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CR-V Water/Dampness problem

Hi Folks,
I own a 2002 CR-V.
With winter happening down south here, I've noticed a LOT of water inside of my vehicle and the windows are frequently steamed up on the insides, after sitting at work all day, this will also occur on a day without rain.

I'm not talking a small amount of water in one place in the vehicle, all of the carpets are sodden and there is a 5mm deep puddle in the passengers seat floor most days.
As in all the carpets, I mean all in the front seat and rear seat area, the actual back compartment, is un-affected.

Could anyone please tell me where on earth all this water is getting in?
I've checked all of the side door seals and they seem OK.
There seems to be too much water through the vehicle for this to be one thing leaking.

Can anyone offer their help to as what this might be?

Mike T.


  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    With luck you'll get an answer from a real mechanic, but my hunch is that the leak is coming out of the passenger heater vent. Your heater core is probably leaking.
  • phisherphisher Posts: 175
    I believe that if the heater core is leaking you should smell a sweeter smell from the antifreeze and there will be a film over the windshield. I'm not sure about the CRV but I had a Taurus that had this problem and I just disconnected the heater core and the car ran fine just no heat which was fine in the summer but a minnesota winter with the windows down so not to frost up the windshield wasn't so fun. I hope it's something other than the heater core as it's located behind the fire wall and fixing it would require removing the dash. At least that was what the case was in the taurus. Good luck you may want to try a shop vac and suck up all the water that you can and see it the amount of water in the car increases after that. Good Luck.
  • Hey Thanks guys for your replies.

    I was sort of hoping that you weren't going to say it was the heater core, but that would make a lot of sense, given the symptoms.
    I've been driving this vehicle for just on a year now and only recently noticed this problem.
    The actual vehicle itself is a dream to drive, so I'm going to take it to the local Honda service agent (he only fixes Honda's) tomorrow and see what he says.

    Once again, thanks.

    Mike T.
  • pk093pk093 Posts: 1
    Help out there,
    Pools of rainwater inside, traced that it was coming from the front both sides underneath the dashboard foot wells. The water channel catcher is clear of all debris, and shows the waste water flowing through the drainage holes( by hose pipe method). This method worked with more water entering the car, as when raining, flooding the whole interior time and time again.

    2. Cat convertor and whole system renewed. Orange management stays on after being recoded. Checks with diaognostic says below threshold and when the light is cleared, it then returns to the on position after less than 10 miles of travel.
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