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Toyota RAV4 Engine Indicator Lights



  • No worries, can be found under the dash near the top of the brake pedal. Google - how stuff works - Brake light switch..
  • bbop77bbop77 Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Toyota Rav 4 and noticed the VSC Trac and the Check Engine light on when I drove it today. Can someone explain this to me and how much will it cost to fix?
  • jsdavis7jsdavis7 Posts: 2
    I had the same problem back in 2009 (see message #6), and since it would come and go, I could not get it fixed. Recently, it came and stayed. First, make sure your gas cap is on tight. If tightening it and driving a while does not fix the problem, try replacing the gas cap. There could be a tiny crack causing a vapor leak. If that doesn't work (it did not for me), here is what my mechanic went through:
    Evap system faults
    Po401 Evap system leaks-small
    Evap system not purging
    Smoke tested System
    No Evap Leaks Found
    Remove and Replace Charcoal Canister
    Install New Purge Valve
    Clear DTC Faults
    May Need Additional Purge Valve
    Parts and Labor about $750 and did not solve the problem.
    What did solve the problem:
    Installed new evap solenoid
    Installed new air fuel ration sensor
    Cleared Fault Code
    Parts and Labor about $340
    By the way, I swear by my mechanic, I trust him more than I trust anyone else about anything. You asked what it cost me, and I told you. I am not complaining.
  • fredy3fredy3 Posts: 27
    Hello ! I sugest you to go to toyota dealer (no other mechanic garage). Then ask for a computer error code check ! you should pay no more than 100$. Ask them to have the errors codes written on paper and ask them to give you the paper.
    Ask them what they think and what they suggest. If the repair is around 500$ you should ask them to fix it. If is around 1000$ go back home and start calling other toyota dealer, fax them the errror code list and ask them what they suggest. Some of them have more experience and know exactly how to repaire it. If is lower tehn a 1000$ and they are very confident you should go for the repair. If most of the dealers are hesitated! take your time and think what to do next...
  • jbwood5jbwood5 Posts: 2
    2009 RAV4, 2.5, 4 cylinder. Wife driving home from work and hit heavy rain. The check engine light came on, the skid light lit up, and the cruise control light flashes (cruise doesn't work). AutoZone read a code P0607. Vehicle runs and only has 41,000 miles on it. The code is not specific to anything; just control module problem. Based on the other post by pmcandrew3, I now suspect it has something to do with the vehicle getting wet. I'll continue research the problem but if anyone has a similar problem or a solution, please post.
  • 02_rav402_rav4 Posts: 1
    My 02 Rav4 EL came on a couple weeks ago while driving in the rain. I took the car to mechanic, which reported codes P0430 and P0420, which apparently means it's the catalytic converter. I'm surprised, because I bought the vehicle 2 months ago used certified, had just finished a 2-day cross-country road trip with no particular issues, and because emissions were tested and cleared just about a month ago.

    Mec said that I could still probably run the vehicle for a few months before I absolutely should replace. He also said that 02 sensors also seem to be operating below performance, and would have to be rechecked after the cat is replaced, to get a true reading of their health.

    1. Any chance that the true problem is the 02 sensors, not in fact the cat? How do I know?

    2. If it's the cat, are there any good replacement parts for less than $600? I'm hearing from more than one source that after market parts are not recommended.

    3. Do I run the risk of incurring any serious damage to my car (or to parts like the 02 sensors) by continuing to run it, until I start seeing more serious signs like reduced power or mpg?

  • Many thanks to rav4u@ (mar 31, 2009) and fredy3 (4/1/09) YOU SAVED ME $500. My CE light, VSC and 4WD were on, as you described. I readjusted the gas cap. After driving 20 miles or so these went off, but I kept my appointment at Toyota. I had another 4,000 miles of coverage under my extended warrantee. SO TRUE, there can be issues with the car that FLY UNDER the RADAR of producing a STEADY CE light signal. I was willing to pay the $50 for a diagnostic (no lights on at the time). The diagnostic found 2 problems including one O2 sensor. Thus I wasn't even charged the $50 fee. Got $500 of repairs under my warrantee. THANKS. I DO LOVE Riverhead Toyota New York. VERY good service department. VERY nice facility.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Good to hear - please write up a service review for Riverhead!
  • danielallgooddanielallgood Posts: 1
    edited September 2013
    First off I hope this post is not too long winded, but I like to try to be as descriptive as I can. My GF bought a '04 RAV4L (Sport package I believe?) in 2011 with just over 43K miles on it. Ran/still runs great. She only put about 500 or so miles on it the first year. I started driving it last May and since then the ODO is now @ 50,803. Back in July, the car got hit in the rear end while parked. It was the third in a line of parked cars that got stacked up bumper to bumper by a fourth vehicle hitting the rear of the first parked car. Damage seemed minimal. The "bumper" or facia or whatever you'd call it under the tailgate (and spare) got crumpled in a bit as well as the tailgate itself on the passenger side. The door still worked fine after the hit even though the spare got pushed in a bit on the bottom and the door was dented. (Door is acually tighter now when it closes after the repairs, and doesn't feel quite right to me any more!) But anyway, The only performance issues I have had started back in March '03 when the check engine light came on just before the car was due for inspection. We had the inspection done and had a tune up by the local mechanic, after which the check engine light remained lit until I took it back to him the next day. Since then, everything has been jake until today. I started the car at one point after starting & restarting several times running some long errands the VSC TRAC light came on. Then after another trip which lasted about 30 minutes each way, when I shut the car off the power locks where not working. The only way I could get the doors to unlock was to put the key back in the ignition and turn it to ACC. After getting out, I could not lock the doors with the key fob or by using the key in the lock! My mechanic said it was a fuse, which he fixed and that I need to take the car to a dealership for the VSC TRAC light issue. Can anyone offer any input on my situation before I take it to a dealer and get ******?
    Thanx in advance to anyone who can help!!!
  • I have a 2011 RAV4, the other day my wife was driving in snow and the car slid a bit and the 4wd and check engine light went on. We were unable to disengage the 4wd so I took it to the Toyota dealer.

    They looked it over and told me that the air filter was the wrong one for the car and caused the intake hose to disconnect which caused the indicator lights to come on.

    I installed the air filter myself with a purolator air filter and used the model # that purolator recommended for my car. I had no problem installing the air filter and it fit fine. My car has 34,000 miles on it and I replaced the filter just before the car reached 24,000 miles because I was going on vacation and was going to be putting 2 or 3 thousand miles on the car.

    The dealer charged me a diagnostic fee because the filter was not a Toyota part but oddly enough they did not replace the air filter when they reconnected the intake hose. This makes me wonder if they were just blowing smoke to bill me a diagnostic fee because the car is still under warranty.

    Has anyone ever had this issue come up?
  • harlequin10harlequin10 Posts: 1
    edited March 2015
    OK guys, needing some help. I have a 2009 Rav4 Limited, my CE, Trac Off, and 4WD lights all came on this morning while taking my normal drive to work. I have read all the past comments on this starting back from 2007. Recent problems include: Muffler making noise from the inside as if there is something loose, my husband has made the conclusion we are just going to get a new muffler entirely which will be around 100 give or take. Also I recently had my tires replaced on just the front as they were pretty worn due to what the mechanice believed, was a need for an alignment or possibly new shocks?? I dont know how legit that is about shocks but if anyone could take the reigns on that and let me know if that could be a problem at all that'd be great. I do partly believe it may need an alignment only becuase of the way the tread was worn.The maintenance required light has also been on but I do believe that is just from oil changes as it has to be reset everytime I change the oil in the vehicle. Sorry for the book everyone I just want to make sure I get everything in here.

    Also one more thing, my muffler has been making noise for about a month and a half, the lights just came on this morning.
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