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Pontiac Montana



  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    Never heard of a peeling paint issue. Did something maybe drip on your van?
  • helnwlshelnwls Posts: 3
    Nothing has dripped on the van - it is outside though. Just started in the last month or so just at the hood closest to the windshield.

    Just waiting to see if anyone has had the same problems.

  • Hi,

    Some time ago maybe a year the lights on the right side of the radio display went dark. Now the climate control dial doesn't blow air unless it is on 3. And my daughter broke the cassette player. So I will probably spend the money to replace the entire unit.

    Our gas float gauge also stopped working about a year ago and the thermometer also only works occasionally.

    Don't know if it helps you to know that you are not alone!

    Have a good day!
  • This is a very common on these vehicles. The next time you walk through a parking lot take a look at how common in is. BTW, the hood is aluminum and will not rust, it just looks kind of crappy. I have a copy if a service bulletin dated Jan 2003 that I found on the web. It outlines the vehicles that are covered and your 2002 is included on the list. It is bulletin 01-08-51-004A.
  • baveuxbaveux Posts: 175
    Samething here,( Montana 2002) the rear door hatch paint is bubling and paint is flaking on the inside bottom of it. Its a strip of about 1 " wide starting right at the bottom of the hatch.

    The bottom right side door is the same. I have the same problem on my Century 2002 . I fill a complaint to GM and I am waiting for an offer .
  • andyn1andyn1 Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Montana. The driver side far back power window will not close. There is no motor noise on this side.

    The far back passenger window works fine.

    Has anyone had this problem?
  • OK, so looks like my problems are pretty common with other Montana's - Gas gauge, and the friggin cooling thing- A/C and leaky gaskets, SO, my question is this.....why the heck is there not a recall on vehicles with these problems? I am sure that it must be brutal on the enviornment...leaking out all over. Isn't it illegal to dump antifreeze and A/C coolant on the ground. I have spent thousands on my problems.
  • cwesleygcwesleyg Posts: 64
    Our 2001 has this problem and I've seen it on many others. The hood on ours is blistered and flaking alsmost all the way across the top edge. It is frustrating watching this happen all across a hood that has zero rust. The paint just doesn't want to stick to that metal. It does appear that the metal has deteriorated somewhat. I've seen worse examples on some other GM cars with galvanized body panels. I have heighbor with a late 90's Bonneville that is missing about 1/3 of its paint. GM will only do something about it if there is rust through. Our Montana doesn't have any rust at all... just blistered paint or metal showing...

    What I really hate is the way all the black rubber door edging has fallen off... it actually caused the edge of the passenger side sliding door to bend over. Also the corrigated tube that goes from the roof to the back door comes lose all the time and encourages leaks into the interior of the van... but that all said, we have 75k on this van now, and it runs like a champ and we have had no AC issues. I do have a neighbor that had to have a head gasket done with low miles though.
  • The reason your hood is not rusting is because it is made of aluminum and aluminum does not rust. Your 2001 might be under warranty for this still or not?
  • Hi

    If your still in the basic warranty period of 36 months/60,000 kms (whichever comes first) then GM will cover the peeling paint, rust and/or corrosion. I actually have my 2002 Montana in at the moment for paint repairs on the rear hatch(inside lip rusty), both rocker panels(peeling paint) and for the hood(inside and out peeling paint/corroding). Mind you the Pontiac dealer i'm dealing with wasn't too happy to do the repair work but a phone call to GM changed that fairly fast. I'm from Canada though so not sure if it would be different for the United States. Hope this helps. Good luck with your van. :)
  • vanman1vanman1 Posts: 1,397
    I had not heard of this paint peeling issue on some vans before. I will have to watch for it. Our van is just over a year old and aside from a door rattle, it's been trouble free. It's being used for a part time business also so it's getting heavy use too.

    Hopefully since it's a 2004, it will be better than the early models.
  • yan73yan73 Posts: 2
    hi im having the same problem on my montana 2001 i just brought it in to get the head gasket fix and the lower intake gasket i never tought i was gonna have that kind of problem. i had a toyota corolla before and never had any problem with it for 7 years.
    can somebody tell me whats wrong with these van???
  • Okay i bought my 2001 montana ext 7-18-2005 56000 miles, GM CERTIFIED. Really what is certified ???? So far I've had my ignition relay swith replaced and my right side hub, now my front vents have spit out smoke, dealer tells me its normal to have problems shifting from park, lol, normal. also shifts hard between gears 3-4 rpms plus wipers are not intermittent hello when you adjust it they stop where ever they are talk about dangerous. rattle in back??? any thoughts??? please help :cry: :lemon: :mad:
  • yan73yan73 Posts: 2
    hi im having that problem on my montana 2001 i just brought it in to get the head gasket and the lower intake gasket fix. a job of 1400 dollars .im having problem with the a/c too .i notice the problem when i start to loose dexcool.

    i would get it inspect if i was you cause your engine can overheat and then you will have more problem.

    i dont know why theres no recall on these vans?
  • viavia Posts: 1
    Same problem with Montana 2001. The paint on the hood is peeling.
  • Not w/ 75K... aluminum corodes nicely and loses paint better yet...
  • "GM CERTIFIED" is supposed to represent a complete check of all systems... Whatnit really is.... its a paper sign they hang on any vehicle that looks "reasonably worn"... it is a marketing gimmick more than anything else...
  • does anyone know how to take the vcr out of the van? ours is eating tapes and need to fix it. it's a 2001. thanx
  • I know for sure that paint peeling on alluminum hood , and head gasket leakage are definitely a common problems in the montana 2000, because i have them both,and many people have one or the other problem.
    I've seen a GM dealer in canada but he said he couldn't do anything unless I pay big bucks.....this because the stupid warranty is expired, but isn't it a MANUFACTURER DEFECT? since it's common to all montanas!
    answer me please,
  • I have a 2001 montana and my gas gauge just quit working. Float back and forth from full to half... A/C doesn't work anymore. And every once an awhile the driver side power lock release doesn,t work. Will work every time from the pass side.
    Rear wiper will quit every once an awhile...
    But it drives and handles nice ..not to noise..gas mileage from 23-31 (canadian gallons). Will probabaly keep it until something major happens.
  • I have a 99 Montana with similar problems, except the passenger side power window is broke and the power locks are intermittent. Same thing as you with the gas gauge. I took it to auto zone and dropped 5 codes:
    EVAP emission control system/vent valve (0449)
    EVAP pressure sensor 0452
    EVAP pressure sensor 0453
    Extended travel valve pintal stuck open (1404)
    5 volt ref B circuit 1639

    If I can just get the gas gauge/locks and pass side window switch working I will be satisfied. I like the power and acceleration.
  • Has anyone experienced a SEVERE road noise from the rear from a 2000 Montana. My back passengers can hear a thing and I have to have my radio up pretty loud to hear music. I was thinking it was the tires since they are the original tires on the rear only, but when I switch road surfaces the noise sounds exactly the same. I have 50,000 on the vehicle.

    Anyone know what this could be. I have noticed it probably since year 1 of the vehicle, now its just getting ridiculous. I have 2 children and I am afraid it might affect their hearing over time.
  • Have you had the rear wheel bearings check out?
  • If the tires are the original General's, they are probably cupped, and will create severe road noise. I replaced them on my 2000 Silhouette at 35000 miles for that reason.
  • Thanks, I just got a call from teh dealer and he said my tires need replacing due to them being cupped. I guess it's off to Sam's Club now for some tires.
  • clipclip Posts: 2
    I have a 2000 Montana std wb. The roof, behind the windshield is rusting, the paint on the rear edge of the hood lacks adhesion to the metal, and the paint on the front bumper cover is starting to peel. GM is declining any responsibility due to the mileage exceeding the 100K warranty. What does mileage have to do with poor design or material issues?
  • My ABS quit along with the Traction Control in my 2001 Montana. at the same time. The warning lights stay on. My mechanic said the right hub speed sensor wire had been pulled out and the only way to fix it was to replace the hub ($400.00). I searched for parts and discovered there is a speed sensor listed for the wheel. Is this replacable by a good "backyarder" or is my mechanic correct? I just replaced this hub 30,000 miles ago. (I have 101,000 on it now).
  • Hello, My wife and I really love our Montana. We bought it used with over 60000 miles and over 20000miles later it is still running great. My only problem is I accidently knocked out my passeneger side power mirror and had to have it replaced. I tried to do it myself. But I don't know how to unplug the old mirror and plug in the new mirror. Does anyone know how to reach that plug? Your help is much appreciated. Oh and this is for a 99 Montana.
  • clipclip Posts: 2
    I believe the rust and paint adhesion problems are due to poor design or poor manufacturing techiques. How does one initiate a class action suit against GM?
  • phylosphylos Posts: 3
    I'm looking for a replacement DVD remote control for a used 2002 Potiac Montana. I won't necessarily need the factory remote, but any universal remote that works would be fine also. The problem is that I have no idea what the make and model number is for the factory DVD player in the Pontiac Montana entertainment system. If I knew that I'd have half a chance of programming a universal remote control to work the thing or perhaps purchase a replacement remote control on ebay or where ever. Any help?
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