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2009 VW Passat CC



  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I put on Goodyear Eagle GT's last year and love them.
  • coontie66coontie66 Posts: 110
    I read the magazine Road and Track---- December issue they rated the VW Passat the best of 6 they tested. Go figure.
  • A rating of 6?!?!?. . .That HAD to be a typo! I'd bet my bottom VW dollar they intended the rating to render a NEGATIVE 6!! Sitting here in a parking lot NOW,on the opposite side of town, awaiting and praying for my 2009 CC to at least START as the EPC light stares me in the face!!! When will this nightmare ENNND!!?!?!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I read it as the best of the 6 vehicles they it was #1.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I just had to replace the left low beam headlight on my 09 CC (55K Miles) Had to order the replacements on Amazon because Nobody on the Oregon Coast had the right ones. NAPA offered to order me one at $49.99 + Shipping for ONE and a week shipping time. I got a pair (you should always replace them in pairs) of upgraded ones for $30 including free 2 day shipping. Funny thing though. I was looking in the manual to make sure I ordered the right ones since the high beams use the same plug, and all the manual says is to take the car to the VW Dealer. SERIOUSLY! It's not rocket science to replace a freaking headlight bulb. I remember I used to have a 93 BMW 325I when I lived in Spain, that the manual gave not only the bulb part number, but instructions on how to locate, and replace them. As a matter of fact in Europe it's the law you are supposed to carry spare bulbs with you in the car. And if a cop pulls you over if you have a lamp out and don't have a replacement you get a ticket. Most peoplecan buy a kit at their dealer that has one of each bulb that the car has and carry it in the trunk with the spare tire tools. When did it become such an issue that replacing a bulb requires you to go to a Dealer and pay a technician to do a 5 min job that you should be able to do yourself, and is no more complicated than changing your wiper blades. But then again, it says that as well. To replace your wiper blades go to the nearest VW Service Center. Lol.
  • robe5robe5 Posts: 3
    Come -on you know he meant with the same kind of tires that the car came with.
  • I purchased a 2009 Passat new and I have had many problems with this vehicle. I have had to repair and replace the throttle several times, had a fuel injection several times, replaced the intake manifold 14 months ago and now I am being told that the intake manifold needs replacing AGAIN. This is a $900.00 repair for the second time. I have complained to the dealership, and customer service to be told that I have too many miles on my vehicle. OMG!!!! I can't get any satisfaction. Does anyone else have this problem, repeated repairs? I think my car is a lemon!!!
  • Sounds like we have the same problems. My car also stuttered and loss acceleration. I have been paying for repeated repairs for almost two years. First, it was the throttle and fuel injection. I had to repair the throttle for several times and finally had to pay to have it replaced. Last year, I had to pay for the intake manifold to be replaced---13 months later, the intake manifold needs to be replaced again. OMG!!! I purchased my 2009 Passat new and I have had one repair after another. It's a lemon!!!!
  • Yes!! Many people are having the sane problem if your symptoms are the same as mine with EPC&CHECK ENGINE LIGHT appearing in conjunction with A Loss of acceleration!! GOOGLE: EPC LIGHT 2009 VW CC

    ALSO loss of acceleration is a MAJOR safety issue! I loss power on the diamond lane and almost got rear ended and side swiped trying to exit it bcuz I could not pick up any power to merge over! Contact a consumer Lemon law attorney immediately to file a claim. Each Lemon Law varies from state to state so the consumer lemon law attorney will let you know if your claim is accepted , which it SHOULD BE!! I'm still waiting to see if this problem is exclusive to 2009's ONLY because I have NEVER had these problems with my last 3 previously owned USED and NEW Passats dating back to 2000!! UGHHHH! GOOD LUCK!
  • I had a 2009 CC and it was in for service 8 times in less than 2 yrs. Most of the time it was the check engine light, but also the car would sometimes shake badly while driving down the road. One time the car shook and black smoke came out of the exhaust. I finally said enuf! Unfortunately I didn't file under lemon law. Instead I let the dealership talk me into a new lease on a 2011 CC. Altho this car isn't nearly as bad as the 09 it has stalled in traffic a few times. Also the acceleration is terrible, the car seems to hesitate before moving. When you are trying to get thru an intersection, you expect the car to move when you press the gas. Instead there is a hesitation and then you "burn rubber" when the car finally moves! Embarrassing! No more VW's for me.
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I also have a 2009 CC Lux. I had the same problem at around 45K with the EPC and check engine light and loss of acceleration. And I also had the intake manifold issue. That said, The EPC and check engine light resolved itslef and has not re-occurred. I parked in the garage overnight, and in the morning all was well. I looked on the floor of the garage and saw 2 round soot markson the floor. I called VW ant the mechanic told me that the EPC had caused improper fuel burn and had accumulated the soot in the turbo. As a result the lossof power was due to the exhaust clogging up. Once the car sat for awhile the waste gates vented causing the soot, and the car has been fine since. He explained that while these cars say recommended premium gas, they should say required. And Premium gas should be top tier gas like Shell, Chevron, Texaco etc and not Arco or other bottom dollar gas vendors. Also try to see if youcan get ethanol free premium once in awhile.
  • hi im just writing a post bc im having same problem with u. I have 2009 vw cc and the check engine light and EPC light never go off . I was just wondering if you fixed it or nor. If you did would you give me an idea how to fix it? Thanks
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    Hopefully you got the extended warranty. Take it to VW. :sick:
  • leo82leo82 Posts: 1
    anyone knows when VW will have a re-designed cc? 2013 model just get some facelift. It is kind of old model, debut 2008/9.
  • jar1313jar1313 Posts: 1
    Hello dave98, It is currently 5/14/2013 as a write this. I see your post was in 2010 so Im sure it has been resolved by now. We just had an issue with our 2009 cc that revved into our own garage door without notice. The whole front end was smashed as well as our garage door. Please let me know what the issue was with your car if you were able to find out.
  • I have a 09 cc now, brought it off the show room floor, loved it at first but as the mileage when up so did the problems, I'm at 100k mostly high way driving, but that's only the beginning , first the alignment went out at 40k tire replacement , then the ignition cold packs when out at 42k, then rear brakes, now a sensor is keeping the car from running, and I traded in a reliable 98 Honda with 113k and no problems like this ever, I love this car but I will NEVER buy another VW, EVER !!!!!!!!
  • :mad: This 09 CC SUCKS!!!!!!
  • Status as of 9/26/2013..... 3 fuel injectors, 1 intake manifold, 1 New engine. Only first injector was covered inside warranty!!!!! $9000.00 so far in repairs and still making monthly payments for my 2009 VW Passat. I might be a little turned off with the brand!!!
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    How many miles do you have?

    I thought the powertrain warranty was 5/60?

    Are you taking it to the track or anything? $9K would bust a blood vessel in my head...
  • The 2009 CC was my 3rd VW In a row,of my ongoing love affair with VW over the years. However. . . The 2009 CC is the cause of our relationship's demise, and we are now and forever DIVORCED!! I have NO IDEA what's happening in The Fatherland,but Germany needs to figure it out or FOLD!!

    Fortunately I drove the crap out of my car the first 30 Days of ownership, and the stuttering and de-acceleration occurred 3 times in the first 30 days,and I was freed and compensated VERY well via California Lemon Law Attorney! If the Lemon Law doesn't apply. . . .SOMEONE needs to launch a class action law suit! This is UNACCEPTABLE!!

    After the love affair ended. . . I decided to venture out and try something new! Lo and behold!. . .I fell in Love with the 2013 Ford Edge! -- A brand I have ALWAYS hated!! The only reason I decided on a crossover is because for what they were asking for a fully loaded car. . . I might as well try out an SUV, give American a chance, and SO glad I did!! America is doing the DAYUM thing NOWWW and doing it well!! But OOOOO. . . That Tesla!! Lol!! Good luck!! SUUUUUE!!!
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I have had my 09 CC Luxe now for 3 years. I just don't understand all the problems people are having. I did have the Check engine thing where I had to have the intake manifold replaced under warranty. Since then I have had no problems to mention. The APC thing, but that went away and never returned. I drive it every day. Use Premium gas, and change the oil at a local Oil Can Henry's. Maybe it's because I don't take it to VW for service. If I can do it myself I do. If it's a cabin filter change I buy the filter and do it myself. Tires??? I bought Eagle GT's and did not have to do an alignment. It tracks true and runs like a champ. Better than the factory tires. MUUUUCh better. My Dad liked it so much he traded in his Mercedes for a 2013 CC Sport. As in all cases there are good cars that sometimes have problems. And, of course there are sometimes the occasional lemons. I am sure that if you were to log on to ANY forum here for ANY make/model car you would have praises and problems, and people who swear they will buy nothing but that make, as well as people who swear that they will NEVER AGAIN buy a VW/Mercedes/ Ford/Toyota/Chevy/Hyundai etc... you get my drift. I find that most of the people who post are the ones with problems and want to spread their misery. Fine. That's what these are for. But more so they are for people to share experiences with others. I would go more by the Customer satisfaction indexes by Consumer Reports or JD power etc. As an example I had a 93 BMW 318I I bought new. It was great for the first year. Then slowly deteriorated to where I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Also the clutch would overheat in traffic and it would buck when starting from a stop. Until the clutch cooled again on the freeway when traffic opened up. I also know a friend that had the same model and never a squeak. Turned out to be a great car for him. I swore never again would I buy a BMW. Now I am forced to think differently. Sometimes you just get a bad one. :lemon:
  • I bought a 09 CC in 2012 with 24K, and am at 56K now (Nov. 13). Fortunately, I had read earlier posts, so bought the extra extended warranty (72 months). At 42K, right on schedule, the intake manifold went out (VW has now recalled that part, fortunately). At about 54.5K, I started to feel the deacceleration again; it was like the intake manifold, but no engine light)...and the VW dealership reset something within my transmission. Then within a few weeks, late one night, the car stuttered significantly (setting off the check engine light). It took the dealer a couple days to then replace the (first?) fuel injector (56K). I'm worried about my VW future! It's the only brand I've ever purchased...
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    One of the things I can tell you is that these cars (Like most higher performance cars) need Premium gas. true they only say suggested, but I have learned that the gas you put in the car is like the food you put in your body. Yes, fast food will work...for awhile. But it's better if you eat quality food. With the high cost of fuel, a lot of people like the idea of discount fuel at low prices. I have found that whenever I do buy that, my cars run funny. they run rougher, and at times die at a light. But whenever I use premium top tier fuel they run smoother and have less problems. Some like shell and Chevron etc... have fuel additives in them that keep your system clean. Keep in mind you are running your CC with a 2.0 turbocharged 4 cyl engine that is basically souped up to give you the power to handle the weight of a bigger car. In the past a car that weighs as much as the CC would have a 6 or even a small 8 cyl engine. That comes at a price. It runs at higher RPM's and at hotter temperatures than a larger engine. So either run it with the fuel it needs or you ultimately pay the price.
  • That's a great point about the heavy car! When I first got the car, I used an ethanol-based unleaded, but after the first major repair, I switched to Premium only. :)
  • I agree, I put only premium or ultra(sunoco) in my 2011 CC and it runs perfect. as I heard from a trusted mechanic, these engines and Audi included need that premium fuel to run as well as pushing and driving them the way they should otherwise the intakes get clogged.
  • I also owned 2009 vw Passat. I bought it Certified...I had slush problem, 1 fuel injector went bad, fuel pump and fuel module, pcv valve too. I also had the intake manifold replaced too. VW does not have a good warranty plan like
    Audi does 100k miles...the only sell you 75k mile car had 86k
    miles...I traded it in for a 2008 Toyota Rav 4...
  • The intake manifolds on these cars (and other VW models with similar engines) are terribly designed and lead to excessive build up of carbon. Every 25-30k miles, you will have to have it replaced. They are poorly designed and simply don't work to specs. VW has been inundated with these repairs, to the point where they put out a service bulletin on the issue. And the dealers should just clean out the carbon when the intake manifold is off, but they'll charge you extra for that (but, of course).

    Advice: sell the car within 15k miles after you have the intake manifold replaced, because it's only a matter of time before it will need to be replaced again. And use premium gas in the meantime. (And when you buy again, either get a VW diesel or buy another brand.)
  • discomandiscoman Posts: 110
    I agree. I usually drive it pretty sportily and occasionally like I stole it. I love it and have had no problems since the initial intake manifold replacement at around 45K. Now it has 69K and still running strong.
  • bmwgrrrlbmwgrrrl Posts: 18

    What is the MF and residual for a 2014 CC Executive (4 cyl) 36 months, 12k miles for April? May?

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