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Pontiac Montana



  • i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about a 93 trans sport. i recently lost heat inside so i replaced the thermostat and it did not fix the problem. i felt the pipes leading to the vents and they were hot but the air coming out of the vents is ice cold. please can anyone help me. thank you
  • Thanks for the instructions. Removing the blower motor is a good tip. Only one issue - the hex head screws on my 2001 Montana were 8mm, not 6mm.
  • cigsmhcigsmh Posts: 16
    Purchased 3 years old Montana 2000 base model in 2003
    1. Head casket replaced right after the purchase ( likely to me under warranty )
    2. Terrible steering wheel vibration – replaced original tires with Michelin destiny – problem was solved forever.
    3. Windshield wipers parks vertically – not covered with extended warranty ( most expensive one) – wanted to replace whole assembly for 200$ without work – fixed in some garage for 20$. After 1 year came back.
    4. Fuel cage indicator started to show full tank all the time – not covered with extended warranty and very expensive to fix. I just waited and it eventually started to work … no more problems so far
    5. Blown cabin fan resistor. Purchased one for 50$ and replaced in a friendly garage for 20$
    6. Started to rust in few places 2 years ago. Still looks ok.

    Generally speaking I like my Montana. This is my wife’s car and she likes it even more. Very comfortable with hauling my family to a big distance. Extremely nice and comfortable ride. I don’t’ feel that this car is not reliable. My car has a 80K and most of them very heavy traffic city miles.
    Again … windshield wipers annoyingly parked in the wrong position. 200$ + work to replace them? I don’t know.
    I was looking for not expensive car and bought a base model that still has ABS and power window.
  • I brought my 98 Transport in for the good old leaky intake manifold gasket job. New gasket, couple of oil changes and engine flush and about $1000 and it was done. When I brought it home I noticed an exhaust sound coming from the front of the vehicle (engine). And now I have a check engine light and the van is running rough. This is right after I got the above job done. Any clues?
  • you might need to change the head gaskets also. i just had the intake gaskets changed and had the same problem. my repair cost was $1700. i did it because i really like my montana
  • jciamjciam Posts: 1
    How much more interior space is gained by going with the longer wheel base on the Montana. Also, does the TransSport have a lwb optipn?

  • veestarveestar Posts: 16
    Hello.......I own a 1997 montana(10 years and
    145,000 mi.) In the last year I've had to replace
    the drivers side wheel bearing (hub assembly)
    three times and needing another as I type this.
    Can someone please tell me what type of bearing will last on these things. The ones that failed were all after market. I'd appreciate any
    and all comments. Thanks
  • rlong600rlong600 Posts: 1
    My 2001 Montana just turned over 200,000 miles 1 week ago.
    At 102K (just 2K past warranty) engine over heated. Had to get cooling system (lower and upper intake gaskets and various other items) replaced - cost 2200.00. Same thing happened 35K miles later. Lower intake gasket, water pump, etc replaced by dealer.
    At 175K same thing. This time I tackled myself. Replaced front head gasket, upper/lower intake gaskets, water pump, t-stat, radiator hoses. Live in south so I put water only in cooling system after flushing Dexcool out. Been running fine for last 25K miles with slight fluctuations in temp gauge (from 2 ticks below to 2 ticks above center)
    At 180K had transmission rebuilt.
    Just a few minutes ago 3-15-06 wife drives up and says van sounds like desiel engine. Opened hood and saw sludge all over front right of engine (battery, water pump, etc.) Also noticed sludge in coolant reservoir. Oil dip stick had no apparent indications of water in the oil.
    Could it be oil in the water. If so why not water in the oil?
    Lastly - If engine needs to be replaced and due to over 200K miles, would it be worth it to replace engine?
  • I have had the same problem with a 99 (225,000 miles and still going) and 03 Montana (135,000 miles and running well). Replaced a total of 6 myself- 2 in less than 25k miles, and still under warranty

    They indicate that torque is critical on the axle shaft-I'm not sure if it is or not

    I'm not sure what the torque is supposed to be

  • garvinkgarvink Posts: 2
    I have lost one of the two keys to my 2002 montana. I had a spare made and it will not start the vehicle. Does anyone know of a way to bypass the theft deterrent system so that the new key will work? My van is not really worth much money so i am not too concerned with it being stolen. If anyone has any advice or information i would appreciate it very much.

  • I have a 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport. Recently I have noticed that everytime I come and go I smell coolant, I thought there was coolant possibly blowing out of the hose when I am driving. I see that there is a small puddle of coolant on the top of what I believe to be the thermastat. I am having to add coolant about every other day at this point. I thought maybe it was just the hose but now I am thinking its the water pump. I have not had any problems with it overheating at all. My mechanic quoted me $150.00 to replace it but I do not have the money. I did get a new water pump and hose but am at a loss not knowing if its actually the water pump or not. The upper and lower manifold gaskets have all been replaced a while back along with a new radiator. I do not use Dexi-Cool due to having that be the primary reason why the upper and lower manifold gaskets needing replaced. I am seeing no anti-freeze on the garage floor. Your input would be greatly appreciated. Here is a link to some pics of what I see.">
  • miket6miket6 Posts: 3
    I have a 2005 Pontiac Montana with the rear air leveling system. The problem is that the compressor pumps the shocks all the way up and does not release any air . I have replaced the complete air compressor and all the parts on it, the switch and control arm on the axle and a relay on the side of the compressor. Replacing all these parts has not helped one bit. Any ideas or suggestions would be a great help.
    Mike Taylor
  • miket6miket6 Posts: 3
    Wondering if you are still on the forum and if you ever found out the problem with your leveling system ? I have a 2005 with the same problem.
  • I had the same problem, ended up being a faulty transmission pressure sensor. I replaced it and now it shifts like a champ. Now, about 15k miles later, I am getting a weird rumbling noise from the drivers side of the engine bay. Sounds like a Civic with a fart can muffler under my hood. I took it to Les Schwab and they checked the brakes and bearings and said they were okay. I can't pin the noise, and if I turn to the left while accelerating from a stop, the traction control kicks in. Any ideas?
  • Yes, be careful I had to take my son to the emergency room, the door closed on his hand and fractured 3 bones. I've spoken with the GM reps and they said there is no plan on a recall to fix this problem. After having numerous problems with this van, the same model and year I owned previously, a grand prix, and a camaro, I am seriously contemplating changing manufacturer loyalty.
  • Are you speaking of the auto slider door? I started having problems with the slider on my van not wanting to close or getting stuck in the open and close mode (1998 TransSport) and just keep the switch on the off position. Did take it in for the recall but the dealer at the time did not have the parts. I will never own another pontiac. I originally purchased this van (New, Not used) anticipating on having a wheelchair lift put in a couple years later to aid in transporting my son that is severely disabled and when I went to do so I was told that the year I have would not accomidate the lift that I wanted and that they would have to cut and raise the top (NOT!!!) The slider doors on each side of the 1998s is narrower then the year before and year after. My son is now almost 21 and I am still the lift system. I paid this vehicle off within the first year and could not afford to get another. The guys at the dealer basically lied saying that this vehicle would accomidate the lift system when I bought it.
  • briawoobriawoo Posts: 1
    I just got a used 2004 Montana, love it :) so far but have noticed the fluctuation on the temp gauge. Hwy driving has been fine, one tick below the half way mark, but stopped at the drive thru window at the bank on a warm day and noticed the temp gauge going higher then halfway, maybe on tick below the 3/4 mark. Once I started going it got back down and then reached my destination. Once I started going home it started reaching the 3/4 mark again (stop and go) once I was back to hwy driving it lowered to the one tick below the halfway mark. I have noticed lately it has been ok for the most part but when I drive slower (trying to find a location) and stop, turn around etc it starts going above the halfway mark. Anyway reading the forum I have seen the gasket problems, but didn't see many for the 2004, is this issue with this year as well? Haven't seen the coolant light come on or anything, but I have never had a vehicle have this much fluctuation in the temp before. My hubby was wondering once you change the gasket will it be fine or will this continue to happen over and over. Thank God he can do it, so we won't have to pay for the labor, just parts.

  • brett13brett13 Posts: 3
    Hi, I may be able to help you a little! I used to sell cars for GM. I had a situation like
    yours with wanting to add a wheelchair lift! Now I have sold cars for a long time, so believe it or not, your not the only one with this problem!!! Your 1998 will support a wheelchair lift. You just have to find someone to do it! The dealership wont do it cause it would void the warranty! Do you still even own the van? If so the warranty may be dead anyway. There will be no top cutting as well. Ive seen it done! Plan on spending around three grand! I hope this info helps!
  • bikeral44bikeral44 Posts: 4
    i had the same problem in my 1999 montana, the problem with the gaskets is that they are made of plastic and they develop cracks. i did not find out until it blow out a head gasket. $1700 dollars later the car is running ok.
  • quehousequehouse Posts: 8
    The original gaskets in the 3400 engine are bad. The coolant, after a few years, eats away at them. After changing the gaskets you must do a coolant flush and change and say good bye to Dexcool. Check your antifreeze level and I would bet it is down and your engine oil level is up!
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    I have been there done that. I have a 1998 Trans Sport and have alreadty had to replace the upper and lower gaskets due to the (Plastic) being deteriated by the anti-freeze (Dexicool) I have since had my radiator replaced and tossed Dexicool. You all know that GM did in fact send a bulletin out to all of the dealerships a long time ago about this issue but blamed it on a loosened bolt. Hmmmm (NOT!!!!) If I find this bulletin I will post it.
  • ray80ray80 Posts: 1,643
    Your 04 should have the newer intake manifold gasket so that shouldn't be a problem. I have the same engine in my vehicle and its not unusual for the temp to flucuate between highway and stop and go driving. As long as it stays below redline you should be fine. Just make sure coolant level in overflow tank and radiater are kept at proper level.
  • aitkenheadaitkenhead Posts: 12
    I bought a used 2003 Montana with AWD last week. In the glove box manual, and also on an instruction card tethered to the jack, it says that a flat tire should not be stowed on the donut spare's winch, for there is not room for a full size tire underneath (appears to be true). Instead, a restraint cable and bag are supposed to be provided to carry your flat. If it ever existed in mine, it is missing. I went to two dealer parts counters and they can't find a reference to it. I have the same experience looking for it at GM part web sites. Has anybody actually seen this cable and bag, or is just a hoax in the manual? Remember, it is said to be applicable to AWD models only.
  • Hello i same problem with my 2008 pontiac montana sv6 when iam accellerating the van jerks hard only when we drive slow we took it to the dealer and they said its ok its drive us crazy what did you find out about your van?
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    I have a 1998 Trans Sport. Have had the upper and lower gaskets replaced and the Radiator. I have had problems with the filter housing in the past. It was running really rough even losing power going up hill. I opened the filter housing to see if the filter was clogged and low and behold I found a huge chunk of bubble wrap clogging the air flow. I tried to remove it with a long screw driver but ended up using a hand held plumbing snake to grab it and pull it out. Since then I am careful when I see any type of plastic on the road considering that its obviously like a rolling vaccuum. lol!! I also had to have a spark plug changed on another occasion when my van was running rough. Oh and as far as coolant since replacing the radiator? I have dumped the Dexi-cool. I think that the Dexi-cool is the cause that my upper and lower gaskets were deteriated. Dex-cool has been known for that.
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    I would just call the manufacturer. These dealerships can be a pain when it comes to getting the correct information.
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    I have a 1998 pontiac Trans Sport. Lets see, I have replaced the waterpump twice, Battery twice, Upper and lower manifold gaskets, Altenator Radiator, Upper bi pass hose that goes to radiator from manifold (Just recent) Oh and did it myself for a whole $7.58 verses my mechanic wanting $40.00 Some to do the same thing. Have had brakes done and currently due for new front brakes. Just replaced a headlamp. Ummm my running lights? One does not work due to the socket being fried. Will have to replace the whole socket. My side auto slider door? It has a mind of its own, Only wors when it wants to Lol!! I keep it off. Did go for the recall but they did not have the parts to fix it. Have had new fuel injectors put in. My brain I call it where you are supposed to see the temp and fuel cunsumption is dead. My drivers side window? The motor for the window is fried and the other window will go down but it does the same thing that the drivers side did before it quit on me, Its like off the track and does not go straight down as it should so nobody uses that window. I'm sure i'll think of more after I post this. All I know is that I will never buy another Pontiac!!!!! If I did not have to have it to haul my sons wheelchair I would have dumped it a long time ago but its paid for and I need it for the wheelchair. No wheelchair lift either. I am the lift system, The chair gos in the back. Oh and I have about 80,000 miles on it. The gas consumption is unreal despite my making sure that its maintained with clean filter etc.... I am only getting 10-11 MPG. Geeze, You would think that I was driving an old econoline van or something. Its crazy!!!!
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    Hi Brett, I was just reading a lil on the Edmunds Forum and saw your messege, I am so sorry that I never responded to you. I saw it for the first time today. I never even got a messege in my e-mail that would have directed me to your reply. Geeze I was thinking to call West Coast Customs to see if they could do something with it. I still have the van, 1998 Pontiac Trans Sport (Its paid for :-) ) I called the manufacturer way back and was told that this van would in no way shape or form accomidate the lift that I want. You say that it will cost me about $3000.00? Yikes it will be a while before I can save for it. I am very limited financially due to having to keep up with my sons seizure meds, Formula (He has a g-tube) and baclofen (For his baclofen pump). Thanks to having some major insurance issues that just recently ocurred. I am definitely interested in finding out how it can be pulled off without cutting the top. I'm just guessing and tell me if i'm
    wrong but maybe widening the side door or getting a specific size lift that would fit? Lol!! Please do get back to me, It would be greatly appreciated
  • pgsggpgsgg Posts: 4
    i bought my 2004 montana in april, love the space and the ride here is one of the problems im having the faster i go the higher the volume goes on stereo i let of on the pedal to slow down the volume goes down this is to funny also after shuting it off get out to close door i get a shock as if to remind me who s the boss lol can anyone help
  • tiny_bambitiny_bambi Posts: 14
    Wow that is spooky... Lol!! :-) I personally do not have any solutions for you. I'm sure someone will be along to give you their input. Thats crazy!!! You might have an electrical short somewhere. I too get a shock here and there but usually when the santa ana winds are here or just static.
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