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Pontiac Montana



  • pnut1pnut1 Posts: 1
    I had the problem very close to this. The problem is an overheat problem in the tail lamp assembly. If you pull the connecter off you will probably see heat damage in the female plug assy and pulling out the brake bulb may be heat damage there. You can replace the "card" in the taillight assy which is really the sockets and bus assy. It was about $50.00 I recall. I changed it myself. A friend of mine has a 2000 Montana and had to do the same thing. The male terminals on the card were all aluminum on the old one but the brakelight and another one on the new one were copper(coated maybe) so this might be a fix for better conduction and less heat there. When you light are blinking real fast with the brake pushed all the lights back there are doing really weird stuff, nothing is right. Hope this helps

    Pnut :)
  • ClairesClaires Chicago areaPosts: 1,221
    synkrowe and drifter3, you might also want to get input from the folks in the Climate Control Problems: All Cars Forum. Try posting your questions there as well.

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  • synkrowesynkrowe Posts: 5
    Thank you for the tip.
  • mlovsemlovse Posts: 7
    I had this exact same problem last week. I did the same things you did, checking all the fuses and the diodes. But everything looked good, so I took it to my mechanic.

    The mechanic says the clutch does not engage because the refrigerant mixed with the oil. If the clutch would engage without oil, it would destroy itself. You have no refrigerant mix in your system, so the clutch will not engage.

    They did an a/c service. Removing all of the air from the system, recharging it, and adding a UV die, so they can see any leaks if the a/c stops working again. Expect to pay $130 - $150.

    The a/c stopped working 5 days later. So I have a big leak somewhere and have to take it in again. BTW it's 90 degrees and very humid today.

    My van is a 2001 Montana with 62,000 miles.

    Keep me posted on what's wrong with yours and we'll compare notes!

  • drifter3drifter3 Posts: 7
    Thanks for the info. Have yet to decide on if I will fix it or not...
  • duphamdupham Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Montana and the A/C stopped working about 2 weeks ago. I took it into a local mechanic and he recharged it and added a UV dye to check for leaks. It worked immediatley but stopped working the next day. I took it back to the mechanic yesterday and he said the dye comfirmed that I have a bad compressor and need it replaced to the tune of $510.00....Would this be covered under my warranty? I bought it from the local Pontiac in 2002 with the balance of the facotry warranty....It currently has 61,000 miles on it and everyone I talked too can't believe the compressor is shot already. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks
  • btaylorbtaylor Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 Montana and the carpeting is wet on the passenger side any idea what it might be. Only happens in the summer when the A/C is running. I think it might be the condensation tube is stopped up. where might it be located. Thanks for any help you can give me
  • mlovsemlovse Posts: 7
    That truly sucks that your compressor is bad. I would expect it to go at 100,000 miles. My 2001 Montana (63,000 miles) got the UV dye and stopped working 5 days later. I have yet to take it in to determine the problem.

    Unless you purchased an extended warranty from that local dealer, the factory GM warranty is done at 3 years or 36,000 miles.

    If $510.00 includes the labor, it's actually a good price. Normally it would cost around $630.
  • The brake lights on my 98 Trans Sport quit working. The upper light in the middle of the rear window still works, but the two associated with the 4 bulb assemblies (one on each side) don't work. The bulbs illuminate when the headlights are on, however, when the brakes are applied the lights don't change, i.e. get brighter. Is there an easy fix for this? Thanks for your help.
  • The cruise control on my 98 Trans Sport just quit working. The van has no reaction when you turn the switch for the cruise control "on" or when you try to engage it by pressing the "set" button. The guy at the shop wants $600 to fix. Is this a rip-off or will he really need to take the steering column apart, etc? Again, I'm guessing there is no "easy fix". Thanks.
  • just4fun2just4fun2 Posts: 461
    If you do a "search" for this problem, I believe that you will come across with the correct fix. I read that you need to check the brake light bulbs (remove and check the socket) to see if it has melted. Your cruise control is part of the brake lights and if they don't work your cruise won't. I don't believe that the problem is in your column switch, so don't let them near it.

    Again, do a "search" and find out what others have done to correct this problem.

    Good Luck.
  • al2503al2503 Posts: 1
    Similar thing happened on my '97 with the A/C not blowing with any force out the front vents. There is a panel in the back of the glove box you can open to access a filter. It was completely clogged with dust and leaves, I think you can buy a replacement at Autozone for $5. I was pulling my hair out until a mechanic friend mentioned it to me.
  • Thanks for the tip. It never occurred to me that the two would be related. I changed the circuit board (it was brown due to overheating) and both the brake lights and the cruise now work. All for about $50. Thanks again
  • deerenutdeerenut Posts: 3
    I agree, I had the same problem, changed the filters and had good air flow again. Hope it works!
  • deerenutdeerenut Posts: 3
    In talking to my brother in law who owns a 2003 venture, he informed me about the intake gasket problems. We have a 2001 montana, 69,500 miles, with the 3400 engine and it smells of burning oil after driving for a while (30 -40 min.) I suspect this is the problem. Has anyone had this fail while on the road? If so, what are the consequences? After hearing of these problems, I am nervous to go out of town unitl we get it fixed or buy another vehicle.
  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    Where is the circuit board located, and where did you buy a new one?
  • mlovsemlovse Posts: 7
    I've got the verdict in on why the A/C recharge only lasted 5 days....hole in the condenser!

    The quote I got to fix it was $709! This is an independent shop, not a dealership, but since no aftermarket condensers are available, they have to buy it from the dealership.

    The dealership was charging them $406 for a new condenser. Usually the labor is more than parts!

    I called around and found a new condenser (part# 10335492) for $299 at a different dealership.

    There is also a good web site that has it for $280. But also 7-10 days to ship, so I went with the local place.

    So I was able to reduce the total from $709 to $593 with a few calls.
  • kkollwitz, Pontiac calls it a "circuit board", however, when I hear circuit board, I think of the green circuit boards in my computer. Instead, it is part of the tail lights assembly. The assembly is attached to the car with two Allen screws. Take the screws out, unplug the wiring harness, and detach the "circuit board" from the colored lens assembly by "unsnapping" the four tabs. The part that is left (the one into which the four bulbs plug) is the circuit board.

    I bought the circuit board from the local Pontiac dealership. Hope this helps
  • mlovsemlovse Posts: 7
    I have a 2001 Montana and never had the intake gasket problem but I've owned two Neons that did.

    Basically, it's an oil leak...a big one. I could drive around but would have to check the oil daily. This was a stopgap measure before the dealer could fix it under warranty.

    I had visible puddles underneath the car every day, sounds like yours is pretty small and is being burned off of the engine block.

    I don't think you'd have any problems leaving town. Just don't let the oil get too low or you'll need whole new engine!

  • kkollwitzkkollwitz Posts: 274
    "it is part of the tail lights assembly."

    OK, I have plugged bulbs into that, I had the idea it was something under the dash.
  • btaylorbtaylor Posts: 3
    I have a 1999 montana and when the air condtionor is on we get a wate rleak on the passenger side any idea what is causing this and what can be done to resole this.
  • rychrrychr Posts: 2
    I had a similar problem, there was no air output from the HVAC on setting one and two but I had air flow on setting three and up. The GM parts manager at my local dealership recommended that I change the heating resistor, (under the passenger side beside the fan motor) he said that they corrode over time (cheap OEM part) and this causes the problem. I bought the part for about $60 (CDN) and changed it myself (saved about two hours of labour) and the air flow started working again. I also cleaned the pollen filter (located in the glove box) and everything is back to normal.
  • just4fun2just4fun2 Posts: 461
    You want to keep the pollen filter clean and not let it get dirty. The heater resistor is cooled by the air flowing through the system. If the pollen filter restricts the air flow, your resistor will over heat and fail sooner. When you have your blower on low speeds, that's when the resistor will need the most cooling from the incoming airflow.
  • mlovsemlovse Posts: 7
    The air conditioning drain seems to be clogged, causing water to drain inside the car near the passenger floor mat area instead of onto the ground. The drain lines can be cleared by inserting a wire with a small hook on the end of the drain tubes to clear out any obstruction. This has to be done from under the van.

    Water will probably come gushing out after you do it!
  • hbbbnmehbbbnme Posts: 1
    Hi, I have proudly owned my 1997 Pontiac Montana Transport minivan since May of 2004..
    SINCE I bought mine, * YES used, the only minor issues i have had to deal with has been the Drivers side window*, and the mirrors cannot be controlled, and.. the Passenger side window cannot be controlled from the drivers Side.. *OCCASIONALLY....... :| but other than that, As far as working condition, The van is AWESOMe, as far as ROOM, ITS GREAT.. I have Twin 3 year old boys, and myself and my husband that goes EVERYWHERE In it.. I am currently expecting another baby * or 2 lol * .. we find out how many on Thursday .. BUT THIS van will be used to get us all home from the hospital without worries, it rides so smoothly, i wouldnt trade it for the world.. I LOVE MY PONTIAC!!!!!!!
    AND.. LOL My 2 sister in laws LOVED My van, and bought themselves one each.. they have families of their own as well.. Mine is white, my sis in law that got the next one.. got a red one.. lol and the other one got Blue.. So we are now the red, white and blues ;) LOL Showing our american pride.. ;)
  • emac7256emac7256 Posts: 1
    Have 2002 pontiac montana as well with 42000 miles will be 3 yrs old in november and they say i need to replace the compressor seals for 1000 dollars at granite run pontiac. Wouldn't these parts be defective if they don't last 3 years. Let's make some consumer complaints.
    Ed Anderson
  • Anyone who has a Pontiac Montana / Transport, has experienced, or is going to experience an air conditioner failure. What happens is that the compressor clutch gets worn due to a design hack in the clutch being to small. So when the clutch wears and starts to slip, it overheats the disc and in turn wears out the main seals creating an enevitable leak.

    I have a '98 and replaced my main compressor unit myself, and you dont have to be ASE certified or even a "wrench" to do this remove and replace. Advance auto parts carries a line of reconditioned A/C parts and a compressor for the Transport. It was right at $300.00. You will also need the in-line filter ($10.00), and the dryer (about $50.00). This should take about 1.5 hours to replace and lastly you will need to take it to an A/C mechanic for a coolant charge. ($50-$70) Purchasing a Haynes manual is all you will need for a little guidance.

    So for a little more than $400 and a little ingenuity, you could possibly save yourself $600-$1000!!! :)
  • Ed, I'm in the same boat. I have an 02 Montana and the compressor has a hole in it. Replacement is going to run me around 600-800 bucks.... Any ideas how we can research the commonality of this problem?

  • Well, just got off the phone with the mechanic, :mad: it's going to cost me $2600 to replace the engine because the intake gasket failed allowing coolant into the oil in turn causing the head gasket to fail and numerous other issues to cause a blown engine. I was only aware of it being an issue for 2 days that I needed to get back and forth to work and couldn't get the car into the shop for those 2 days anyway(I made sure to keep a close eye on both the coolant and oil) The newer(used) engine will eventually have the same problem according to the mechanic because it's allegedly a design flaw by GM.

    I'd scrap the 98 Pontiac Transport :lemon: I bought used but I'm still paying on it and trying to get a mortgage to buy a house so can't take out anymore credit. I liked it alot when I bought it, babied it but apparently not enough. Nowadays cars aren't built to be used I reckon.
  • swshswsh Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Montana and I just had my condensor replaced. Ran me $1050.00. I called Pontiac because my van seems to be self destructing since the warranty ran out -- I've had the video player replaced, the weather stripping around my doors, the master cylinder for the brakes, the condensor, the MAF. The car has leaked since I bought it ("we can't reproduce the problem.") and that makes my car call On Star when it rains. I called Pontiac; they offerred me a free oil change.
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