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1998 Malibu stalling & hesitation

98maluba98maluba Posts: 2
edited July 2014 in Chevrolet
My '98 Malibu LS has 109K miles on it. A few weeks ago, the engine was tapping the car was hesitating (while in gear), and that same day, it stalled going down a hill. The oil was 1/2 quart low, so adding oil made the tapping stop. Since then, it has been stalling more frequently. When it begins to hesitate, I have to give it gas to keep it from stalling. It's pretty much a guarantee that I won't make it up a hill without stalling, but it'll also stall on level. I've replaced the fuel & air filters. Any suggestions on what it could be? There are no warning lights on.


  • can anybody tell me where i can find the stick so i can check my transmission fluid? Ive looked all over the motor,dont see it anywhere!
  • Look on the left of the engine (near where the air filter connects) about halfway down.
  • hiwatthiwatt Posts: 3
    1999 Malibu has no transmission dip stick does the 1998 or other models I think the owners manual says if it nis not leaking why check it? Uh check your spark plugs and wires look into the plug wire boots for corrosion replace with good set
  • the transmission is located on the drivers side of the engine down low, i have an 98 and the dipstick is white, that is if it is clean! usually the tranny is pretty good i heard. I had a hesitation problem, it also jerked at lights when i stopped in D, i did a check over and turned out it was just a spark plug on the rear side of the block, the hardest one to get at go figure. If the tranny is not full then you have to get under the car and pull a small bolt from the side of the tranny, making sure the car is level you add fluid in with a funnel and hose till it spills out, then it is full, it can be messy.
    hope this helps
  • front wheel drive makes noise,suspension is soft
  • I am having almost the same problems with my Malibu. When I come to a stop almost everytime within 3 seconds, it stalls. Sometimes if I am quick enough and put it into neutral I'm ok, but not all the time, it will stall in neutral as well. I have changed the Throtle Posisition Sensor, air filter, fuel filter even took out the auto start. Please let me know if you find a fix...Thanks
  • don30alddon30ald Posts: 2
    its a sealed system i have the same car.if your lookin under the hood on the drivers side look down towards the ground where air fiter is u will see a red plug. thats it.
  • don30alddon30ald Posts: 2
    Try the spark plugs i am having the same problem #2 cylinder is misfireing on mine so i will change plugs
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