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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • Nice. Just saw that photo on Inside Line but didn't realize it seems to have a higher driving position and a bit larger than previous Outbacks (wife is 5'2" and seat height is a factor).

    Although I'd say that previous gen Outbacks - while I liked them for myself - were raised Legacy wagons which didn't have significantly more space than the wagon platform. This new model appears to have corrected that.
  • For our young family (have a 2yr old) we picked the Venza because:

    style (interior mostly)
    pricing (~$30k in Canada)
    functionality (folding seats & hatchback comes in handy for the stroller or trips to IKEA/Costco)

    We're cross shopped against the CRV/Edge (didnt like the interior), Suzuki Grand Vitara (won't go offroading), and Nissan Rogue (storage was limited)

    Other cars like the Murano/MDX were out of our price range
  • lal_cltlal_clt Posts: 27
    I fell in love with the Venza when it was first introduced at the 2008 Detroit Auto Show and have been watching it ever since. I ordered a Blue V6 FWD with Prem Pkg #2, JBL System and Pano Roof. I currently have an 05 Highlander. I need room to carry stuff but I don't need 3 rows of seats. The Venza appealed to me because its a Toyota, its upscale, there's plenty of room, yet I could get all the features I wanted for a reasonable price. If I had gone for the I4 it would have been even more reasonable, I guess. I looked at the RAV 4, CRV, Edge, and Vera Cruz and they just didn't measure up to my expectations in one or more areas. I think the Venza is an ideal car for baby boomers or a small family or a single person who likes to carry stuff in style.
    Can't wait to boogey on down the road in my Venza with that nice sound system listening to my "oldies".
  • Thinking along those lines as well. Observing a few on Atlanta roads, seems to me that the Venza can't be stereotyped as a male or female vehicle - a good thing. Toyota's on to something with this car...
  • kharriskharris Posts: 41
    I looked at the Venza as well as the Highlander recently. I didn't need a third row seat but I wound up buying the Highlander mainly because it has substantially more cargo volume than the Venza while having the same length and width. That said, I think Toyota did a good job designing the Venza and if my needs were different I might well have purchased it.
  • No wonder no one was replying to my question, I forgot to include the link of the USA TODAY review.... _N.htm
  • Excellent review from

    "The Venza takes Toyota to a place it has never been before.

    Not only does this big crossover deliver SUV-like utility without the unruly ride, it boasts a degree of style for which Toyota is not normally noted. From the grille to the tailgate, the Venza has road presence."
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    You mean what Subaru started 10 years ago with the Outback??

    I like Subaru, but I think the Outback is the opposite of "non-poseur." At least for the first couple of generations, Subaru took a station wagon, gave it some ground clearance, two-tone paint/cladding, large fog lamps, white-letter tires, a hood scoop, etc. to make it look like an SUV.

    The 2010 is pretty nice looking, though. Definitely will be worth driving/comparing with the Venza. One disappointment: the center position in the back seat still uses a roof-mounted shoulder belt.

    Regarding the original question about whether the "trueness" of the Venza influenced my decision, not really. I didn't want to own a "station wagon." :)
  • lilengineerboylilengineerboy Posts: 4,116
    I like Subaru, but I think the Outback is the opposite of "non-poseur."

    Yeah I was kind of sad when they killed the Legacy wagon. I am hoping our '05 lasts a long long time. The ride/handling combination, the utility of a wagon, the towing capacity, the easy of ingress/egress, the AWD, and the fuel economy make it pretty much the perfect vehicle for our family.

    I have looked at the Venza twice (our Subaru dealer is also a Toyota dealer) and I just can't warm up to the styling or price. I do like that the curb weight of the 4cyl AWD is under 4k, although the Subaru is closer to 3k lbs.

    Its just funny because the early-mid 90s Camry wagon was one of the best vehicles ever for utility and longevity, now all the wagons are replaced by posuer-pods.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    As a potential Venza owner I think you may be getting all twisted in knot worrying about what to call it. I don't think Toyota designed it not to be a SUV because the whole generation of Lexus RX/Toyota Highlanders were never SUV's at all. They were based a passenger car(Camry) not on a truck platform which is where SUV's started. The Rx300 started the crossover generation where customers wanted the car like ride but also wanted the utilty. Going off road was not a consideration.
    The Venza just seems like a logical progression to a more passenger friendly vehicle.
    I don't think it's posing as anything. There are copies on the way, including a Honda this fall?

    What is a posuer-pod anyway? Avril's ipod?
  • The reason behind the question was more practical than it appeared. Classification-wise, if the Venza is regarded as an SUV, cross-over or hard-core, in people's minds and the whole SUV concept fades away, imo resale will probably suffer (reason I'm veering away from the CRV/Murano types).

    Toyota USA even reportedly refuses to call the Venza a cross-over or wagon and likes to call it an "optimized car" ( I suspect that Toyota tries to look at the broader horizon of value retention of its vehicles and attempts to affect that with branding and positioning of a vehicle at introduction.

    Obviously any car company can call a vehicle what it wants. In the case of the Venza, the title of "optimized car" appears to be true. Considering how things are going, imo that new vehicle type has a fair chance of catching on, with good effect on resale value.

    Hopefully this explains my interest in the Venza's classification.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Classification-wise, if the Venza is regarded as an SUV, cross-over or hard-core, in people's minds and the whole SUV concept fades away, imo resale will probably suffer (reason I'm veering away from the CRV/Murano types).

    I don't see the "SUV concept" fading away in the near future. The perception of an SUV will continue to evolve, though. There will be fewer body-on-frame, truck-based models (like the 4Runner) and more variations on the "crossover," car-based theme.

    Look at the Flex (which looks like a station wagon to me) and even the Scion xB. All of these "not-a-sedan" body styles will continue to blur the line between hatchback, station wagon, crossover, and SUV.

    Resale value is important to me too, but it's difficult to guess what the resale market will look like in a few years given all the potential macroeconomic factors.
  • rdeasonrdeason Posts: 11
    Can someone tell me why when I am not moving I can locate an infinite number of POI's but if I'm am driving and using the voice commands if I try to find a POI near me it shows either a few or no destinations. If I am driving with a programmed route in the NAV and try to find restaurants along my route it will show none but if I pull over and search using the buttons again I am shown many POIs'.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    There are two commands which you may know already, 'Restaurants' or 'I'm hungry'.....but there's also 'Fast Food' 'Mexican', 'American', 'Italian', etc.

    These have always brought up many POIs in my experience. But I have not done it at high speeds frankly. There is also a distance threshhold that's in place. I don't remember it off the top of my head but I believe that if you have the range set at a 5 mile radius it doesn't show any local POIs. At a 1 mi radius it does show the POIs I believe. This is from memory.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    I noticed the same thing I guess this is a safety feature Toyota made. They don't want us programming the nav when we are moving may cause distractions. I just returned from a Beach trip to Fl and had to pull over several times to look for things on the Nav.
  • anry555anry555 Posts: 9
    I wish Toyota makes the black seats for Venza like here: Venza tuning
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    Those wheels are atrocious. Can't say I care much for that rice burner look.
  • Hi everyone! I just thought I'd introduce myself and let you know I've been following the last part of this thread with a lot of interest. My name is Sacha and I’m the Online Community Coordinator for Toyota Motor Sales, USA. I'll be stopping by from time-to-time and look forward to talking about cars (and of course Toyota) with all of you.

    I think it's interesting to see the different takes everyone has on the Venza. With any new vehicle launch, there's a certain amount of comparison to be had between what we were trying to achieve vs. how our product is received by consumers. Judging from these comments, it appears we're on the right track!

    Sacha Terrill
    Online Community Coordinator
    Toyota Motor Sales, USA
  • Hi there! Just a note to give you a little more information about the power closer on Venza. The feature is standard and applies only to the back door. It requires that you begin to close the door, however, when the door is within about one inch of closing, it automatically shuts. The convenience package option offers a power closer that automatically shuts the back door when you push a button on the key or gently push with your hand. Hope this helps!

    Sacha Terrill
    Online Community Coordinator
    Toyota Motor Sales, USA
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Welcome to CarSpace Sacha!
  • Thank you. It's great to be here--I'm really enjoying the conversations!
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    " appears we're on the right track..."


    Why design/build a new I4 engine without DFI....?

    Why not simply throw in the towell and use a non-notchy CVT transaxle, avoid the queasy stomach constant "shiftiness" of a 6(9) speed..?? A CVT that doesn't need DBW to provide an engine "stall" during a re-acceleration that requires a downshift..??

    And now since '00 you have no less than 4 C-best options that allow more sensible, SAFER, operation of the climate control that only the dealer can set to the safer mode.

    And while those 20" wheels look "super" do you really get enough FE improvement with the low CSA, contact patch, to justify the overall loss in vehicle directional control and stability...??
  • mdchachimdchachi Posts: 275
    I think the nearby / along route search is limited to a circle of 30? miles around the car while the normal POI search doesn't have this limitation. Also the along-route search only finds POIs physically along the route (not around the corner or at the next exit).
  • I have had my new Venza for about 1 1/2 months. I upgraded from a 13 year old Corolla so I am really enjoying the comfort, size, power, and luxury. I am really enjoying the V6. Tons of power when you push the pedal down. You can pass slower drivers with ease and snap your neck. I got the Convienence Package which is pretty cool. This package offers an electronic key that you never have to take out of you pocket. You just walk up to the car, touch the handle and your in. Then when inside you don't have to take the key out either. It has a push button start that senses the key in your pocket. Pretty hi-tech stuff. This package also has the auto-back lift gate. You just push a button from inside or on your remote key and the door lifts. You can also lock / unlock the car with the two buttons on the gate (again leaving the key in your pocket). I got the HID lights which really are amazing. No comparison to regular, old, dim headlights. I also got the 13 speaker JBL Synthesis option as well. Great sounding stereo but the left speaker in the dashboard vibrates (we think it is the speaker grill). I have been trying to get it to stop with the dealers help (ordering a new grill etc.). We have reduced the noise but it still rattles. Very frustrating. I drove around today with a technician and it wouldn't rattle, of course when I got home it started again. I have also had problems with the back right strut / suspension making noise. At slow speeds when going over bumps it creaks like an old car. Between the above two problems I have been in to the service department 5 times! Hopefully, the suspension problem was fixed today. They worked on a fix with Toyota headquarters who had some other Venza's with the same problem. I guess that is the risk you take when buying a first year car. I figured with Toyota it wouldn't be a problem but I was wrong. They are however working with me diligently to get the problems fixed. The other option I got was the back up camera and security system. The camera is really helpful when backing into / out of a parallel spot. You can see right where the bumper of the other car is or the little dash line showing the end of the space. This is nice as the Venza is a fairly large car. Overall, I am very pleased with the car and am optimistic that everything will be fixed to my liking. Also, there has been some talk about the Venza being a rough ride. This is due to the big 20" rims. My Venza came off the lot with 35 pounds of pressure in each tire. This was a very firm ride. I read the owners manual which recommended 32 pounds pressure. I tried 32 and this has softened the ride considerably. Hopefully, this info. will help other potential Venza buyers out there. Great car but be prepared to work out some bugs.
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Sacha -
    Thanks for watching the site...
    A question - One of the target audiences of the Venza is empty nesters WITH animals - Yes?? Then why can I not find the Toyota accessories that we need to keep our cute little dog in the back section?? I have been trying to find a Venza specific DOG "fence" to keep our pouch in the back (trunk) area as well as a "soft" blanket type Protector. I can find some after market generic pieces but thought that Toyota was going to produce and sell "genuine" gear.
    Also, since I got you here, is there a supplier of Toyota Mud Flaps for the Venza on the West Coast?? They seem to be stock on the SE Toyota Venzas... We DO have MUD in the Seattle area!!!

    Again - Thanks for representing Toyota for us in the forum.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    This looks like a good place to pause and redirect the tire questions to Toyota Venza Tires. The tire posts from the last couple of days have been moved over there. There's plenty of material for a separate discussion and it'll be a good spot to post tire recommendations as new choices become available.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    If you get a response on the dog accessories let me know. I need the cage and the blanket . Right now I just bought a soft dog ben that closes with a zipper at Walmart works great. I have the mudgaurds from the factory.

    Deepsouth in Alabama
  • david_k1david_k1 Posts: 39
    Deepsouth -
    Any PHOTOS of your Venza WITH Mudgaurds??
    I just can't seem to find anything on the web...
    I'll keep you in mind if I find any Venza specific "DOG" things.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    I will take some photos this weekend and show you Sunday. I want to wash it first :)
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    If anyone needs a place to host your Venza photos, you can set up your CarSpace and upload them to the album there.
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