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2010 Mazda3



  • Trust me I am NOT an Idealist and if it were anything but what I said I wouldnt have said it and I would just as happily have blasted the new 2.5 if it were garbage but its not ! These cars are only similar in one way they have similar body styles ---thats it --all these people that say their 2.3 will never be sold and its the best looking body --OK thats fine but as I said if they had just a few days with the 2.5 they would quietly clam up and trade the old 2.3 in and I mean fast --- I did it because in 2008 the best loan was 5.9% and I got the 2.5 in 2010 for 60 months at 0% apr/ so I took a chance and traded it in now I feel like I drive a car far better than a lexus or BMW because my first three services so far - not one has exceeded $45 total parts labor everything! + I have --ZERO INTEREST ! They still run great aprs on the 3 today .
  • The 2.5 has much better bottom end pull and very even power delivery throughout the powerband unlike the 2.3 that dogged if you didnt hit the power-band right or have it pegged from go. If you have to pounce on it suddenly at 20- 30mph -you need full throttle to recover and still-it never will 100% .
    I have yet to feel as though the 2.5 Is underpowered like the 2.3, in fact they got it spot on perfect for it's weight . The counterbalanced 2.5 is a dream and the facts support my opinion that its much quieter not only from the tires but mainly from the engine. We all know that its difficult to make a large displacement 4-cyl run smoothly but Mazda did it here and at times Im unaware its even running when stopped - 2.5 liters is as big a 4-cyl as you will see in a production car for this reason -but again Mazdas techs have blueprinted and balanced this 2.5 to perfection and if broken in properly its silk .Interior noise is also lower according to the specs. Mazda miracously retooled the suspension making it smoother, lower and less jarring when you encounter potholes & road imperfections, while retaining its world class sports car handling . I used to squint my eyes and pray in the old 2008 when hitting bad roads . Not anymore, in fact I was concerned that they had over-refined the new car , but alas they didnt as its handling specs in the slalom are identical . But between 30 -100 its a totally different animal that responds like a half-back headed for a touchdown weaving through traffic effortlessly while instilling utter confidence in the driver through ergonomics, low noise, excellent steering response, A1 suspension tuning and plenty of power on tap... , its faster , quiteter , has better mileage and handles like a dream. I wouldnt change a thing and I sure wouldnt go back to my 2.3 for any amount of money or coershing .

    The BIGGEST change to the 2010 Mazda3 is not just the body but what that body does ! Mazda didnt put one single crease , curve or angle into the new body that didnt have a direct effect on performance thru lower drag and areodynamics & what that does for handling.
    They reduced drag and therby wind-noise & better mileage , then re-tuning the suspension and putting far better tires on that were specifically designed for this car ONLY = all came together to make this one solid refined awe inspiring car for the money . I test drove it thoroughly and then back into the 2008 for comparison and it was like trading in a car that had yet to be completley finished and the 2010- Is that finished product !

    Also the 2.5 runs on 5w-20 synthetic from the factory instead of dino oil !
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    " I feel like I drive a car far better than a lexus or BMW because my first three services so far - not one has exceeded $45 total parts labor everything!"

    Compared to my BMWs you got hosed; eight years of BMWs, not one dime to the dealership for a service visit (free rental cars and/or rides to mass transit too).
  • Well if you are going to compare your 1999 328i BMW against the Mazda 3 which didnt exist in `99 buy the way should go buy yourself a new 328i and I will spend about $20K less and get a Mazdaspeed=3 or an RX-8 give me a week to break it in then go find your thirteen year old and I will be pprepared to take your pink slip and sell the BMW so I can make a down payment on a new condo . You will be eating my dust [ Thats a 100% guarantee. - Not being rude just comparing a car that is still far far less and in pure sports tests its a no brainer , and the service of the BMW is gastly == I used to rebuild 2002's when in college and an occasional Bavaria or 3.0csi back when BMWS were BMWS ! Now there just over yupified status symbols of the p[eople that want to make a statment but have littel or nil driving skills as evidenced by the insurance underwriters statistics in the US . BMWs arent anythng but a luxury car when they were once real sports cars . The Tii was a bad mamba-jamba Will never forget when they fuel injected that long stroke t2.0 and how it just launched like a rocket --ventilation was poor but the ride had many passengars saying they would never drive with me again walking away shaking . That sucker with Biltstiens was unbeatable in the twistys == so I liked BMWs not anymore -- I would rather have the most popular sports car in the world ! a Mazda MX-5 aka Miata thats a real ride. Not many people know either that MAZDA won the 24 hours of Le Mans in 1991 with the 4 rotor wankel engine denoted the 787B ! Mazda is a contender !
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    "Not being rude..."

    Seriously? From what I've seen of the rhetoric in your posts you've been nothing but rude; not a good way to gain many friends in this forum.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 183
    ?? my '10 3SGT's (built mid-2009) wiper stalk has 5 positions -- Nudge-up one wipe, Off, Auto, On continuously slow, and On continuously fast. I've had the car now for 21 months and driven it 33,500 miles. One other odd thing about the rain-sensing wipers is that they seem to behave a little differently now that the windshield surface has aged a little -- film gone, microscopic dirt added, scrape marks added, I don't know. But the wipers when set on Auto now do wipe more frequently than they did last year, for a given state of weather.
  • SHIPO- I guess you can dish it up but you cant take it eh? You stated that your old 99 BMW 328 would blow away the new 2011 Mazda-3 2.5 with a thirteenyear old driving . I called you on that BOGUS comparison so thicken up your skin . IF you want a FAIR comparison take the new 328i 2011 for a Base price of $37,000 stripped 200lb-ft of torque at 2750 rpms and max HP is 230 - curb weight 3300 roughly , Then the correct comparison would be the Mazdaspeed 3 2011 for $24,000 stripped with 280 lb-ft of torque at 3000 rpms and 273 HP with a curb weight of 3200lbs - also the Mazda is a 4 cylinder - so just looking at those specs and the vast savings buying a Mazda the speed with its 0-60 and slalom time makes it a no brainer which car would blow which away -- in fact get your old 328 and it will be even uglier --the Mazda-3 2.5 is not the correct comparison and for that matter the speed because of price is in a lower class but BMW is just not going to touch that speed anywhere anytime even on 87 octane - dont be offended but if yoiu make dumb statments best do your homework first
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    edited November 2011
    "SHIPO- I guess you can dish it up but you cant take it eh? You stated that your old 99 BMW 328 would blow away the new 2011 Mazda-3 2.5 with a thirteenyear old driving . I called you on that BOGUS comparison so thicken up your skin."

    I think you need to learn how to read (and spell), what I said was "a thirteen year old BMW 328i would blow away a brand new Mazda3 2.5"; a slight difference.

    "dont be offended but if yoiu make dumb statments best do your homework first"

    Offended? How can I be offended by someone who is arrogant, rude, and unable to comprehend what he or she reads?

    Please come back when you grow up; maybe then we can have an intelligent discussion.
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,250
    edited November 2011
    I THOUGHT I could let this one settle down, but apparently I was mistaken. Please drop the personal edge that this has taken on NOW, please

    It's OK to disagree about things, but let's do it without the barbs


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  • Yeah Shipo I have been in the car biz for 25 years and you did pay for those visits -- you think the service fairy paid for them ? But you got hosed -- I bought a Japanese Car That is MADE 100% in Japan by the Japanese and its hands down the most reliable car on the road , But I seem to recall that the 328-( like most 3 series BMws) , is made from a plethora of parts from numerous places and its made where ...? Oh South Africa ---Yeah great german engineering ! Yeah I pay for oil changes so what I got a fully loaded great sports car that does everything and has more accessories than your BMW and I know that I paid over 15$k less at the minimum I wouldnt be caught in BMW because they represent something that I am not and I find in todays world your dollar can go very very far if you arent just looking for a status symbol- and you can still get the performance you wantl . but hey if its your thing enjoy -
  • WEll you know precisely what I mean and if you wish to be my secretary and check my grammar and spelling , please I have a position open . Your continual shifting of the debate of :FACTS" to a personal attack is pretty much a sign that you have conceded . regardless enjoy your south african car --but why are you in the Mazda forum ? YOu completley ignored the comparison of the BMW vs the Mazda which was your statment that started the whole thing --I guess you saw the light ----good luck there bub - OUT
  • Yeah Benjamhin It seems that way . I was on the lot considering the trade in of my 2008 Gt and thats when I noticed the transmission cooler , of course only the very 1st shippment had integrated turn signals in the side mirrors and that was the first thing to go which was a pity and my window sticker even says that it has the side turn signal indicators and heated mirrors and it dosent ! NOthing abot the tran cooler , but its there ! I think that is far more important than those turn signals as keeping trans fluid at a correct temp is very important particularly on long hauls with lots if weight . I was considering ordering the side mirrors with the signals but it was to expensive - than I was going to call Mazda and tell the my stick misrepresented its accessories and get them for free ---I dont know what I will do .
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 3,507
    That is weird and unfair that it says you have something on the window sticker that's not there....bizarre!

    Still, a great car for the money...
    2018 Acura TLX Tech 4WS (mine), 2018 Honda CR-V EX AWD (wife's)
  • Im sorry shipo -- but as you can see I restrain my commentary to the vehicles and make no person assumptions about you . Therefore if your feelings get hurt because of my views on a car or cars...well ? Thats just my opinion as an American and if you dont like it tell me why you thing Im wrong ? I told you why I think you were wrong . You diefied the 328 of years ago against a current Mazda which actually had me laughing so I got a good belly laugh ---but if you think Im going to change my opinions because you wont be my friend ---well we would never be real friends anyway .
  • PF_FlyerPF_Flyer Pennsylvania Furnace, PAPosts: 8,250
    Agree to disagree and move on without the personal commentary please.

    Thank you!

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  • I had an issue start the other day. I have a '10 m3 sport 5 door with a 6 spd man trans. I was exiting the hwy downshiting from 5th to 4th and I could not get it into gear. It felt almost as though there was a piece of rubber blocking the gear lever from allowing it to slot into gear. I had to pull over and wrestle with it before I could get it into first to get rolling again. The action felt very "rubbery" for a few minutes before it again would slot into gear with the normal positive action. I've noticed similar symptoms over the past few days and again today. I was in 3rd and dropped it into neutral at a stop sign. I could not get it to shift into first (or 2nd). The gear lever again felt very rubbery and it took a couple of minutes before I could force it into first. The car only has 12K miles and I've been driving manual transmissions for over 20 years. Any ideas on what might be at fault here? It makes no noises and does not otherwise complain.
  • I will meet you anywhere you like and take that challenge that your "thirteen year old 328i will blow away my 2010 Mazda3 2.5 " I will not race for pink slips as the BMW is worthless if it even needs a transmission service so we can figure out something viable - car must be stock of course but Its no contest and thats a money up front guarantee ==but regardless of 0-60 The Mazda3 is an all around better car dollar for dollar even agaisnt the 2010 328--I dont care what year
  • shiposhipo Posts: 9,152
    Listen moron, the host has asked us to stop and you've seen fit to continue taunting, so here goes.

    Even with more than a decade of continued development, your 2010 Mazda3 2.5 cannot match a 1999 328i in acceleration, handling, braking, interior usable space, creature comforts, or even fuel economy for crying out loud.

    Of course you're to freakin' stupid to understand any of that so I'm just going to end it hear and sign off; no sense in beating a dead horse.
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 183
    I have the same car as you (except it's a GT not a Sport), same transmission, but have passed 34k miles now. And I have even more "manual seniority" than you do, 10 cars or so over almost 40 years. My 2.5L 6MT has never done anything that sounds like your problem, so I think you have something wrong. You're under warrantee so the dealer is the place I would think. It shouldn't be too difficult to tell what's up from underneath the car.
  • sandman_6472sandman_6472 Coral Springs, FLPosts: 4,658
    I have to agree with ya here...I've stopped reading his posts...just skip right over...not worth the read!

    The Sandman :) :sick: :shades:

    2015 Audi A3 (wife) / 2015 Golf TSI (me) / 2009 Nissan Versa SL Hatch (daughter #1) / 2008 Hyundai Accent GLS (daughter #2)

  • Well shipo at least I have not reduced myself to name calling and kept the objective content to the subject of the cars and not personal 3rd grade name calling . You called me a what "Moron " and "Stupid" wow that hurts - I think I am going to move on and deal with a higher level of maturity that can handle when someone disagrees about a car and not get sophomoric . Good luck
  • Happy Thanksgiving !
  • timsdtimsd Posts: 1
    The same thing just happened to me about 2-3 weeks ago. My spoiler (visor) is also loose and can be manually moved up and down a bit. I have no idea on how to get inside to tighten the screw and the manual is useless; especially without a diagram. I'm not sure if it's the visor clanging around back there or the screw but I'll have to take the vehichle to the dealership; its still under warranty. It seems like a simple fix but I don't know what to do and don't want to incur any damage as well :)
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 183
    My car has stayed fixed since my 2010 warrantee visit, but a caution -- I have had a suspicion ever since that the dealer repair then caused a slight but still visible outward-projecting dimple on the roof-plane surface of the hatch sheet metal, by overtightening the hatch hinge bolts. This is not the location of the visor attach bolts but very nearby. I also would be a little more brave about a DIY retightening of the visor attach if it became necessary. All of the hatch-mounted interior trim pieces are simple snap-ons. You'll have to learn this to replace the center brake light bulb sometime anyway. If your nut hasn't come entirely off like mine did yet, I'd go in there right away and retighten it with LocTite.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I find the running lights on my 2011 3s hatch to be almost useless in the dark but potentially useful as daytime running lights. Any ideas or experience in either wiring them as DRLs or in obtaining effective night running lights for extending the sharp cut off of the low beams or establishing more side front illumination. Thanks for any advice.
    PS Love this 6 sp for tracked in feel and nice pop at high revs with decent low end torque. Very impressed with my first Mazda. And while a spirited driver on roads worth traveling in that manner, my reserve in traffic and use of cruise on highways has me at a 26.8 mpg avg after 22000 miles and 1 year 3 months.
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    I have a gently driven 6 sp with 33k largely highway mileage driven by a 59 yo who has never driven anything but a manual, never burnt a cltch in 40 years of driving, never uses the tranny/clutch for decelleration suddenly notices a grabbing sound and feel shifting 1st to 2nd about 3 weeks ago. After having it happen 5-10 times in a week, it completely stops. Everything is functioning normally and up to that time the clutch was perfectly fine but I decide to bring it into the dealer for a check up noting to them that they will not likely replicate the malfunction but that I want it thoroughly checked because it was so odd. They check it and report I need a new clutch at 33K and that this is NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR.... NONSENSE! Let's organize people. Mazda is NOT GETTING AWAY WITH THIS! I am a suburban driver doing at least 15 K a year for 40 years on various manual cars as I drove highway to work as a teacher... NEVER NEEDED A NEW CLUTCH... I take driving very seriously and drive a clutch with great skill and respect my vehicles with excellent upkeep and maintenance. I have loved this Mazda 3 up to now. My 2006 Honda Civic coupe 5 sp has 96K miles and of course the clutch is perfect. I'll be dealing with Mazda rep after this weekend and will keep you updated. Please send me your support if you can... Neal
  • whobodymwhobodym Posts: 183
    it sounds like a defect, not you, to me. I'm like you, about same age, with 40 years of driving mostly manuals. I've never worn out a clutch either -- although I did replace my '88 Accord's at 122k miles out of a sense of curiosity, and preventiive preparation. My '97 Integra was sold at 176k mi with its original one still AOK. As for Mazda clutches, I own two now, a 2006 5 at 81k, and a 2010 3 2.5L 6MT just like yours, at 42k now. Both are original clutches and both are still fine right now. There are no signs that either of my vehicles clutches are deteriorating.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    Hmmm. Maybe a few more details to fill in the blanks ...

    Are you the original owner and sole driver?

    Was the car given the 12 month full checkup at the dealership?

    Was anything documented about the clutch in that checkup? For example, was there a tick mark beside "Clutch" to indicate it passed the inspection?
  • nealmnealm Posts: 41
    Thank you guys for your replies and interest. Yes, I am the only and sole driver. I have had basic service at my Mazda dealer... which has been synthetic oil changes, air filters and fuel injector cleaning over the 2 1/2 year period. The miles are highway pleasure miles... I'm retired. No clutch issues until about a month ago, as I said, about 5-10 times, a bit of grind noise shifting 1st-2nd which caused me to do a quick double clutch. This didn't happen over and over, just intermittently over about 2 weeks then never again. Otherwise the clutch performed perfectly. I told service that they would not likely replicate the sound and was surprised that they claimed they had and that it happened on ALL shifts, but since getting the car back with their new clutch diagnosis, I've driven with no issue, no sound for over 200 mi. Just got off the phone w/ the Mazda District Manager... he said nothing in this story sounds like a bad clutch to him... he asked and discovered that there have been NO rpm run ups while in any gear and seemed to be questioning the entire diagnosis, as I am now. At this moment he is contacting the dealer to understand the basis of this diag and we talked about not only my history with manuals but also all the various supportive evidence of a pampered, properly driven and very well liked car. He will call me and I will update.
    Again thank you for your interest and feedback. Just got a new set of COOPER Zeons for the car(I like them!)... like all my cars, I plan to keep it for a long time unless this premature clutch wear issue is valid and I will be facing ongoing issues b/c of it.
  • autonomousautonomous Posts: 1,769
    I have had basic service at my Mazda dealer... over the 2 1/2 year period.
    Curious, as this is a 2011 why you say 2 1/2 year period? Did you mean 1 1/2 year period?

    I am interested in how the dealership and Mazda USA handles your case. Being under warranty, your car should be covered as all the required maintenance has been performed and documented. All the best!
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