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Lexus LS Electrical Problems



  • abs8abs8 Posts: 1
    edited April 2013
    I have a 91 Lexus LS400, the lights on the dash board goes on and off as I drive drive it. Also the gauges (Speedometer & RPM) wont move until I've been driving for a while. My main concern is that I can't drive it at night because as funny as it sounds, if I turn the headlights on, the car wont change gears. If I'm already driving at a certain speed and turn on my lights either 1. it will stay in the gear the light came on in or 2. it will go in neutral until I come to a complete stop then stay in first gear. This is so weird, has anyone else had or heard of this kind of problem. If so, how do I fix it? I've taken it to get checked and have changed the battery and the alternator was deemed fine. Is this the kind of car where if my tire pressure is low, the seat belts wont work...?
  • gfcrgfcr Posts: 1
    Has anyone experienced an electrical malfunction in a 2001 GS 430 sedan that resulted in windows and the sun roof opening to a full opened position but were left in the closed position when parked in a locked garage overnight.
  • rennyboschrennybosch Posts: 329
    A similar thing happened to my '01 LS430 about ten years ago. After much analysis I concluded that I must have accidentally pushed on the remote control button on the key.

    It never happened again.
  • My car is a final year LS400 and also has some intermittent electrical gremlins. Some come and stay and some come and go (and return). I am listing, in case anyone has any thought on these issues.
    1. The Headlight Leveling warning comes on (but not all the time).
    2. The passenger side seat belt will not come out (but not all the time, or even most of the time).
    3. The Tail Light Malfunction light will come on (but usually will go out if I rearrange the trunk)
    4. The Low Windshield Washer Fluid light generally stays on now.
    5. The driver side rear window will go up and then right back down, unless finessed up.

    Any thoughts on these would be appreciated.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,505
    edited December 2014
    hard to say without a thorough diagnosis, but a good shot in the dark would be to check, and clean, every possible ground cable and ground wire you can find.

    Also I would run a quick check on alternator output and battery condition if it shows any inclination toward weakness. If the battery is over 5 years old, you might consider replacing it.

    but again, these are all guesses.

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