot on with my experience. On the mpg issue, I did not get mine until October, and based on numerous reports of mpg declines in cooler weather, I expect that I will get about the same mpg as reported by njinsight when warmer weather returns.
  • unfitunfit Posts: 12
    I currently drive a MT 2007 Fit which I enjoy, but time is coming for my kids to start driving and they don't seem to be inclined to a manual. I also don't want them in a vehicle without stability control. I am looking at getting a Fit with VSA ( which would require a navigation package I am less than thrilled about) or getting an Insight EX.

    I test drove both cars and like them - for different reasons - and I would like to pose some questions to current Insight drivers:

    One long term test drive blog was concerned about Insight handling and understeer in the rain with a late response from VSA. How have your bad weather driving experiences been?

    My oldest daughter is somewhat petite. For those "vertically challenged" Insight drivers, how is the experience with the adjustable seat and overal driving visibility?

    Many thanks!
  • CapeCodCapeCod Posts: 117
    Can someone give me a clear explanation of the troubles many are expecting from the Stability Control on the Prius this winter ? Insight will not have the same problems? Winters are long here in New England... I really do not want to make a bad decision. Thanks.
    BTW I do see 25 Prius to every Honda Insight... so Toyota must be doing something right???
  • mickeyrommickeyrom Posts: 936
    edited August 2010
    Any car with ESC has problems driving in the snow.My KIA has ESC but fortunately it also has a switch with which you can turn ESC off.I don't think that Toyota in their wisdom(sarcasm) has such a feature so I am very much looking forward to Prius owners replies to your post to see how they handle this issue.This is because I too have a Prius ,a 2007 mode which I have not had an opportunity to drive in heavy snow.Frankly in light snow,I have had no problems.
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