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2002 Bonneville SSEi Rear Speakers

kts0347kts0347 Posts: 44
edited May 2014 in Pontiac
I discovered that both of my 02 SSEi rear package shelf speakers are shredded. The foam holding the cone to the frame has dry rotted. I need replacments.

Please suggest the correct specifications that I should look for when browsing the net for aftermarket replacements. I want reasonable quality but not a monster sound system. I am not changing any of the OE receiver components, so it has to be compatible.

Thanks for your help.


  • kts0347kts0347 Posts: 44
    Just to give you an update, I have replaced the OE speakers and the new speakers are awesome. I used Infinity Kappa 6X9s that I bought from an e-bay seller for around $110. My research indicated that the package tray speakers should be 6X9 and 2 ohms. Many aftermarket speakers are 4 ohms, and they will not work as well with your stock OE receiver's amplifier (reduced volume).

    If anyone else has a problem with their package tray speakers and wants an install that maintains the stock appearance, here are the steps to take.
    1) Remove rear seat cushion
    2) Release rear seat back brackets by unscrewing two inner seat belt retainer bolts. Set seat belts aside and mark so you will be able to reassemble correctly.
    3) The top of the seat back is held in place by four compression clips. Use a long flat blade screwdriver to depress the clips Seat will release.
    4) Remove Roof/Rear Window Trim covers Two press-in clips hold covers in place.
    5) Remove Package tray cover. Two small clips and four large clips (through foam insulation) need to be removed. Try to not tear foam insulation. Thread seat belts through openings in package tray cover.
    6) Remove molded black plastic inner panel holding speakers in place. Several screws including two near lower edge of rear window glass hold this panel in place. (Removing panel will make it easier to get old speakers out. They are glued in place in this panel, and I couldn't break them loose until I had better leverage with the panel removed.)
    7) Un-clip old speakers from wiring harness in trunk, and pry old speakers out of black plastic panel. (Don't discard speakers yet)
    8) Recover the wire harness connector from the old speakers. This will let you reconnect to your existing OEM wire harness without cutting.
    9) Using a short section of speaker wire, connect the recovered wire harness connectors to the speaker connectors. Take care to get the +/- wiring correct. (Basically, ensure both speakers are connected the same way).
    10) Install the speakers in the plastic molded panel and then reinstall everything in reverse order to above.
    11) The stock speakers come with a black gauze dust cover plate. Don't use this in your aftermarket install, as it will rattle and you will have to undo everything a second time, to remove them. Also, you won't use the aftermarket speaker covers, as your speakers will be hidden by the stock package tray speaker grills.

    Plug them in to your OE speaker wiring, and crank it up. Your other speakers will fade well before these ones do. :D

    (There might be a simpler install if you use the aftermarket speaker grill, tear out the OE grill and work from the top, but I wanted a pure stock interior appearance and thus had to do quite a teardown to get access to the speakers)
  • wigtwigt Posts: 6
    Crutchfield has been great with aftermarket parts, radios, speakers etc. They have sizes for all the speakers places in your car on file. They generally have lots of options and kind of follow the Sears Good, Better, Best plan. The salespeople have been very helpful with sales, information and installation instructions. I have alsways been very satisfied.
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