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Audi A4 Ignition Coil Problems



  • jiboo_2jiboo_2 Posts: 2
    Kirstie - No problem. Happy to comply with the membership terms. Thanks for the note and polite guidance.
  • willie94 I had same issues -but my right catalytic converter now failed in my audi A6 2003 But after i had 6 ignition coil replaced Thur recall due to 1 ignition coil went bad. Also cam position sensor went out well as my mass air flow exchange the change over barrel broken between Actuator mechanism and timing belt change. In all 3,155.07. Same here the letter from Audi said not to bring the car in unless the check engine light came on. This happen in August 2010, one coil failed, and also my car was shaking so badly too. That's when I got this fixed and now right Catalytic converters has fail. I'm also interested in a suit.
  • map711map711 Posts: 1
    I discovered online that Audi issued a recall on these coils and contacted the dealer where my 2002 TT was originally purchased.
    There was still an "open recall" on this vehicle and they changed them out, no charge.
  • I have a 2004 A4 that has a failed catalytic converter. Both sets of sensors have been replaced and my private mechanic told me that he thought that the catalytic converter should be covered. Sure enough I found on the site a document stating that all catalytic convertors are mandated to be covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles.Am I mssing something here? I am taking the print-off of this article to the dealer tomorrow to see if they agree.
  • This past Feb. I had my A4 coils replaced due to the recall notice. I have not had any trouble until last week. I started my car and my check engine light came on. I brought the car to a non dealer and was informed my coils needed to replaced. I contacted the dealer since they were just changed in Feb and I was told to bring the car in. Ends up there is a computer update that was issued April 2010. The update addresses cold starts and the coils. Hopefully, this will work. Since the recoil recall did not work for many, Audi must have decided to look further to fix the problem. Shouldn't the enhancement be part of an extended recall?
  • I was getting ready to purchase a A-4 Wagon. I'm calling Dealer tomorrow to Back out. I will keep my Suby for now. Thank you to all that wrote in about their problems with their Audi s. I do not need these problems and have to drive the 80 miles to dealer. Janice
  • They have also lost my repeat business. I have a 2002 A4 which was affected by the ignition coil recall (twice) and now requires both catalytic converters to be replaced (check engine light has been on since about 80,000 mile mark). BTW, the emissions warranty expires at 80,000 miles, so if your check engine light comes on, be sure to get it looked at by the dealer before that point. Too late for me though, Audi refuses to cover the replacement of the catalytic converters because I am well past 80K miles. These things should not fail. I believe it may be related to the ignition coils failing. The cat replacement is costing $2,200 at a neighborhood shop. The dealer would have charged at least $3,400.00.
  • jakl506jakl506 Posts: 1
    edited November 2010
    We have a 2004 audi a4 cab with 27,000 miles. obviously not a lot of mileage. we bought an audi thinking it is a dependable/reliable car. recently, it started shaking badly and engine light came on. turns out the ignition coil is the problem. we live 2-hrs away from the closest audi service. after speaking with audi customer care we were told to go ahead and have it fixed at a volkswagen dealer and send the receipt for reimbursement.
    5-days later, check engine light is on again and gear indicator is also on. called audi customer care again and was told it is something we now have to deal with the volkswagen dealer since "WE" had it done there. are you f****ing kidding me? this is an a4 cab with ONLY 27,000 miles and ALL these problems? we are not talking about a hyundai here and we are not talking about a car with 100,000 miles in it. and all audi can say is i have to deal with it?
    we have a bmw x3 with 118,000 miles on it (knock on the wood) it hasn't given us this big of a problem. AND this i told audi customer care. i got the same response... can't do anything about it ... i have to deal with it with the dealer that fixed it.
  • janice96, I would suggest getting a good japanese brand again like subaru, honda, or toyota. They are a lot cheaper to maintain and repair as well. This is my last VW/Audi product.
  • How did it go with the dealer ? I have the same issue with my 2003 Audi A4 3.0 . I know there was a recall for the coils but I feel there is an issue with the Converters. I have an appt tomorrow morning with Audi to replace the coils but I really hope there isn't any issue with the converters . Can you assist me with getting a copy of that document ?
  • tam_etam_e Posts: 2
    Today my dealer says the check engine light is because of a bad catalytic converter because of a check engine light. 2002 A4 3.0 has already had one catalytic converter replaced at 56k miles and now they want ANOTHER one at 106K? Does anyone know if the 8/80K federal law on converters applies to replaced parts? 2 ignition coils replaced, the last just this past May (part of the recall), multiple sensors, complete engine rebuild of the left cams after a service appt, timing belt, water pump, etc. etc. the list is too long! This car is a money pit! I have never owned or know anyone who has owned a car where the catalytic converter goes bad, let alone TWICE on one vehicle!
  • Not surprised at all. You have had the same repairs that I have had, but I can also throw in the windshield wiper motor blowing out TWICE. Audi sucks. I will never buy another one and will do all I can to discourage anyone else from buying one. To answer your question, though, I do not know for sure, but the law should apply to replaced parts, too. Your new part only has 50k miles on it. My check engine light has been on for 5 years, and after every repair it comes right back on. Audi will not even admit that there is a relationship between the bad ignition coils and the cat con. Expect your other ignition coils to go out, too.
  • tam_etam_e Posts: 2
    I don't expect that as they already have been replaced TWICE under 2 different recalls. However, now that I have no expectations where Audi is concerned, only bitter disappointment, I certainly wouldn't be surprised if they needed a third replacement. I'm trying to gather information so that I have data to combat this with the dealership if it comes to that as they still have not given me an estimate and haven't been able to tell me exactly what all is wrong except the code for a bad converter. I, too, will never buy another one even with their generous offer of $1500 for loyalty buyers that my dealership had - doesn't even begin to cover maintenance costs and exasperation.
  • Hi all,

    I wondering if anyone tried replacing or disconnecting the catalytic sensor? I'd assume the only potential issue is with passing a smog test?

    Thanks much
  • I have some very useful information on this subject ( ignition coils and cat convertors). These two problems seem to go hand in hand, and maybe you service departments are not explaining the reasons why. First I will assume that the check engine light is not only on, but also blinking.

    When an ignition coil fails, and causes a misfire in a cylinder, the fuel is still being injected into that cylinder. That unburned fuel will enter into the exhaust system and will pass through to the catalytic convertor, which is typically MUCH hotter than the rest of the exhaust, by design. This introduction of raw fuel into the catalytic converter causes the destruction of the cat. So if you have had a misfire in the past, it is safe to say that you will be replacing a catalytic convertor in the future.

    Back to the blinking check engine light... This "blinking" light is warning you that the catalytic convertor is in danger of "meltdown" ( usually a sure indicator of a cylinder misfire). This situation is not just for Audi's, however. If any of your cars or trucks... American, German, Asian etc. display a "flashing" check engine light, the same problem(s) probably exist. You will probably experience the same after affects as well.

    The best thing to do in this scenario, is to get the vehicle off the road and into a service shop ASAP, preferably without the engine running ( to save your catalytic convertor).
  • Hey All,

    I had very similar problems with my Audi (2001 A4) in June and since I am the second owner, I did not get the recall on the coils... I had to get my car towed to my regular body shop and before I knew what the repair was for, they coils were replaced. I called Audi because my mechanic said that my coils were under recall a few years back. I had my repairs done (at my mechanic -not Audi) and then just faxed in a reciept to Audi Customer Care and (although it too several months), I did get a check for the parts and labor... Great Customer Service on Audis part.
  • So I have owned my Audi for 2 years now and I love it... It has cost me here and there but living in Hawaii, with a car thats 10+ years old, Its going to cost $$...

    Two questions:

    My heads up display is not working.. Its not completely out because I see traces of information byt so blurred and distorted that I cannot make out that its saying... My car randomly beeps and Im sure with a proper heads up display I would know what its saying... I have been made aware (during an oil change) that my wiper fluid holder is cracked.... So I assume its telling me I need fluid??? I have googled a new display and it requires minor electrical abilities (I have NONE).

    So, my first question is: Has anyone had this issue with their heads up display? Is there and easy fix?

    Second question: Just yesterday, my car was having a bit of a trying time starting... slight hesitation... I feared the worst! (Had a new alternator put in it in April 2011) Once started, car ran great, no notifications of any problem (but with a non-working head up display ^ who really knows) Got to my destination... and my car sat for a few hours... went out to head on an erron and it started fine (slight hesitation noted) and drove two blocks to the mail box on my way out.. went to start it again and I got the "I have a bad cold" failure. It clicked and attempted to start but nothing...

    So: Could this be my battery? OR WORSE???? I had it jumped and it started right up and was great.... got it back to the house, let it run for a bit and then it sat for several hours again.... went out before bed to give it a pep talk and nothing..... it tried but just would not perform.... HELP!!!
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