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2013 and Earlier - Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • dhchdhch Posts: 7
    Do you mind telling us the dealer's name?
  • jb137jb137 Posts: 9
    This is best which I have been able to get so far which includes a discount of $1384 [MSRP 18,895]. When I see prices of around 15k, I get envious.
  • shinmeishinmei Posts: 5
    Nalley Toyota, Atlanta. I found that they increased prices for Corolla.
  • dhchdhch Posts: 7
  • 007bing007bing Posts: 7
    Nice deal. I went to the dealer yesterday and the best I could get took me a while. They wanted 17377 out the door for the Corolla LE(and I could not have a choice on colors). Not a good deal if you ask me. I was also buying a Sienna LE and the best they would do was $27114. This was a base Sienna LE, too. I noticed, as I've noticed in the past two visits to dealers, that I have been the only one in there. I don't know where they get their customers from but I think they tried to get me to make up for lost revenues alone. I now may look at the Hyundai Elantra. Not getting the deal I wanted gave me a bit more time to take a closer look at the Elantra. I liked what I have seen on it so far.
  • jb137jb137 Posts: 9
    My son is eligible for grad discount. For those who have used in the past this dicount, does this discount kick in before the tax or after the tax? I am getting conflicting information from 2 different dealers.

    Thanks in advance
  • libme1982libme1982 Posts: 2

    How can I get the edmunds rebate $750?

    I really need it.

    Give me the information.

  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,638
    edited June 2012


    Prices Paid, Lease Questions, SUVs

  • dg4dg4 Posts: 19
    Which model of Corolla comes with leather seats? Can someone please give me guidance on price they paid for such model?
  • rkomrkom Posts: 1
    My friend is selling his 2008 Corolla Sedan (CE) base model with no additional options for 8000$. The car is in good condition (normal wear-and-tear) and the mileage is 55000 miles. Edmunds TMV is 8232$. Is this a good deal?
  • I own a 2011 Toyota Corolla LE and like many others feel steering drift at 50 + mph. I did not receive any assitance from my dealership on this problem aside lip service. I wanted to write to everyone that is having this problem and inform them that they need to CALL TOYOTA NATIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-331-4331. Reporting this problem on the national level will cause Toyota to look into this concern. Blogs are great but this outlet will get the ball rolling at Toyota to look into the engineering of the power steering assembly in the 2011. CALL.

  • libme1982libme1982 Posts: 2
    Could you share 2012 LE price these day?

    I will buy a car in this week, so I need price information from other people.

    Help me. Thanks!
  • Had to fight for 8 hours with 3 dealerships in NJ for 17600 out the door. Northern NJ is tough.
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9
    Purchased last weekend. Emailed a few dealers after using True Car. Cheapest quote I received online was 16500.

    Ended up purchasing at a dealer that was offering all Corolla LE's at $15777 plus TTL. This was an advertised price in the newspaper. Was also given a 500 rebate. Did not qualify for the college grad rebate that would have been an extra $1000 off after TTL.

    Vehicle included bluetooth and mats. MSRP was $18,895.
  • jd52601jd52601 Posts: 1
    I am trying to get a god deal on a 2012 corolla le as well and would appreciate any help. Is it correct that you were out the door with yours at $15500 after $500 rebate and $1000 college discount? I missed the college one by 2 months, graduated in May 2010. Also. is yours the regular le (air, mats, cd stereo, etc) or does it have some premium package. Who did you deal with at 355 toyota.

  • econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
    I just got a 2012 toyota corolla LE. I'm wondering how the daytime running lights work. The headlights comes on automatically in dark places. But the dashboard light doesn't come on. I called Toyota and they said headlights/dashboard lights should come on automatically in dark places. I called a dealership and they said only headlights come on automatically. Who is correct? In my 2009 Toyota Corolla LE, the headlights/dashboard lights/rear lights all come on automatically when it's in dark places.
  • econfusedeconfused Posts: 6
    I got a 2012 Corolla LE myself recently. Would you mind telling me if your instrument panel lights turn on automatically at night? The reason I'm asking is because my dealer tells me only the headlights automatically turn on at night when the daytime running lights are on. But Toyota tells me that the the headlights and dashboard lights will automatically turn on when it's dark enough(with parking brake released). Does yours do that? I want to see if all the 2012 corolla le are like that or is it just my car.
  • jrmstr33jrmstr33 Posts: 14
    rynick2, can you please share which specific dealership had their Corolla LE's at $15777? I plan on purchasing in SoCal in the coming month.

    Thanks in advance!
  • sabdulsabdul Posts: 10
    I have this problem also and my dealership claimed that 2012 headlights are the only thing that i automatic. my sister has 2006 and all the ligts you mentioned are auto. so I dont know which one to believe!!!
  • sabdulsabdul Posts: 10
    yes that was the price I got and also try to sign for the rebate on edmunds before you purchase your car to get $750 back. It is the regular LE. if you are still interested in just hit me back. try to insist getting the 1000 rebate I think it is not that big difference. It also depends the time of the purchase, so if you have time try to wait the end of the month (like this time) and avoid going on weekends because dealers usually have much traffic on weekends.
    Good luck.
  • sabdulsabdul Posts: 10
    I got my discount before tax.
  • rehmanaurehmanau Posts: 1
    Hi Sabdul,
    Congrats on new car. Could you please share with me whether you paid MD tax or VA tax. Also what was the total out of the door price including TTL you paid. Thanks for your help!
  • dchevdchev Posts: 38
    Hi econfused and sabdul,
    Your 2012 Toyota Corolas do not have auto headlights.
    Starting the engine will turn your daytime running lights on; however, your headlights will not turn on automatically at dark space.
    Look at the switch on your steering wheel, and you will see no auto option.
    Toyota stopped installing auto headlights with 2011 Toyota Corolla.
    2010 Corolla has them, but not 2011-12 Corollas.
    Sorry about that!
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9

    Purchased @ Claremont Toyota. $15777 plus TTL
  • jrmstr33jrmstr33 Posts: 14
    Thanks rynick - $15777 is before the $500 rebate or including?
  • ariknycariknyc Posts: 15
    I went to purchase a Toyota at Route 22 Toyota in Hillside NJ and the experience was really bad. I do not recommend this dealer and caution all forum readers to stay away. Even if you could get a good deal from them, I doubt they would provide good service in the future. There are a lot of negative reviews about this dealership.
  • Bought a white 2012 Corolla S with Auto tranny for my 18 year old daughter going to college. Net price $16,975 and drive out $18,064. MSRP was close to $20K. Great deal and the time from walk in to drive out was around 90 min.

    Best car buying experience of my life. Cobb County Toyota in Kennesaw, GA in the suburbs north of Atlanta. Highly recommend.
  • miapoppymiapoppy Posts: 15
    Thank you very clear and helpful. Lots of BS on this forum from dealers who don't want true prices out. THANKS AGAIN
  • asca2asca2 Posts: 7
    I went to Claremont and asked about this deal. They did the classic bait and switch and said they only had 2 cars available for that price and they are gone. Not only that, the manager was the biggest jerk I have ever dealt with. DO NOT go there.
  • rynick2rynick2 Posts: 9
    Yes. This was an adverstised "All LE's at this price" in the LA Times. Can't really bait and switch that. I have been on the other end where the cars are no longer available as well. Good luck. $15,777 plus TTL. Then the 500 rebate came off.
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