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Pontiac Montana



  • tweetntamtweetntam Posts: 1
    My girlfriend Tammy has a '99 Montana that just rolled over 100,000 miles. She's had this van for 3 years now and it's been nothing but easy the whole time. She replaced the driver-side window switch when it stopped working-$75 at the dealer, and she installed it herself in about 20 mins. It runs and shifts great, and doesn't experience nearly as much body-roll as you would think in the corners. I guess mztaken got a friday afternoon car, 'cause ours is great.
    Now if I can just talk her into a few upgrades......
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    Hi there. Just thought I would share my similar experience. Recently I noticed that when I applied the brakes on my 1997 Trans Sport, the Driving Lights / Fog Lights would illuminate.

    Noticed that the Driver's Side brake light wasn't working, so removed the L/R lamp assembly. 3057 bulb was melted at the base - managed to removed melted / burnt bulb, and replaced it. Everything is back to normal now.
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    I have the same problem with my 1997 Trans Sport. Does anyone have the part number and description? Is it a heater resistor? a blower motor resistor? Do I access it through the glove box access door, or from under the dash?

    Any help would be appreciated.
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    I also have this problem. Maybe a dumb question(I haven't started to tackle this job yet) but does the radio assembly need to be removed in order to perform the bulb replacement?
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    My power sliding door has stopped working (again!) Instead of paying someone to "reset" it, can someone help me out with how to do this myself?

    I'm dealing with a 4 and 5 year old, and my wife, who are all disappointed that the power door no longer works. You married guys can understand what I'm going through. HELP!
  • Ok, im new to this forum so ill try to explain everything all the way thru.
    my mother has a 99 Pontiac Montana That has almost 90,000 Miles on it and has had electrical problems for a long time but no motor problems. until now. she was driving,and all the sudden all dash lights came on at once and the van jerked and i pulled over,shut it off, turned it back on, and it just shook. so i shut it off again, had it towed to a mechanic who was supposed to be one of the best.

    He now has had it a little over 2 and a half months, and cant figure out whats wrong. he has tried everything he can think of, ask everyone he knows, and even spent his day off at a nascar race asking everyone he could about it. Now its no longer a job, its an obsession. he has paid all the labor to the other mechanics,isnt charging for any parts except for the 2 injectors he first thought it was and is working alone on it night and day. :sick: :mad: :cry:

    and as to the guy who posted above. our quit working soon after they put the "saftey recall" on it....figures...if u hear anything..pass it on please!..thanks

    If anyone has any suggestions or needs more details feel free to email me at
    or reply on here. ANYTHING WOULD BE APPRICIATED!!! :confuse: i need anything anyone can think of..

    Thank you,
  • sbrazeausbrazeau Posts: 1
    Beware Of Pontiac Montana’s

    I own a 2003 Montana with 57 000kms (what a piece of crap) let me explain the problems I had with this van.

    1. Filter cracked inside the transmission
    2. Catalytic converter shielding came apart
    3. Left and right ball joints had to be replaced
    4. Intake gasket had to replaced at 48 000kms
    5. Wiper motor has to be replaced
    6. Right side power window motor needs to be replaced
    7. Rear brake cylinders had to replace because they seized and leaked at 41 000kms

    Now I still have 1 year to go on my lease with no warranty. What’s next!!!!!!!
  • q1001001q1001001 Posts: 1
    You guys and this forum are awesome. I too saved alot of money by fixing my tail light problem with the information shared here. Keep it going. Who knows how many other people have been helped.
  • moommoommoommoom Posts: 2
    I had similar problems with my Montana 2000, when slowing in traffic or in parallel parking, if I wouldn’t continue given gas, the car would stale, I replaced the “TPS sensor”, since, I have no more this problem.
  • moommoommoommoom Posts: 2
    Have a look at following url, and then tell me, if they had no complain?
  • Well!

    I am not too impressed by my vehicle and my entire family is no longer keen on GM quality.

    I own a 2000 Montana, like it - but not reliable enough for me. It will be sold. I had the manifold gasket go (the really classy GM dealer paid all in 2005), the rear hub ABS sensor ($500), the rear wiper motor x2 ($300 x 2) and all kinds of trips to service the power door of course. I am the daughter of a mechanic and it has been extremely well maintained. I also own a 1988 Mazda MX 6 5 speed which has had no issues until 2006 (new rad).

    Regarding GM products....

    My sisters 2003 Rendevous (all 4 wheel bearings, rear window wiper, 2 power windows)

    My parents Buick Century 2000 - (yes the manifold gasket, power window problems, engine service light on always, trunck release broke).

    Suffice it to say, here are the recent family purchases....

    Me - Infinity FX 35 crossover
    Sister - Mazda 3
    Parents - Lexus

    Enough said. Oh yes, all 3 of us have GM VISA cards - we all had over $3,500 of cash for the purchase of a GM vehicle and we all said NO.

  • gerti32gerti32 Posts: 2
    Can someone out there please let me know if 2001 Montana's have some type of electrical/overheating problems? We had our Montana just over 6months when it started "overheating" or at least the temperature gauge would read that it was overheating. One dealership told us it was a cracked head gasket, but our mechanic says that's not the problem. He feels it's something electrical but just can't figure it out. He's changed the thermostat and added coolant, that worked for about a month. Now we're back to square one and it overheats according to the thermostat within a three mile drive. Because of the safety feature, once the thermostat is in high temp it slows down the motor, and you loose acceleration. I see from the postings that this engine has a history of head gasket/intake manifold problems, is there any experts out there who think this may be the problem? If so, please respond!!
  • jservicejservice Posts: 11
    I have a 1997 and had a similar problem - ended up being head gaskets. The temp gauge would "spike" very high and then come back down. I got away with driving it that way for about a week, then started it one morning and it sounded like a sack of hammers.

    Turns out, the coolant had contaminated the oil (oil was also in the coolant) causing the lifters to collapse, and the engine to run on about 4 cylinders. Got it to the mechanic who replaced the head gaskets. Also had to replace the O2 sensor because it had gotten crapped up with all the coolant the engine was trying to burn.

    You said your van needed coolant last time it was checked - coolant can only escape the engine in 2 ways: it leaks out, either onto the ground or into your oil supply, or it gets sucked into the combustion chambers and burned.

    I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I would suggest taking your van to another mechanic... FAST.
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    To all who have their van still under warranty, If you suspect that you have a coolant/oil gasket leak, I would recommend that you get it repaired. They have the new intake gasket p/n 89017279. Make sure you refer them to Service Bulletin 03-06-01-010, because of the new torque Spec's
  • gerti32gerti32 Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply!! Just got it back from mechanic - it overheated 4 times at least in 15 miles and lost acceleration twice!! Mechanic says he did the pressure test, but it didn't show any problem w/ head gasket, BUT the more I read online, the more I believe that is what the problem is!! So now the decision is whether to fix it (about $1400 US Dollars) or to try to sell it. We believe it had this problem when we bought it from the dealer, as it was the dealers co-workers wife's car and they just happen to decide to sell it - I think they filled it full of gasket crack filler and sold it to us.. :mad: too late now.. and lesson learned!! Decisions, decisions,.... I can't see trying to sell it w/o fixing it but hate to sink all that money into it either!!

    Thanks again for your reply!!
  • pacecar3pacecar3 Posts: 4
    Hi All, I have a 2001 Pontiac Montana. We are happy with it, but just had to do the intake manifold replacement. $$$ Curiously, I noticed leaking dexcool in the garage about one month after we had the cooling system serviced. The van only had about 36,000 miles on it. Have other people experienced the intake manifold leaking shortly after they had the coolant system serviced?
  • boga228boga228 Posts: 50
    Can be alot of things like loose hose clamp, water pump, thermostat housing, bleeder screws, overflow tank overflowing, radiator seams, or just coexistenced that it started leaking. I had the dealer replaced my intake gasket at 41,987 miles.
  • burbizburbiz Posts: 2
    Tell me about it. My 2000 Montana has also started to fall apart soon after I decided to purchase it after the lease -- front wheel bearings, 2 rear wipers, electrical wiring and to top it off, a major leak in the head gasket manifold caused a motor meltdown which required a total replacement of the motor with a reconditioned one!

    Three months after the new motor was installed the car is again back in the garage since it continually fails to re-start if shut off only for a few minutes (e.g. to fill up the tank) while the engine hot. Mechanic says it may be the gas pump which like everything else doesn't come cheap. Anyone else experience this same problem? Would love to trade but am still paying for it!
  • We need help and we need it fast. I hope someone can shine a light on this delema. We just bout a 99 transport in April of this year.I am primary driver as my husband works out of town. Anyway, in April when I drove on the highway, the transmission was straining to shift then it snapped into gear. My husband said, you just need to get used to it. Well when he drove it on his days off he noticed the problem too. We took it to a GM dealer who found a code and said the fluid was burnt. the dealer we bought it from went half on the bill and had a *good used * transmission installed. This was June 12/06 and we got a 90 day warranty. Right away we noticed the gear indicator lights would go off while driving. Sometimes they would come on other times not. Sometimes a bump would bring them back. I noticed the long shift again as well as shudders and a howling sound when you reverse.
    I spoke to a mechanic and he said to have the computer checked out. It is now back in the shop and I am waiting for word on it. Can anyone relate to this or offer some sound advice? It would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you
  • montana2montana2 Posts: 1
    I have recently replace the transmission on my 1999 Pontiac Montana. It only had 68,000 miles. This is the second GM car that I have to replace the transmission. The other car was a 1994 Lumina Sedan. They both have the same transmission and the same mileage when the tranny failed.
  • The Montana and Transport are the same. We have 154,000 KM on ours. Not sure how that comapres to miles.
  • Well we had the transmission checked by another shop who specialize in transmission work. They found nothing wrong. The hard shift is still there but intermittent and they were unable to recreate the problem. We decided to drive it until it breaks down. Then today we went for a drive on some gravel roads. We were about 40 km form town and all of a sudden there was this loud grinding and a click, click. Thank god my husband was driving. Anyway, here we are 40 km from town and the van has this god awful noise. My husband took off the front passenger wheel and found out a bolt had come out of the brakes causing the callipers to come apart and grind on the rim. We had a cell phone so called for a tow. the van is sitting infront of our house. Has anyone had this happen?
  • carineptcarinept Posts: 1
    It's your heater core going out. I guarantee it. Costs about $300 dollars to replace at a shop. You can also try a can of Bar-Leaks which will plug the leak. My experience is this stuff only last for a couple months.
  • burbizburbiz Posts: 2
    Service engine light came on my 2001 Montana and car was having serious hesitations and restart problems when the engine is hot. Garage said they found a splice in one of the wires which was causing misfiring to one of the spark plugs -- so changed the wires. More hesitations probs, took it back and they found a cracked spark plug -- so changed the plug. Hot restart prob persisted,, forcing me to wait a good 20 minutes to allow engine to cool. Once the garage was able to recreate the non-start problem (would just keep turning over), garage said the fuel pump was malfunctioning due to low pressure reading -- so changed the fuel pump. Hesitation problems have come back and the other day the car almost stalled on a hot restart -- putting into question whether the culprits were in fact the wiring or the fuel pump in the first place. Could the oxygen sensors be the problem to the sluggish performance, as well as the real reason for hot re-start problem? I kept the old fuel pump and am wondering if it can be tested once removed from the car to see if change was unecessary??? Also read that "GM motors don't like Bosch Platinums +4s" -- I know nothing about plugs and have no idea which plugs are on my vehicle. Grateful for a response before being hit with more repair bills...
  • frymanfryman Posts: 19
    I have a 1998 transport that about every 200-300 miles the Check Engine Light comes on. The only code stored is P420 which is Catalytic Efficiency Test. Not sure if will eventually go out, dont let it stay on that long.
    No other codes have ever shown up.

    Before investing in replacement catalytic converter, just wanted to see if anyone else had similar situation and it turned out to be something different.

    All inputs appreciated.

  • shanebshaneb Posts: 1
    We also have a 98 transport. We recently had to replace the catalytic converter as a result of it being clogged. We had an aftermarket one put in at half the cost of the GM part one.
    We only have 141,000 KM's on the van. What made me made was the engine light was on and when I took it into the dealer and explained to them that we were losing power at 100 Km/h and the vehicle would not go over 3500 rpm they just changed the spark plugs and wires indicating that was the problem. It took three provinces and three different Pontiac dealers and $2500 to realize what the problem was.
    Other than that we have had very little problem with the van having purchased it from new.
    Try to have it fixed before other mechanical thing start to happen. If you are not ever going to sell it....have it taken out.
    Good luck!
  • I have a 2001 PontiacMontana Every few weeks the battery is drained and the car will not start. We must have the battery recharged or put in a new one. I have had it in the shop and they can not figure out what the problem is. They have checked the alternator, connections to the battery etc. Also sometimes if the car is working the automatic door will not work but then the next day it will work. Has anyone had this problem? This car always seems to have some problem. I would appreciate any help to maybe solving this.
  • I just completed the job of replacing the blower motor resistor - the part was in stock at my local dealer, cost was $48.25 CDN (part number 89018643). Took about 30 minutes to replace.

    1. Remove the under-dash panel on the passenger side

    2. Remove the blower motor (this allows easier access to the resistor assembly)

    3. Disconnect plug from blower motor assembly, and disconnect plug from blower motor resistor assembly

    4. Remove resistor assembly screw closest to you, and undo 2 screws closest to firewall (it is not necessary to remove these, as the resistor assembly has slots, not holes, for these screws to pass through. This allows you to tilt the closest edge of the resistor assembly downwards and remove the resistor assembly.

    5. Install the new resistor assembly, and reverse the above steps.

    *screws have 6mm hex head - I used a socket and small ratchet (1/4 drive) to do the job - it worked well.
  • pjk2pjk2 Posts: 8
    3.4 is a strong engine...
    I bought 3 new vehicle with this engine.. two Rendezvous and a Montana.. the Montana is 8 years old.. looks and runs like new... have not put one red cent into this van.. and yes it has it's original exhaust and no rust... unlike all the over rated Japanese vehicles in the parking lot.
    The Rendezvous 3.4 is the smoothest most quiet engine made.
    It has to be... you cannot hear it or feel the engine when running... and I get 28mpg on the road and 23 going to work here in Pa that's pretty good for a vehicle of its size and weight.
  • pjk2,

    I am a longtime reader but I haven't posted for while. Busy moving and such. Usually posted in the triplets forum.
    I beg to differ about the 3.4, in my humble opinion it is only good for a boat anchor. Let me give you a brief update about our 2000 Montana van w/61000 miles on her now:

    1.Piston slap returned 300 miles after new coated pistons were installed as a supposed corrective measure and continues to irritate me to no end.

    2. The van has very little low end torque, with AC on it will not climb up much of hill with out sifting down which in turn hurts your gas mileage.

    3. Our mileage in suburban driving is around 17 and the best I have ever recorded in highway driving is 22 mpg.
    Far cry from the advertised 26 mpg.

    4. Just replaced passenger side headlight which was sloshing with water. Around $100 aftermarket unit.
    Again very common in the triplet vans.

    5. Both brake wheel cylinders were leaking and the brake dust causing the emergency brake not to release until you put some pressure against it. Not normal wear and tear at 60K.

    6. Both rear shocks are leaking fluid to a point where they dripping. I remember reading in this forum Monroe makes a direct replacement for the air shocks?

    7. Battery positive post corrodes like I have never seen.
    The van would not start on my wife the other day so I investigated and found severe corrosion at the post.

    8. Air bag light comes and goes at will. Been lucky lately and it has not come on.

    9. Catalytic converter cracked near rear attachment flange.
    I checked in the owner's manual and thought it would be covered under the emissions warranty but no such luck. Dealer indicated the converter would have fail to internally for GM to cover the cost.
    Dealer's service manager told me to have it welded at muffler shop, now there is Mr. Goodwrench for you!

    10. Let's not forget the intake gasket issues and the breaking cams on the 3.4L.

    Any comments Dirk or n7don long time posters?

    Have a good weekend,

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