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2009 Honda Fit vs. 2007 Honda Fit

shneorshneor Posts: 66
edited April 2014 in Honda
I owned a 2007 Honda Fit Base Manual for a couple of years; it was totaled in a freak 1-car accident. A couple of months ago, I replaced it with a 2009 Honda Fit Base Manual.

One of the main reasons I purchased a Fit is the size of the cargo area. The 2007 version was perfect, with the wheel wells shaped so that they allowed sufficient width for the equipment I load a couple of times a month. The 2009 version is a lot tighter in the area to the rear of the wheel wells, and this has caused significant problems for me.

Other than that, the 2009 is a little less fun to drive, somehow. Yes, the engine has more hp, but the handling does not feel as agile as the 2007. I'm not sure about the gas mileage yet, though I think it will be almost the same, or the same as the 2007.

On the other hand, it comes with a dead pedal, and though the dashboard is different, it's nicer. I miss the little storage compartment above the driver's left knee. The "secret" storage area in the rear driver4 side seat is cute, but how useful? I don't know. It's nice that the passenger side rear storage compartment is bigger. BTW, I thnk the cargo floor is flimsier that the 2007 model's is. I definitely don't like the fact that the headlights go on automatically in the 2009 version, I wish they worked like the 2007 version.

The interior, in general, is nicer in the 2009 version. And it's nice that the CD player now plays mp3s in the base model's CD player.


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