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What do you like about hatchbacks?



  • 5port5port Posts: 395
    Havent seen any musicians posting so here goes:

    2001 Elantra GT (bassplayer)

    1) Carvin 600W 2X10 combo amp

    2) Mackie 1200W PA head

    3) G&L 5-string in hardcase

    4) Fender Jazz 5-string in hardcase

    5) 400W monitor amp

    6) two 12" wedge monitor speakers

    7) Carvin 15" bass bottom

    8) 3 bags full of cables,mikes, soldering iron (why am I the only one that solders in a band).

        The GT handled fine but my headlights were pointing at the clouds.
  • Every year I stuff a 10-12 foot (unwrapped) Christmas tree in my 93 Civic hb. One year I took the family of 4 on vacation in that car from Florida to Va. Just packed using collapsible luggage and told everyone to bring clothes for four days and wear everything twice :)
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