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Hyundai Sonata Navigation System



  • logic3logic3 Posts: 3
    I view my "premium" audio navigation system as a key piece of my vehicle although my dealership takes an "oh well" attitutude. First rant: My < 6 month old 2009 Sonata has 11/15/07 map data on it ! I can't get my dealer / service to consider uploading new info either because they are scared or neophytes.

    The RANDOM key frost my butt. I use a memory stick with 100's of songs (16Meg). But, by golly, when I turn the car off for the night and get up the next morning, that random "RANDOM" key just plays the same songs that I heard yesterday even starting from exactly the same song that it start with yesterday. This is repeatable and I view it as a bug. Didn't their coders hear of a random seed value? timestamp, or for heaven sake, us a track/sector number off the file index. Yes, this happens even mid stream, so if I go into my file list and force select a song of my choosing, then hit random... guess what?... back to the same darn song again (yup, groundhog day over and over).

    To me, this should be a recall item. If this was an aftermarket or standalone device, I'd return it and get my money back. Anybody think this should be escalated or have legal recourse ?
  • dave868dave868 Posts: 64
    I agree that both your dealership and Hyundai should take your concerns seriously. Thats just good customer service. But even in today's litigious world, I don't think that you can sue a company for playing the same song over again.
  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    Did they tell you there would be a random seed? How much is the value of the care reduced?. What happens if you advance the song 30 places then hit random. I would be more upset regarding placing a maintance item in the fuel tank.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Check your software version to see if you have v_A3_3 or v_015... V_A3_3 is the most recent version that you can get via a TSB from your dealer. The v_015 is the version you get if you purchased the update for the map. I'm assuming that you don't have that as you state your map is from November 2007, which was the initial release of the map.

    If you don't have v_A3_3 though, I would go to your dealer and get that update. There were some significant improvements, which I believe included the Random issue that you are referring to.

    - Merg
  • logic3logic3 Posts: 3
    There is a good discussion about randomness at:

    If I advance a song "list" or even an album "list" 30 places or 35 or even 42, it always seems to go back to a song starting with A (within 1 hop) and then sequence through it's own designated sequence which maybe some time I'll take them time to map out.

    And no, they didn't tell me about a random seed, this is a pretty well know topic on psuedo-random number generators, monte-carlo theory and roulette. Apple seems to have gotten in right in their implementation as have other systems including windows media player, etc.

    I'm not sure of the maintenance item / fuel tank comment. Seems random to me! :)
  • awriterawriter Posts: 4
    I'm shocked to see no references in this thread to what is a growing national scandal for the Sonata's Navigation system. I have a 2009 Sonata Limited with 2500 miles on it.

    A few weeks ago my nav screen began to act strangely. The screen would stay on the blue 'Hyundai' for a long time before going over to Navigation or Sound system, or would stay on for as long as I drove the car.

    A week ago, the blue screen didn't show up at all. Instead, there was only a gray screen that flickered. Within another few days, that was replaced by wild flashes of blue screen, gray screen and video-gone-wild -- like a TV that's gone nuts. And there's no way to shut it off without shutting off the car. It's now completely undriveable at night -- and not much better during the day. I'm worried it might set off an epileptic fit. Seriously.

    Here are the steps I took to address the problem:

    1: I googled the flickering screen. Nothing.
    2: I called Hyundai Net and spoke to a technician, Charlie. Didn't get two words into describing it when he stopped me. Turns out Hyundai has known about this problem for some time. The original units had bad chip sets. Charlie said the chip sets were fixed, the bad units recalled from the distribution centers, and new units sent out.
    3: Naively, I called my dealer to arrange to bring the car in to have the bad unit pulled and a new one put in, only to discover that there are NO units. Anywhere in the country. They are on back order for months, if not the foreseeable future.

    This is simply unacceptable. I paid a premium price for the car, and an extra $1200 for the navigation unit. That it should not only break after 2500 miles -- bad enough -- but that it should render the car extremely difficult to drive and never mind the fact that I also can't use either the nav system itself or even the radio is outrageous in the extreme.

    Here are the steps I'm going to take to be made whole:

    1: I will take videos of the problem and upload them to YouTube.
    2: I will start a blog about the problem, urging customers to buy any other car but a Hyundai. There will be links to the videos as well.
    3: I will contact and have them report the story and link to the blog and videos. That will get the story and links on Digg, Facebook, and the rest of the net.
    4: I will start a Twitter feed, marking every single day the problem remains unfixed.
    5: I will take Hyundai to small claims court and sue them for the $1200, bringing the videos with me to be played on my cell phone. I have no doubt I will win.

    I urge everyone who owns a 2009 Hyundai model with a Nav unit and who is reading this to bookmark this post. When your unit breaks down -- and if it is an original unit it WILL break down -- you may want to follow in my footsteps. I'll report any progress made back on this thread. Hyundai needs to know that it cannot cause major problems for its customers and refuse to do anything about it.

  • newowner10newowner10 Posts: 227
    What do you expect Hyundai to do? If the units are defective they are replacing them as quick as possible. Do you expect they have 20,000 extra units sitting on a shelf in case the units were defective? If they did that the ones on the shelf would be defective also. Should they do this with every part on the car?
    First of all, get a grip man. Sounds to me like Hyundai is getting the problem resolved by letting you know what has to be done to correct the issues your having. Seems to me your mad because the part is on back order and you can't get your car fixed right away. Dude, stuff happens so let go of your pride and ego let Hyundai fix your car when the part becomes available. I doubt you will win a lawsuit given that Hyundai has a fix for the problem, but the part is on back order. Would you still be this anal if it were Toyota or Honda.
  • logic3logic3 Posts: 3
    Well, you had my interest at the title, but when you say "It's now completely undriveable at night -- and not much better during the day. I'm worried it might set off an epileptic fit. Seriously", you lost me.

    I did have my problems with the NAV system and it took me about 20 hours of phone calls getting to the right people to get some satisfaction and a fix. Am I happy, yes. Am I delighted with Hyundai's NAV system or stereo functions in general, NO. It's not intuitive, the voice commands are poorly implemented, you don't have modality in the steering controls for XM/Serius walk through channel by channel. But that's just a sloppy system and I chalk it up to not spending the extra hour or 2 required at the dealer to really play with this and make a better determination.

    As for your epileptic fit, I suggest a piece of cardboard strategically placed on your screen until you can get it fixed to avoid any distraction / discomfort.

    As an aside, my BMW X3's enhanced stereo system (without nav) wasn't that good either. I think car manufacturers need to take a lesson from the audio industry - consumer products where the features, buttons and integration are intuitive.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, I just talked to an engineer with Hyundai Mobis, the company that develops the software for the Hyundai Navigation system. I was told that the system in the 2009 Sonata and the system in the 2010 Sonata (includes XM Traffic and Bluetooth) is not being made anymore. Instead, they are working on a brand new system for the 2011 Sonata. I also found out that none of these systems are interoperable. Even though the Nav system in 2010 looks identical to the 2009, you can't swap them out.

    What does all this mean, it appears that software updates will be very few and far between for the 2009 and 2010 Nav models. Unless something really isn't working, it's not going to be worth it to Hyundai to request a bug fix. Although, you would hope that they wouldn't want t alienate all their current users for when the time comes for them to purchase another vehicle.

    - Merg
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    huh, i had always known the unit in the 2009 was technically capable to do xm-traffic, but it was either not enabled or just not developed for whatever reason. I didn't know about the bluetooth.

    Also, very odd that the 2010 is a different unit than what is in the 2009. I've been meaning to stop by a dealership just to take a look to see what pops up in the version info screen in a 2010 to see how it compares. A friend just bought a used 2009 sonata with navi. The microphone functionality was broken and they figured out it was the actual navi unit that was the problem. However they told him it was backordered and it would be at least a month for the replacement to come in. Luckily i haven't had any issues with mine.

    Map&Soft just simply sends their updated map database to Hyundai Autonet and Autonet builds an update dvd with the latest firmware + the map update and sends it back to Map&Soft to sell. I guess we'll see if they have anything worth the $200 price when they eventually release the next update. If they hold to their promise of annual updates, it should be coming in 3 or so months.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    I was told that the 2010 version looks identical to the 2009, but that the connectors are different so you cannot swap them out.

    - Merg
  • I just purchased 09 v6 sonata limited with nav. It has the latest version of the map and software. Do you guys here a noise when you have the volume all the way down to zero? I had my car in my garage and turned the key so only the nav will come on, and I hear a white noise in the back ground (not so loud). When I turn the nav off, the noise goes away. Is this expected?

    BTW, my nav system locked up on me a couple of times already and it rebooted itself several times...
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, I went in for a warranty repair today and they had on my ticket that I was due for a software upgrade on my Navigation System. When I inquired about that, I was told that there have been some software issues and they had a new version to install. I got a little excited at first that maybe some of the bugs I'd pointed out were getting taken care of.

    However, when I got my car back, I was still at v_015, which is what I was upgraded to last February when I updated my map. I guess that they had finally issued the new software version to the dealers to install.

    - Merg
  • You should get your radio/NAV system replaced if it locks up and reboots several times. I had mine replaced when the ICONs were lost and haven't had a problem in the last year.
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    I just called up Map&Soft and they said the new navi software was released this week and is now available for sale. The website has not been updated at all and they didn't have an answer on when it would be. However, they said that the only thing they are selling now is the updated version that just came out, so even if it looks like you are ordering the old, you would be getting the new. (I wouldn't trust the website and would just order over the phone if you plan to buy the upgrade).

    I asked about updated features or fixes and they gave me the same answer they had last year (updated POI and Map data, no other fixes that they know of). We know this was wrong last year when they fixed the qwerty keyboard bug among a few other minor things. I might call up Mobis (Hyundai AutoNet) to see if they know of any changes in the updated version.

    She also said the price is $200 with no promo discount and no discount to prior customers. The same price we pay is the same price the dealers pay.


    themerge, possibly they just did a check and found you were already updated? There is a TSB on the 09 Sonata from back in May '09 about updating the navi software, but it says it is non-warranty work and the TSB actually says the latest was v_014 (at the time).
  • wsc2wsc2 Posts: 4
    Just wondering what anybody's exerience with the new map update has been.
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Haven't ordered it yet. I am waiting on a reply from MapnSoft still as to if there are any software updates on it. They told me they would find out, but I haven't heard back yet. $200 for just a map update is a little pricey for me.

    - Merg
  • nstuffnstuff Posts: 25
    I called up Mobis (used to be hyundai autonet) and talked to a guy who said there were no new features in the software (ie, no xm traffic for the 2009 sonata), but there were bug fixes. Though he could not tell me any specifics. I kept prying for something, but he wouldn't give me any details.

    I agree, $200 is a bit much for just map updates. I know for a fact that they have navi units at MapnSoft to test the update dvds. How hard would it be to look for changes, or at least get a list of bug fixes from Mobis? Especially when they intend to sell us something so expensive and without any details of what we will get for our money other than "new POI and addresses".

    I hope you have better luck.
  • Anybody want to go in with me and purchase an update disk for the maps? $200 is an outrageous price for an update (there, I said it). We could divide the cost among however many want in and pass the disc along to the next person after we download it. I can't see that this would be in any way illegal or immoral. Anyone interested?

    Is there anything about the software that would prevent downloading it more than once?
  • themergthemerg Posts: 139
    Well, in order to install it you need to provide a code from your unit to MapnSoft, so only one person can install it. As for being illegal, installing it on more than one unit would be as you are authorized to use it on one particular unit.

    - Merg
  • I can't see that this would be in any way illegal or immoral.

    You have to be kidding of course it immoral and illegal.
    I do not understand why people feel they need an update unless where you drive has a bunch of development 99.99% of the old information is correct.
    Yes I agree the price is ridiculous. Since it is installed in the car you are stuck.
    I just use a portable GPS that costs $150 and move it car to car.
  • I can see Mapsoft taking steps such as a code usable for only one vehicle. That would be wise business.

    If the software could be successfully used by four different vehicles I cannot see where it would illegal, and certainly not immoral, for four people to pitch in $50 each to buy and use the product. Not make four copies of the software. Just buy one copy and pass it around to the four partial purchasers.

    Mapsoft would not like that but I certainly do not see a court case for its legality.
    I would feel about as guilty about it as they do for charging extortion prices for a product worth about $50 at best.

    That is just like saying that four neighbors cannot pitch in and buy a lawnmower and all four take turns using the mower. We would laugh at Sears if they told us we couldn't do that.
  • jcaroljcarol Posts: 1
    I just purchased a new 2010 Sonata and the nav system is not working properly. The service department told me nothing they could do until a new update came out. My system cannot take you anywhere. Does anyone know the most recent version my lists 1.09.13. Can anyone help the service department kind of said to bad!!
  • hjc1hjc1 Posts: 183
    You have got to be kidding.....
    Talk to the general manager of the dealership and demand that they replace the unit
    If they refuse call Hyundai's general office and complain to them
  • surefootsurefoot Posts: 3
  • surefootsurefoot Posts: 3
    I just used my 2011 Sonata navigation system for the first time to drive from Scottsdale to Las Vegas. Instead of the usual 300 miles, it took me 400 miles with my new $2,100 navigation system. No matter how I tried to adjust it, I could not select the shortest route. When I went to the dealer, I was told that next time, I should go on-line and use either google or map quest. Is this true? Is this the way the navigation system works? Are all of the units like this or is mine defective?
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    I had a similar problem. I think I solved it by changing the default speeds set for interstates, major roads & residential streets, (there are 3 categories of roads and not sure if I got the names right). Interstates were set at 65, but major roads were set at 45, so it would always route me on the interstate since it took less time based on their speeds even though I knew that the state roads were shorter and quicker. I believe the settings appear on the navigation settings menu.
  • surefootsurefoot Posts: 3
    On the 2011 model, there is no way to set the speeds. All that I can avoid are ferries, tollways and freeways. I can chooes between their recommended way or the shortest way, but neither option changed my route.
  • cmunizcmuniz Posts: 604
    Not so!! Please try this: Press the "Set Up" button on the dash below the nav screen. Press the "Navigation" button on the nav screen, Then, press the "travel Time" button on the nav screen. You will see 3 speedometers with the default speeds for each category of street. You can change those to whatever your want and they will be used to compute the travel times accordingly and thus the routings. Hope this helps,
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