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2010 Chevy Equinox



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    The 2.4L comes from Tonawanda NY and the 3.0L is made in Michigan I think.
  • terexterex Posts: 26
    4-cylinder is produced in Spring Hill, TN and the V6 in St. Catherines, Ontario Canada.
  • As anyone ordered a equinox lately, and know's the built time currently? I ordered one 12-26 but I don't know know how long the build time is taking? Anyone have an idea, 6-8 wks, 10-12wks? How long did it take to get yours after you put in a build?

  • fshifshi Posts: 57
    rebates all gone, and according to lutz, equinox has a very tight supply of 13 days inventory, and Terrain has 18 days. and invoice of equinox just went up $200.
  • my awd ltz took 14 weeks. One extra stuck on a rail car in a blizzard in Buffalo, NY area. :mad:
  • I made a hasty buying decision in late December and purchased base 1LT trim model. During test drive, didn't notice any lower back pain, but am having problems now - I believe due to the sharp angle of the bucket seat. Is it possible to either add 8-way power seat option to this one, or possibly buy a new seat from Chevy with full power. Am going to try a Tush-Cush in the meantime.
  • I ordered a 2010 Equinox LTZ on October 14th and they unloaded it from the transport today, January 12, 2010. It's quite a long wait and I understand they are working multiple shifts and even overtime to try and get them out quicker. Hope you get yours quicker than I did.
  • Ordered my 2010 Nox AWD Mocha steel 4 cy and it was delivered in exactly 7 weeks. Worth waiting for. Good Luck.
  • Ordered 2LT Mocha Steel Metallic AWD on 10/27/09 received it today 1/13/10.
  • Ordered my 2010 Nox 10-22-09. Metallic mocha FWD and it still has not arrived.
  • My LT2 w/leather was ordered 9/21/09 today 1/14/2010 still not in production scheduled for next week... It better be worth it... dealer has been great dealing with my and his frustration trying to get a sold order to build and fit GM allotment profiles... Am told that they are hoping for me to take delivery week of 2/8... 19-20 weeks from date of order,,, I have lost $1500. in rebates since it has taken so long...
  • Man, I figured it was going to take awhile for the build, but 3-5 months sure is long. And all the dealers say, 6-8 wks when you order it, and they know it's going to take at least 10-12+, so misleading...

    Thanks for all the info on your orders.
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Well to be fair, weather delays can happen.

    I read in the paper they are thinking of adding the Springhill TN plant to help with production.
  • jimn12jimn12 Posts: 3
    I agree with dm3. Most likely the 2010 models.
  • bblvrbblvr Posts: 1
    I ordered an Equinox on 11/14/09. Still not in and no word on when it will be in.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Anyone ordering in the month before Xmas has to realize that the plant is closed for almost 2 weeks due to Xmas/NYears per their contract.
  • Hello everyone. I am about to order a new Equinox and was wondering. I sat in one today and thought the bucket seats were a little snug on my thighs. Normal size man here 6ft1. 36" waist. :) I was curious because once I owned a Mini Cooper with similar seats and they bothered me after a while. I am thinking these new ones are a bit softer though. Also, Leather or Not. I do not like how leather wrinkles and wears but I wonder if the non-leather option is durable, comfortable and washable? Thanks in advance.
  • khh2khh2 Posts: 4
    I am replying because I am also 6'1" and about the same size waist. We've had our 2010 Nox since Aug. It fits my body well. We have the LTZ with leather seats and the memory power seats allow me to adjust for optimal comfort. Not too snug on the thighs. These leather seats are different from others that I've seen. Obviously, mine is too new to determine if wrinkling will occur, but they are not like the leather seats on my Ford, they look "perforated" and better ventilation than your typical leather seats. I have plenty of head room, and have driven all day in great comfort.
  • I've had mine for two months now and I'm about your size and put on a lot of miles. The cloth seats are very comfortable and seem quite durable. My wife has had several spine operations and she says the same. We tested one with leather seats and she did not like the comfort/support as much as the cloth. They really are two different seats so I would try sitting in both.
  • If you decide to order an Equinox, chose your dealership carefully. I ordered an LT2 4 cyl in early October. Waited 12 weeks and went in to pay for it on 12/28 to get 2009 Federal sales tax credit and the dealer, Courtesy Chevrolet in Phoenix, reneged. They did not honor our contract, said prices increased; they devalued my RAV4 trade in by $3300; and I have yet to receive my $500 deposit. GM is helping me recover that. I have since purchased an Equinox from Garrett Motors in Coolidge (AZ) and my experience was totally satisfying with them. New Equinox is 6 cyl rather than 4 cyl and so far (200 miles) I love it!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Make up a big sign and stand out on the public right of way outside the stealership and picket them saying this dealer cheated me and now won't give me my money back. I bet you won't stand there long as someone will be out with a check in hand. I did that many years ago at a Chevy Dealer who shorted out my radio while fixing dash. He expected me to go without a radio while they sent mine all the way accross the country for repairs.
  • ran over a spark plug and ruined a tire on my 2010 EQ 2 LT. they are 18 in wheels and had a hard time finding a replacment of the same tire. Dealer can't get at all
    finally found a tire shop that found one 200 miles away, Had it overnighted and it is back on the car. Not sure why they are selling cars that you can not get tires for. I understand my problem was a road hazard but expected a little more help from dealer. Anyway if anyone has to replace a tire good luck could take up to 2 weeks and expect around 300.00... car only had 2000 miles
    love the car hate unexpected spark plugs LOL">
  • Interesting that your dealer devalued your Rav4. By the time I got my Nox the dealer devalued my GMC Envoy trade in by $1,500. They were willing to give me back my deposit if I wanted to walk away, but when you wait for two or three months for your new car you don't usually walk away. They must teach these guys how to play this game in sales school. It's a pretty neat way for them to increase their profits!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    It was just as much your fault for not putting in the contract that you could get your deposit back if not satified. I have bought many new cars and have never found a dealer who wouldn't put this in there if asked and most I have worked with do this automatically.
  • I think it is unfortunate that dealers become so greedy when they get a HOT product. We have a dealer in Evansville, Indiana that is charging a thousand dollars over sticker for the Nox. I would like to compliment Patriot Autoplaza In Princeton, Indiana. They gave me a $2000 trade in amount, above Kelly Blue Book on my 09 Malibu ordered my Nox and even let me add whatever options I wanted at dealer invoice. It took exactly three months to the day to receive my Nox and by that time I had added another four thousand miles on the Malibu, but they cheerfully delivered my Nox and accepted my trade.
  • I was also concerned that my dealer would devalue my trade, since we've been waiting since the first week of October. Our 10 Nox came in last week, and there were no surprises at all when we picked it up. We had put another 5K miles on our trade, but it didn't change our agreed trade-in value at all. We were also surprised to find that the dealer gave us 1K loyalty cash. (I didn't think it applied to the 10 Nox!)
  • How do you work the remote start on the 2010 equinox? Is anybody having problems with it not working? What does it mean when you have to have it on the "ON" position before it will start? Do you have to turn the heat/AC on when you turn the car off so when you remote start it the next day it will be on?

    Sorry just wondering about these things. Any comments would be welcomed.

  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Haven't got a Enox yet but on my other GM cars I have had you go into the display and turn on the auto start before it will work from the fob. Then you push the lock button and within about 3 sec. you push the start button. If you have auto cilmate control just leave in auto mode, if not set the heat to the way you want it to come on when you start and it will also turn on the rear defog and may depending on what you have could also turn on the heated seats if it is cold enough.
  • I recently did a road trip in my 2010 Equinox, from Chicago to Tampa back via the Great Smoky Mountains.. Putting a total of 3,124 miles on it and 53 hours behind the wheel in a little more than a week. Averaged 24.5 mpg (4Cyl, AWD)

    It drove like a DREAM! Sitting for 13 hours from Chicago to Macon GA, I did not have a single back problem. The seats were supportive, but also comfortable. The traction and control during a rain storm at 3am performed beautifully.

    The Equinox was a bit sluggish going through the Smoky Mountains. At steep inclines, it hesitated quite a bit and seemed to get stuck in gear a few times. If I lived in an area where I hide to do a lot of incline driving, I would have to upgrade to the 6cylinder.

    Overall, it performed WAY past expectations. Normally I have to stop and stretch a few times, but I did not have to on this trip. This is my first Chevrolet and I am very impressed. I'm even happier with Chevrolet, now that they finally have the cargo covers back in stock!!!
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Very positive, thanks for the post.

    We do a lot of long trips so your post is encouraging.
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