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2009 Toyota Venza Crossover



  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Could be. Wiki says 16.5%. What's your source?

    Also, any comment on the subject of the post - is Venza a twin of the 2010 Outback? Distant cousin?
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I believe that Toyota bought out GM's 16.5% share of Subaru. GM sold it to parent Fuji Industries which then resold it to Toyota.

    The first benefit was that about 100,000 Camry units were able to be offloaded to the Subie plant in Indiana instead of imported from Japan.
    The 2nd benefit is that Subaru is making a small RWD sportster that will be marketed by both companies.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    My memory must be going. I thought I had read the 51% info in a business magazine.
  • petlpetl Posts: 610
    Thanks for the clarification on Toyota's share.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    More of that convergent design effect than anything else. The engines, transmissions and AWD design are all completely different between the two.
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    For those still curious about Honda's Venza-like crossover (to be named CrossTour), there are new spy photos here. There's a shot of the dash as well as the cargo area.

    My opinion (and take it for what it's worth as a Venza owner): I hope it looks better in person than it does in photos. That side profile makes the rear look huge (look at the size of the rear bumper!).

    I prefer the wagon-like profile of the Venza versus the coupe-hatchback approach Honda is taking. Note that the cargo area is shallow enough to use a fixed cargo cover (as opposed to the Venza's window-shade style cover).

    To me, the CrossTour looks like a bigger Insight or Prius, while the Venza looks like a giant Matrix.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    What is it crossing over from? It looks like a fast back Accord. I'm disappointed, was hoping Honda was bringing over the Tourer which was more like the Venza concept.
    Is that an Aztec like rear window I see? If this is Honda's answer to the Venza they have missed the boat.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    True. I like the 2.7L in the Venza, but like the option the Subie offers of 6-speed manual or CVT. The AWD as well. Not forgetting the Venza's undesirable factory wheel/tire combo on the 4-cyl.
  • rdeasonrdeason Posts: 11
    I saw a red 4 cylinder today. The only styling miscue is the single exhaust. It looks unbalanced. I don't know what you mean by undesirable tire/wheel combo. They look great. I drive a loaded V-6 with the 20" wheels and not only do they look great but the ride is fine. Recently did a 1400 mile round trip and had no complaints. And some of the turnpike roads in Florida are anything but silky smooth. As far as replacement cost the prices are not bad now and I am sure they will get even better as more 20" wheel vehicle are on the market. Subarus are great vehicles having owned them but they do not have anything as large and as luxurious as the Venza. I purchased mine for 4M off the sticker and also got a great trade on my 2007 Camry XLE V-6. I hope you enjoy whatever vehicle you purchase.
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    Subarus are great vehicles having owned them but they do not have anything as large and as luxurious as the Venza.

    That's a rather erroneous statement - Tribeca is larger and IMHO more luxurious. It's a different class, but that wasn't your statement. We've owned 2 Toyos and 2 Subies and liked all of them. I happen to be one of those people who hate the looks of ridiculously big wheels like I think the Venza has. That's a personal choice.
  • ecotrklvrecotrklvr Posts: 519
    Good to see that you got a great deal on your Venza. For myself, I'm still drawn to it - it's very much like my current ride. However, I consider the tires that come on the 4-cyl to be poor. If you to to and check out Owner's Surveys on the tires, you'll see. This still doesn't condemn the vehicle, but tires are too important for handling, ride comfort, ride noise, and safety. So, if I I was to buy a Venza, I'd need different tires. But that's the problem. That's impossible. Only two manufacturers in the world make that size! And neither of them is Michelin, Continental, Pirelli, etc.

    My current ride is an '07 Highlander that came with low-grade tires. I switched them the first week with Michelin Cross Terrains from Costco. It is now noticeably quieter on the road, handles better, and does not squeal in the corners like the original tires did. They should go 60-80k miles as well.

    Subaru is coming out with a 2010 Outback in a few weeks. It even looks like the Venza. And it's a lot bigger than Subies of old. It's spec'd here on Edmunds. Check it out. May even get the 6-speed manual! But a CVT is also available.
  • typesixtypesix Posts: 320
    "The only styling miscue is the single exhaust. It looks unbalanced."

    Better than paying more for an exhaust system repair. Many dual exhaust systems are for looks, but I will take single exhaust any day if performance or mpg is same as the dual. Why pay in some cases for two mufflers and sets of pipes to replace.
  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    More about BLING than practicality...
  • qs933qs933 Posts: 302
    Personally, I like a little BLING and am glad Toyota took some risks with the larger wheels and dual exhausts.

    Everyone has their own threshold -- I'm glad they avoided Detroit's current fascination with decorative side vents and chrome-plated wheels.
  • deepsouthdeepsouth Posts: 30
    Everyone has there own needs and taste. Personally the Venza is very practical for my family with or without the bling. With the hatchback its very practical. Cant' say that for a regular car
  • rdeasonrdeason Posts: 11
    If you check the individual spec sheets you will find that most all of the interior dimensions favor the Venza. One of the exceptions is front leg room where the Tribeca has almost 2 inches more. But the Venza more than compensates with almost 5 inches of rear leg room. The Tribeca is an attractive car and it was on my short list but the higher cost, less miles per gallon sort of put it out of the running. The new Outback looks great but is slanted more toward the offroad rugged type of customer. I will check it out when it comes out. Maybe to replace my current Jeep.
  • IIHS has released their crash test results for the Venza and gave it great scores. It scored GOOD all around and received a Top Safety Pick designation. This rating, coupled with the NHTSA's 5-star front & side ratings verify that Venza is a really safe vehicle.
  • We have had a 2003 FWD V6 Highlander in northern NH for six years and we just bought a FWD V6 Venza. After the first winter the All Season tires on the Highlander did not do well in the snow, so we bought Cooper Discoverer M&S tires (a winter tire) and left them on all year round. They worked great in the snow and, amazingly, we got 50,000 miles on them.

    We wanted to get the same tires for our new Venza, but Cooper does not make a 20" tire that will fit the Venza in the Discoverer M&S line. Ultimately, we bought a FWD V6 Venza and used the money we saved by not getting AWD to buy four really nice 18" OZ Botticelli wheels with Blizzak winter tires from the Tire Rack. I'm guessing the Blizzaks will only last about three winters here in NH. We'll use the stock wheels and tires for the first three summers, then put 18" Cooper Discoverer M&S tires on the OZ weels and leave them on all year round.

    Our FWD Highlander has handled fine in the snow with good winter tires and I expect our FWD Venza will do even better with the Blizzaks. Remember, AWD does nothing for you when you are braking. The Blizzakx have a much better snow tread than the stock Venza tires and I am sure they will be much better/safer for braking in winter conditions.
  • adam1978adam1978 Posts: 4
    I am considering purchasing a Venza but have concerns about the interior. Several posts on this forum, and in other reviews of the Venza, noted that interior pieces on the dash/center stack are not flush. Does anyone have a picture they could share so I can see exactly what this looks like? Can this issue be corrected by the dealer? Thanks!
  • japjjapj Posts: 4
    I was considering the Venza and 2010 Outback. Since I plan to take the car back with me to Europe when I return in a couple of years, I favored the Outback as they will not sell the Venza over there. I ended up test driving the 2.5 Limited Outback and was disappointed. Didn't like the cvt, many features that ought to be standard are an option (auto dimming mirror, homelink etc), seat are not comfortable, side mirrors don't fold in). Test drove the Venza the next day and took it home the same day. I have the 4cylinder with convenience pkg and JBL (I will get leather after market at suggestion of salesman) Although I have to get used to the 4cylinder as I was used to driving a Mercedes C280 AWD, it is a very smooth ride and acceleration is more than enough for everyday driving. I really like this car (driven 200 miles). My only concern would be replacing the tires (not sure they sell this size in Europe).
  • Have my Venza AWD V6 for 2 months/3000 mil. Silky smooth for two weeks. Then Unusual griding/clunk noice with every shifting(P to R or D). Particularly bad in the morning. The noice is getting worse. 3 days ago, the car would not move for more than 2 minute on Reverse when start in the morning. The VSC sign stayed on. Turned off engine/ restarted, the car moved. In the afternoon, the car would not move for more than 15 seconds on Drive, then jumped forward all the sudden. What a let down for this expensive Toyota (traded in a 2000 Avalon).

    The Tech confirmed the unusual noice but not the other problem and said that other new Venza also have similar noice issues I knew other venza owners in this forum reported similar problems with the transmission and start up. Manufacture defect?
    Toyota needs to get to the buttom of this.

    I do not feel safe driving the Venza with an erractic transmission. I will report back with more info as well as the repair results.
  • bpvenzabpvenza Posts: 4

    I was wondering does anyone know if the Navigation can read or play DVD movies?

    Thanks in advance
  • wbmdwbmd Posts: 4
    I hope Sienna's stick around. I will need a steady supply of them for the next 14 years.
  • not sure if the salesman who sold me the venza is right or wrong but he told me it is possible as long as you know which fuse to remove....
  • bpvenzabpvenza Posts: 4
    Thanks for the reply and tip. Any more advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks again Norm.
  • rdeasonrdeason Posts: 11
    I understand that the nav system can play dvd movies but the car must be in Park and the emergency brake must be on. You have to of course remove your nav dvd. It's in the manual. Hope this helps.
  • bpvenzabpvenza Posts: 4
    My navigation doesn't even have the DVD option on the menu. Does anyone have the DVD option on their Navigation?
  • I don't have either. I also tried to put a DVD on the navigation DVD player but the DVD player could recognize the NEMO salesman was wrong...
  • bpvenzabpvenza Posts: 4
    Hey Norm,

    So did you get it work at all or the option is just not available? I called the service guy at my dealership and he told me the same thing as the manual and Rdeason stated which is, engine on with emergency brake on and it can play dvds . I tried it and it didn't work. Any luck anyone?

  • ykckbyykckby Posts: 30
    I can not tell from the pictures and would appreciate someone answering this question please.

    When one puts the back seats down, maximizing the cargo area, do they lie flat? Is the entire cargo area flat or is it like my CRV where it slants upward on the seat backs going toward the front seats. Wierd explanation but I'm sure you understand what I mean if you own one.

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