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Mazda Tribute Start Stall Idle Problems



  • I have a 2004 Mazda tribute. When I stop at a light I have to put my transmission in neutral and rev the engine or else it stalls. It is fine when I'm driving and only has this problem when it is idling.
  • Please please someone tell me they can help me!!
    I have a 2003 Tribute V6 and here is what is happening:
    Around 1500 rpm(driving up a gradual incline makes this happen more) my engine wont accelerate anymore unless I floor it. It feels like it gets "Stuck". if I do not floor it my car will shake and stutter and eventually it feels like it shifts and the rpm's increase. The other thing that happens more frequently now then it used to when my engine "shakes" is once the shaking has subsided all of my gauges will zero out, go all the way to the right (eg. 120mps, 8000rpm, no gas ect ect) zero back out again and then return to the accurate readings. My check engine light IS NOT ON but it lights up when i turn my car on so I know that it works. Please help me someone, I need to get this fixed but it hasn't been able to be diagnosed correctly yet and I am very frustrated
  • I have this same exact problem with my 03 v6 .....but something new that happened ..i got gas the other night started to go home and when I would press the gas I wouldnt go anywhere it would sputter so I pulled over and it stalled so I truned it off waited then it started up again and I drove it the rest of the way home I am hoping it was bad gas, but I still have the idle problem and hard acceleration!
  • Turned out mine was a bad catalytic converter
  • fi_ozfi_oz Posts: 1
    originally it was just misfiring when driving and had a rough idle but never stalled gradually worsened over the last 12 months and this last week it stalling out after being started up after a few minutes today as soon as i select reverse its stalling out, starts fine after but i cant get out of my driveway!
  • this happened to me too. Turns out after having it at the dealership for three days they were able to duplicate the sputter and stall out and they discoverd that it was a bad fuel pump. had it replaced and all is good. now the alternator is acting up.
  • me too. dealer said it was a bad fuel pump. replaced and it is fine now.
  • albyj1albyj1 Posts: 1
    Hi Natashage,

    Did you ever resolve your problem? I'm having that same issue right now but it resolves itself after 5 minutes of driving. No mechanic I bring it can duplicate the problem so every few weeks this happens and I've just had to live with it.
  • Hi Master Mechanic 7 years. You guys both have 2003 to 2006 Mazda tributes with in comparison are virtually the same as the same era of Ford Escapes. Your problems are your Idle Air Control Valve's. I recommend you go to your mechanic and ask for a quote on a IAC replacement or go on youtube and type in 2004 Ford Escape idle air control valve cleaning. Do not look up 2004 Mazda tributes as there are no videos. the 2004 Ford Escape is the same SUV with different outer panels. I hope this solves your problems. BTW the IAC is located above the throttle body. If you have no mechanical expirience i recommend not touching it and going to a mechanic to REQUEST it. If they cant find the problem its school 101 they dont have a clue of what there doing they dont deserve their pay. If you are to replace it yourself you just need to remove two bolts remove the IAC spray some throttle body and carbourator cleaner clean the gunk and remove the old gasket replace it put back on the IAC and put a Little Anti-seize on the two bolts and torque em down to 10 FT. LB of torque. Before ANY of that disconnect the negative terminal of the batery and disconnect the sensor connections from the throttle body and IAC. Thanks and i hope this helps you. Here is a Link I added in to possibly help you. ;) link title
  • gsonng4gsonng4 Posts: 1
    Did you ever find out what the ticking sound was? I remember when I bought my 2001 Mazda Tribute, V6, it made a sound like a bad pully sound. I thought for sure that I had a bad idler pully bit it turned out to be a bad catalytic converter. I don't know which converter because the dealer replaced it after giving me a hard time. At first they told me it was the muffler baffle. The suv has serious issues when it's cold or damp. Rough idle during cold starts and the other day it was very smokey and I thought the engine was about to die. Scared the daylight out of me but after several minutes it smoothed out and ran better. Anyways, I've replace one coil so far and want to replace the spark plugs and whatever else needs replacing but I don't want to put good money into a bottomless pit of a car. Please let me know what you found out about the engine noise.


  • I have had the idle air control valve replaced. Wednesday morning was driving to work, truck would barely move, will not accelerate passed 45, I heard a weird sound along with a small jerk in the engine, and then heard air blowing. turns out the EGR valve had a hole in it, something caused it to get too much pressure built up. I replaced the EGR valve myself. I figured that would by time until I could get money to get diagnostic test done, nope...same things happened today.

    I read on this forum that it could be the fuel pump, intake manifold gaskets, or the catalytic converter. what things can i look for to help determine which it is. i know it has to do with fuel system in some way.
  • pomo707pomo707 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Mazda tribute, I had the catalytic converter replaced 5 months ago. Now car stalls out & when driving it jerks like the tranny is pulling. Also, it has started up but won't accelarate. Any idea what it would be anybody?
  • teteiateteia Posts: 1

    HI ,
    I have a 2004 Mazda tribute just had the transmission replaced and the rear main seal replaced and a block heater installed. Since i got it back from the shop it would not stay running in idle. It will drive fine but the die when in idle. Took it back they replaced the mass air flow censer , checked the air intake vavle , replaced a few vacuum hoses and i am still having the problem just not as bad. now it will stay running until after it has been driven for a lil while then once put in park it will die. it starts right back up and drives fine but still wont stay running in idle after being driven.... Any sugestions the shop is stumped and i NEED my vehichle fixed... Thank you

  • vango357vango357 Peabody, MAPosts: 5

    Same problem here on the stalling after starting. 2003 tribute 3.0. I took my MAF sensor off cleaned it with MAF cleaner. Starting perfect for the last 4 days. Worth a try, cheap and easy.

  • I have an 02 mazda tribute, its coded on the catalytic converter. It has started to stall at red hasnt actually died yet but seems like it. Is there a way to cut it out yourself. I was told no because it was on the manifold?
  • Hi guys,

    I hope you all can help me, this is driving me crazy.

    I own a 2001 Tribute DX 4 cyl, Automatic

    I turn the key hear the fuel pump run the vehicle starts and idles rough for 2-4 seconds and stalls
    Have changed:Cam, Crank, TP Sensors and fuel pump
    when i disconnect the IAC the vehicle will not start at all so i know the IAC is doing something
    can someone provide me the fuel system diagram please help!
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