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Tribeca Safety Recall in 24 Countries, But Not in US or Canada

jon_in_ctjon_in_ct Posts: 137
edited April 2014 in Subaru
FHI is conducting a safety recall involving about 12,000 2006-2009 Tribecas in 24 overseas markets. Apparently, frequent excessive rear suspension stroke causes fatigue failure of the rear suspension's front lateral link. The fix is to replace the rear suspension's front lateral links with reinforced versions. This recall is interesting because the parts being replaced in order to correct a safety defect are almost certainly identical to the parts used in the US and Canada Tribecas. This recall is being restricted to only 24 countries which FHI has determined to have "severe road conditions."

Details are in the document at: - - - - - - - - ampaigns/2008/F-Campaigns/FRCL-08F087-2879.pdf

Subaru had to submit that document because of the TREAD Act, which was a response to the Ford/Firestone tire disaster in the 90s. During investigations, it was learned that Ford had quietly conducted a recall in some South American country for the problem and never told NHTSA about it. I think Ford's excuse was that the driving conditions down there were much different than in the US. Now automakers must notify NHTSA about their foreign recalls. This Tribeca safety defect recall seems eerily similar.


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