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My van shuts off in the rain

len8827len8827 Posts: 2
My 2000 CMC Safari will just turn off while i am driving in the rain. It is also hard to start some time in the rain. Can anyone help.


  • Sorry, mine did the same thing. It only got worse. Good fuel pressure. New ground wires... Good coil. New distributor. now it won't even run. Looking forward to the answer you get.
  • 97 Astro doing the same thing. I'm pretty sure it's the ignition wires. Just ordered new ones, I'll update you after I install them.
  • ddreierddreier Posts: 4
    2000 safari same problem.
    Replaced the turn signal switch no flames now !
    All problems when goodbye.
    Runs like a champ now.
  • tonymajtonymaj Posts: 1
    My van shut off in the rain also. It was the ignition coil shorting out to ground. I found the problem by misting the whole area with a spray bottle while the engine was running and the dog house removed. The tower had a hairline crack.
  • bryonobryono Posts: 1
    my van wouldn't start in the rain changed cap,rotor,wires still wouldn't start then changed the ignition coil and have not had a problem for about 15000 miles
  • I know this thread is old but FYI, I had a 2000 Astro and it took my mechanic a week to find the problem(van shut off in the rain, stumbled in damp weather) He had bench tested the coil it was fine but a simple misting with a spray bottle told the tale. The coil had a hairline crack and would arc to ground in damp weather when it was dry no issues
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