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Mercury Cougar



  • Actually the Cougar has been produced for 4 years. 99 - 2002.
  • I know this isn't really on topic, but can someone tell me what the bolt pattern is on the V6 cougar. It looks like a 4x100 but I want to make sure that the rims I buy will fit. thanks to whoever knows.
  • Not sure about the spacing dimension, but they are 4 bolt rims, and are the same on all Cougars, I4 and V6, standard and sport package. Also the same as on the Countour and Mystique sedans. I recently bought snow tires mounted on 15 inch steel rims for my V6 sport and they fit fine.
  • fredlyfredly Posts: 201
    Rims Bolt pattern.
    4x108 or 4x4.25 (same thing just not metric)

    nearly 50k and happy as can be....
  • susan70susan70 Posts: 1
    Just test drove one last night. I haven't had a chance to do my homework and get consumer reports on it. I loved the inside and outside. The sales guy that was with me was about 6'2" or 6'3" and he was sitting in the passenger's seat with his right leg on top of his left one -- and STILL had room to spare! It drove great, handled great. This one was a V6 automatic. I think I'd prefer the standard, but this one is my only option due to financing. Does anyone else out there have some more insight for me on this car???
  • gustafscgustafsc Posts: 361
    If you liked the car that much, go ahead and buy it.

    There's nothing wrong with the ATX version with the exception of its stoplight performance vs. the MTX.

    Unless you're like me, a stick driver for 40 years, it's a viable option.

    Good luck on the deal. Check this site for the retail and wholsale values of your prospective kitty.

    Skip G.
  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    In addition to the feedback here, you may also want to check out some of the other Mercury Cougar discusions in our Cougar Owner's Club. To start, here's General Maintenance and Cougar Care discussions.

    Also, here's a direct link to Edmunds' Used Vehicle Appraiser where you can see what the average cost of a 200 Mercury Cougar is in your region. Good luck, and please keep us posted on your purchase. ;-)

    (Btw, this post has been re-edited, since another post slipped in before mine. Gustafsc- Thanks for your feedback.)

    Hatchbacks & Station Wagons Boards
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    If you plan on buying a Cougar, I would forgo looking in Consumer Reports. I just received my 2002 new cars issue and they PAN the Cougar. They give it the worse reliability (black circle) rating possible. If you do resaerch the Cougar the rsults will not be pretty. But, as with myself, I could not pass up the styling. Very sharp.

    Good luck with your car shopping.
  • dgeminidgemini Posts: 161
    If you really like the Cougar, and it is in your price range I would say buy it too.

    However, realize that you are buying a car that is considered to be among the worst vehicles in it's class. When it was a brand new vehicle it received good ratings, but the competition has just gotten so much better over the last 3 years....

    For what it is worth I am going to keep my 99 Cougar until it falls apart. It is still a great looking car, performs well, and it is the only way I can get back my full investment.


  • mouse409mouse409 Posts: 34
    I have had my Cougar ( a 99 ) for 3 years. Have not had any problems, and I do love the car. If you like the car....go fot it. I think some of the problems that a lot of people had was because of the newness (a word?) of the car at first. And because as a group we are a pickey bunch of people. But we did pick the Cougar and most of us were very happy with the car. I would buy another one if I could. Good luck with whatever you do.
  • Definately go for it. I've had my 2000 (ATX, V6) for about 15 months and it is still running strong. The only thing I would keep an eye out for is the seals around the windows. The stripping around the outside of my back window came unglued, but they fixed it for free (warranty).
    The ATX can be a little frustrating at stoplights when you're trying to get off to a quick start. The car really does get any torque until about 3250 rpms so it's a little sluggish at the go, but when it does pull it pulls hard and should give you adequate accleration. I've never driven one with MTX, but I still have a lot of fun with the automatic. You don't have to worry about shifting while you're throwing the car through curve after curve, and in the curves is where the car really shines I think.
    Owning a kitty takes a lot of patience and understanding, but the looks from people and the sound the engine makes when you wind it out on the freeway makes it sooooooooooooo worthwhile. But at the same time I'd make sure I invested in a warranty if the car doesn't have one.
  • irish21irish21 Posts: 12
    I like my Cougar, but could not find a local competent dealership. Two dealership service depts left me stranded late night/early morning. The first time was before 5000 miles. The dealer did not fix the fuel gauge. In fact the service dept. broke the gas tank, misaligned the fuel cap, and did not fix the fuel gauge. Found out the gas tank was broken when $18 of gas flowed out of my tank and onto the ground. Gas station was reeeal 'happy' they had to clean up the gas spill. Second dealership told me the alternator light was on because it was winter. Car died at 2 a.m. The police had keep a cruiser behind juice for the emergency flashers. Dealership ordered part and then gave part to another customer after telling me the part had not come in. The other customer worked with me. I tried to trade up to a newer Cougar, but when the dealership drove the car for the appraisal, the mirror housing was hanging (was fine when I drove in). It looked like something leaned against the housing until it came away from the car. The mechanic reset the housing. The starter went at 30,000. My Nissan 200sx only had 2 starters in 160,000.
    I like the Cougar and its styling, but I have had too many dealer problems. 4 dealerships, 4 strikes. One dealership wanted to charge me $800 for the delivery fee.
  • clarkie3clarkie3 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have a usere serviceable solution to fixing a hatch release that fails to work on my 1999 Mercury Cougar? Please help.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Your problem was a common one that was under warranty. They replace the exposed spring(s) on the hatch near the lock. Mine have been changed a few times. The problem recurs as the springs age.
  • motorcity3motorcity3 Posts: 72
    Talk about spring related problems. My wife has a 99 Cougar V6, but she is not happy with it. She has 40K miles on it and so far this is the story:

    - Having problems closing the hood, once its opened because the spring in the lock section is rusting/aging? Just imagine opening your hood to put some windshiled wiper fluid and not being able to shut it again. All of a sudden, you can't drive your car. Nice...

    - Car has been in multiple times to the dealership to fix a speaker that is shorting out. Still not fixed.

    -We had to put in new break pads, but after 35K miles, I guess that's fine. However, we had to replace both of the front rotors at 35K miles? Come on! That's terrible.

    - The plastic seal around the windows is coming unglued and the carpet in the truck is also coming unglued.

    - One VERY loud, annoying rattle near the gearbox.

    - Oh, also, this is not about the car but about the dealership. Brought it in for the 30K service which includes most basic fluid checks, fill up etc. A month later the low coolant light came on. She paid $350, and they didn't even top the coolant!! Great stuff.....

    Now I am wondering if we should ditch this car or maybe try to make it for another year.
  • verozahlverozahl Posts: 574
    Geez, I'm really glad I didn't use my family Ford discount on a Cougar last year. Integra is one year old, no problems.

    Cougar looks nice... can't believe it has so many problems.
  • harbachjharbachj Posts: 51
    If the problem you have is speakers cutting in and out, its the radio/cassette unit. Many 99s with the "premium" stereo have had this problem. Only solution is to put in a new (different model) unit. I had mine changed under warranty. If you have a recorded complaint before 36,000 miles, I would ask the dealer for a new unit.

    Jim H.
  • I can't believe that FoMoCo dropped the ball with such a potentially great vehicle. Poor marketing, poor option packages, poor timing, etc.
  • bigfurbigfur Posts: 649
    A buddy of mine has one and has had problems starting the car recently. it will turn over, but wont fire. if you leave it alone for a few hours and play with the shifter and give it gas, it will start. any ideas what could be the problems???
  • chile96chile96 Posts: 330
    I've waited 4 yrs to say this. My '99 V-6 coug has given me headaches since 7500 miles. 3 different front brake repairs including rotors every time, speakers that continually go in & out despite 2 weeks at the dealership, alternator, a/c, ignition wires, battery cables, hatch probs, front suspension troubles, and the loudest riding car I've ever driven. All under 59K miles! Now it's time to say hello to the 325i - hope my luck improves. I'm interested to see what kinda trade-in $$$ I'll be offered. Hope some poor innocent soul doesn't buy my old cat!
  • ghostynjghostynj Posts: 1
    I drive a 2000 Tiberon which is totally bad in the snow (I live in NJ). Can anyone tell me how the cougar is in snow? I fell in love with the 2002, and will only get one if it does "snow" driving. I have a long trip to work, and can't stay home "because the car won't go!!!)
  • My Cougar does GREAT in the snow! I've never had any problems in the snow or ice that Kansas generally gets in the wintertime.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    My '99 Cougar with traction control and anti-lock brakes performs very well in the snow. But for the most reliable drive to the arsenal in the snow you can't beat all wheel drive. Check out the Subarus.
  • lmigliorelmigliore Posts: 148
    I didn't think New Jersey had bad snow; I used to live in New Hampshire, which has enough snow to satisfy anybody. New Jersey is good for black ice; I don't know anything that steers on black ice including Jeeps.

    Anyway, the front-wheel drive Cougars are as good on snow as any other front-wheel drive cars, which means that you're better off with good snow tires. In my New Hampshire days, I used Semperits, which may not be available anymore. I could climb up ice floes with those things on my Scirocco.
  • I am thinking about buying a '99 Cougar and I was just curious what everyone thought about it, the dealer wants no more than 7000 and I get free oil changes for the time I own the car, what do you think?? Is it a good deal?? If not, I am looking for a sporty lower priced car, any ideas about that if you think that the cougar might not be a good idea??
  • I have a '99 (V6, manual transmission, sport package) which I bought new. I only have about 36K miles on it. The clutch interlock failed twice, which made me get up a gang to push start it. Recently, the oxygen sensor failed which brought up a light on the dash that cost $700.

    The car steers and stops well. I have Michelin Pilot tires which are far better than the factory rubber. Rear visibility is limited. The price is right. Buy it if you like the way it feels.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    That sounds like a lot of money for that year Cougar. But, the most important question is how many miles are on it?
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