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Toyota Venza Prices Paid



  • alan226alan226 Posts: 7
    With the recall and all of the bad publicity sales are slow. Also, Toyota tends to put almost no incentives on the Venza. With the new model year approaching, I would think some aggressive incentives would be coming. I absolutely LOVE the Venza that I bought. We will look for another one for my wife in the upcoming months...
  • svofan2svofan2 Posts: 442
    Where are you located?....did you get a decent deal?...when do you think the new 2011 will be out?...I will be ready to buy in October and was wondering if I should try to get a 2010 or really wait for the 2011...any suggestions?...thanks
  • alan226alan226 Posts: 7
    Located in eastern Mass. I gotta believe that Toyota will have to put some aggressive incentives in the next few months just to move inventory.

    I bought mine in late January. AWD 4cyl base model. Sticker was $28500, got the car for $25300, better than 10% off sticker.
  • rbashirrbashir Posts: 1
    I currently own Honda Accord 2004 V4 and looking into Venza as a car for my wife. I do not want to by the latest and greatest 2010 model but very much interested in getting a 2009 venza. Please share your thoughts since currently, Toyota being under so much scrutiny, would I be able to get a good deal on 2009 Venza ? something between 20k-23k.

    Share your thoughts.

    Thanks a lot.
  • blueiedgodblueiedgod Posts: 2,798
    I currently own Honda Accord 2004 V4 and looking into Venza as a car for my wife. I do not want to by the latest and greatest 2010 model but very much interested in getting a 2009 venza. Please share your thoughts since currently, Toyota being under so much scrutiny, would I be able to get a good deal on 2009 Venza ? something between 20k-23k.

    Share your thoughts.

    Thanks a lot.

    I think an Accord with a V4 would be worth millions to a collector. I didn't really think Honda put V4's in cars. I have a 1983 Honda Magna motrcycle with a V4, and they stopped putting V4's in bikes back in the 80's. Even bikes now a days get straight 4 cylinder engines.

    I'd say hang on to that V4 powered Accord, it is a collector's item. :shades:
  • cslasorcslasor Posts: 15
    I also posted this on the Mazda5 board, but since the Venza is the other car I'm considering buying, and since they also have a 0% financing deal going on, it seemed appropriate to post here also.

    I've been considering buying a Venza I4 FWD for several months now, and the 0% financing offer is very tempting. I figure it would save me about $1000 in finance charges vs. financing at my credit union's rate of 2.9% for 36 months.

    What I was wondering, though, is whether it really makes any difference to try to buy during a special financing deal. I mean, do they just hold out for a higher price when they have a 0% financing deal? Or would it maybe be better to wait a while and see if the number of buyers drops off after the financing deal expires and then negotiate a better price?

    Any thoughts from you car-buying experts?
  • luckyme1luckyme1 Posts: 29
    Just purchased a 2010 AWD V6
    (LX) Premium #2
    (NV) Navigaion
    (SR) Sunroof
    (TO) Tow Prep
    Carpeted Mats
    MSRP: $38,764

    Invoice: $34,749
    Dealer Fees $499
    Cash Back ($750)
    Net: $34,498

    I had a trade in, but we handled it seperately, and they gave me a fair price for the trade. Paid tax on trade difference.
  • My wife and I are looking in Los Angeles at a 2009 Venza FWD 4Cyl with panoramic roof and bluetooth. Sticker is 28500, dealer will sell for 26400 less 1500 cash back = 24900, out the door for 27900 with 4% financing. What do you guys think? My wife really loves the color tropical sea metallic and this is the only dealership around with one left in that color.
  • kernatkernat Posts: 5
    edited March 2010
    New England region

    4 cyl AWD 2010 Venza: MSRP $33,324 (all souped up, leather, convenience, comfort, security, sun roof)

    Sunset Bronze

    ePrice: $29,921

    Drive out price before taxes tag and license: $29,300 + 2 year free maintenences, oil change for past TYT owners.

    Invoice about $30,000.

    Hope this helps.
  • roho1roho1 Posts: 318
    a local Toyota dealer advertised in the Sunday paper, "Employee pricing plus on all models".

    Venza quoted was MSRP=$28667 minus $2872 employee discount, minus owner loyalty cash back $2000(up to in small letters). Price=$23995 for model 2810(4cyl) plus up to 3 years maintenance, 0% interest,no payment for 90 days.
    Seems like a good deal but I've found once you walk into the dealer this offer was on one vehicle that has already sold and those "up to's" are automatically reduced to the minimum.
    I'm not quite ready to haggle with a salesman yet but thought I would show that offers are starting to show up.
  • Can you tell me the best deal with tier 1 credit venza limited. Like to get best price before telling them I want them to lease or buy. Thanks. If I had a ad I can show it to dealer.
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    OTD price.. we all pay it.
  • first time buy a car,i am looking for one next week.i just want that basic one,invoice price like 25000+,how much your guys pay for ??i am live in NY so anybody living around???and how much you pay ?which model?thank you very much.
  • Wife and I just bought a new 2009 Venza 4-cyl FWD with moonroof and bluetooth in tropical sea metallic for $27,935 out the door with 4% financing for 60 months, plus free 2-year auto maintenance package, from a dealership in Los Angeles. Wife loves the car. I haven't driven it much yet.
  • billsyrbillsyr Posts: 5
    Has anyone had any experience with the new lease deals from Toyota? I see they have a Lease for only $229 a month for 36 months with $1999 plus S&H and tax (I assume). Is that $2k down a hidden finance cost or does it actually bring down the price of the car? Are they holding to window sticker price or offering decent discounts before the lease offer?

    We own a 07 Lincoln MKX, which is very similar to the venza but obviously a new one cost considerably more.

    Any ideas, suggestions on prices being paid these days in upstate NY would be helpful. Thanks!

  • prowessprowess Posts: 2
    I am looking at leasing the 2010 Venza AWD V6 in the midwest with:
    (CQ) convenience, (LS) comfort, (SA) security, (SR) panoramic roof, (EJ) JBL w/XM bluetooth
    MSRP: $36,314
    selling price: 32,600
    cap cost: 33,429
    residual: 19,842
    pymt: $400 mo (not incl sales tax) money factor .00044, 36 mo lease, 12k miles
    no money down, just first month pymt.
    What I'm wanting to know is if any of these fees are necessary or negotiable?
    $650 acq fee, $180 admin fee, $750 destination charge, $514 TDA, $591 dealer holdback, $295 whsl financial reserve. Thanks!
  • Purchased a 2010 AWD V6 configured like yours on March 22, MSRP was $38.6k. My price including dealer fees, but before sales tax, tags, and docs was $33.9k. Price was great. Toyota is more aggressively reducing prices than I experience with my last two Toyota purchases. Purchased at Holman Toyota in NJ..

    I love the car. Only has 300 miles on it and most of them were on I95 between Atlantic City and Washington DC. Nice highway cruiser. So far 30% better MPG then my Explorer.
  • gerard72gerard72 Posts: 1
    hi krypto, i'm planning to buy a venza 4 cyl too. Can you tell me if the $27,500 was plus tax? and if you have something to say about the car. Thank you very much!!!
  • yeekyeek Posts: 18
    Just read several news reports that Toyota may give FREE 2 year service to first time buyers as well as returning Toyota buyers. Plus they will probably extend most March incentives. Announcement April 6.
  • duvaluduvalu Posts: 8
    Roho1, that's a great deal. Where did you get it, I"m planning to get the same car?

  • rekhihsrekhihs Posts: 1
    I am paying 31,303 before taxes for a New 2009 V6 Toyota Venza premium package 2.

    leather interior, tow package, Sun roof, V6 basically everything except the nav system.

    is that a good price. We want the 0% financing so they will not give us the 1500 rebate.

    Thanks for your guidance as to whether this is a good price.
  • ccrellinccrellin Posts: 2
    In the greater Boston area, for an AWD 4-cylinder Venza (black) with the comfort, convenience and security packages (and sunroof), I paid $28,975 which included the destination charge. Seemed like a good deal to me.
  • ab00ab00 Posts: 1
    edited May 2010
    For those in the market for a Venza lease, I just signed a 36 month lease for a new 2010 2WD V6 Venza with leather, JBL audio and panoramic sunroof for $400/mth (incl. of all taxes). No money down and $475 drive-off (pretty much the first month payment). Don't know if this is a good lease or not but hope it helps folks negotiating a lease. I am in Los Angeles and enjoying the car so far.
    cheers, ab
  • apogor71apogor71 Posts: 2
    I'm looking to buy 2010 Venza V6. I have a questions regarding extended warranty. Does anyone have extended warranty added to you deal. How much was it? Thank you, Andy :)
  • beachguy1beachguy1 Posts: 2
    Andy, I purchased a 2010 V6 AWD Venza in late March. This is the first time we've purchased an extended warranty. We bought it because we plan to hang on to this car for a few years and the car is complicated with all the bells and whistles. The cost for 8 years 96,000 miles was approx $1,250. I see it as $250/year for the 5 years beyond the original 3 year 36k mile warranty.
  • agie1agie1 Posts: 23
    I just bought 2009 V6 AWD last week, msrp $38k, selling price $31K, 400 miles.
    I bought also extended warranty for $1695 (7/70k, platinum, no deductible).
    Is it a good deal or not?
  • apogor71apogor71 Posts: 2
    This is great. Thank you for the info. 1250$ seems reasonable.
  • bradleym2bradleym2 Posts: 3
    Just got offered $300.00 below invoice on any Venza I want, be it in stock, in transit, or on order. Sounds good to me. I was dealing over the internet and got the fleet manager. So, ask for the fleet manager. Don't waste time with the lot lackeys.

    I think I'm going for the V6, FWD, Blizzard Pearl White, CQ, SR, NV, LA, SA, CF for $31814 plus tax, license, and doc fee. Unfortunately, in Los Angeles, CA, sales tax is 9.75%.

    Toyota is giving 3.9% financing, 2years/25,000 miles of free maintenance. The dealership is giving one free car wash a week for up to 7 years.

    Overall, this was the second best price I got on my package. Another dealer offered $31671 for the same, but did not have a car, and did not have one allocated or on order. If I wait, 5-6 weeks, I may miss out on the special financing and free service.

    Good hunting!
  • jb_turnerjb_turner Posts: 702
    $300 below invoice sounds very good. Keep in mind what really matters is OTD price because we all pay it.
  • marvin6marvin6 Posts: 72
    We bought our 6 cyl venza last month through the USAA buying service (they use We paid $1600 below invoice. I just checked the website and it can now be purchased (through June 1st) for $2,000 below invoice. We got a price from a local dealer in Alabama that was $500 below msrp. (oddly enough, toyota was giving $500 off) We got the 6 cyl with premium pkg 2, tow prep pkg, rear bumper protector, carpet (including cargo area), mudflaps and probably something else small. What was the cost difference? All these items had an msrp and an invoice. The total difference from the local dealer and the USAA dealer on the same vehicle was over $4500. Yes, four thousand five hundred dollars. I do not think $300 below invoice is a good deal at all. You may want to look into some buying services. If not USAA, check SAMS or AAA or someone like that.
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