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Volkswagen Passat CC Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Thanks Bronson that's really encouraging for me! Can you tell me what month you made the purchase and what incentives were available? I'm under the impression that both the Lux and VR6 models are harder to move.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    Hi Kaliforniak - sorry for the delayed response. We purchased our CC on December 12, 2009. It was advertised at 10K off of MSRP. It was the ONLY VR6 the dealer had on the lot, and it had been there all of 2009, and I know they wanted to move it quickly.

    Fact is that the car retailed for almost 40K, and there's no way we would pay that for a VW just yet. But 29K was worth it for the car with all it came with. I looked at the dealer's Web site, and it looks like they only have 1 2010 VR6 on the lot and bunches of the 4 cylinders. Looks like December is a good time to get a VR6 :)
  • Thank you Bronson! Don't worry about replying late, it's not like I want to buy one now. I think there are about 5-7 VR6s within 50 miles of me so I'll be keeping an close eye on them.

    What kind of mileage are you getting on your VR6? I'm only getting 13-15 cities on my 2.3L Mazda 6 which is ridiculous. It might be the way I drive but that kind of mileage on a 4cyl is pretty bad regardless. I imagine you get something better with the VR6.
  • bronsonbbronsonb Posts: 170
    We're not doing too badly with the MPG on the VR6 CC. In the city, my wife is getting lower MPG, around 17 - 20 MPG. Our old Passat V6 would do a little better than that though. However, I took the CC on a two hour highway trip last Friday, and I got 27 MPG and above the entire trip. Never got it all the way to 28 MPG, but I got close.

    Our V6 Passat would get 32 MPG on the highway easily, but I was happy with the VR6 MPG considering the power the engine has. It was quite nice passing slow pokes. And then every now and then some poser in a Honda Civic would come up behind me and ride my bumper, so I'd goose the engine and leave them in the dust...get 1/2 mile ahead, and drop back down to a little above the speed limit ;-). Shame on me!
  • lastory1lastory1 Posts: 8
    I just purchased a silver CC Sport R-line in California for $1,500 below invoice, 0 down and 0% for 60 months. Great deal!
  • Congrats. But I thought the national offer was 0.9% if you got it through VW?

    VW financing is very aggressive. It must be from all that cash they had by squeezing the shorts on the Porsche stock debacle.
  • mj_lmj_l Posts: 1
    Hey lastory1,

    That was really great deal. I am looking for a CC R-line in LA.
    If you purchased that car in Los Angeles or near here, please let me know the dealer by e-mail. Here is my e-mail :
  • dk90212dk90212 Posts: 2
    Don't know if you're still looking, but Pacific VW in Hawthorne (South Bay LA) had an R-Line or two in stock when I was there over the weeknd. Hope this helps.
  • lovinlexilovinlexi Posts: 1
    I am closing a deal on the CC Sport with iPOD MDI, Rubber Mats and Chrome tips for $29,900 out the door using 8.75% (California riverside county taxes) With 0% interest for 5 years. Is this a good deal? Please help. We want to buy tonight or tomorrow at the latest.
  • I would recommend that you take a look at Ontario VW and Capistrano VW. They have sport models starting around 25K. The interest rate might be higher but your overall cost over the years shouldn't be far off.
  • Lovinlexi - I think that's a very reasonable deal. You'll love the car.
  • quintopquintop Posts: 6
    You might be able to negotiate a better deal... I just purchased (yesterday) a CC Sport 2.0T with manual trans, R-Line package, MDI, chrome tips (MSRP $29,908) for $25,000 + drive offs.

    It was a long negotiation process where I had several dealers bidding for my business, but by waiting until the last day of the month, I received rock bottom pricing. I live in Southern California.

    Good luck!
  • popboyweipopboywei Posts: 6
    I am planning to buy the 2010 CC Sport with DSG and Protection Kit before August 6th. I have shot around for some quotes and got an offer $26,505 from MSRP $30,080. Is it a good deal? Please let me know.

    I wont have the CC until August cuz I am out of the States now, so is there anyone knows that I can have better incentives in August or later this month?
  • After doing the math, this is a MUCH better deal than buying, even at 0% interest for a 36 month lease. When I bought my CC in January, this deal was $349/mo, not $242 and it was the manual, not the automatic.

    The dealer contribution is significant though. More than I've ever seen before.

    ©2010 Volkswagen of America, Inc. Based on MSRP of $29,660.00 for a 2010 CC Sport with automatic transmission, excluding title, tax, options and dealer fees. Monthly payments total $8,711.64. Requires dealer contribution of $4,300.00, which could affect final negotiated transaction. Purchase option at lease end for $15,180.00.

    At lease end lessees responsible for $0.25/mile over 30,000 miles and excessive wear and tear. Dealer sets actual prices. Lessee responsible for insurance. Closed-end lease offered on approved credit by Volkswagen Credit through participating dealers in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. Supplies limited. U.S. cars only.
  • Mike, where did you see this deal in Austin? I am moving there next week and looking to lease a CC.

  • tjones39tjones39 Posts: 31
    Can you tell me exactly what dealer in Southern California you bought yours from please? I am in Orange County myself...Thanks
  • I also purchased from Capistrano VW. I feel like I got a very good deal on my lease, and the dealership is right next to my wife's employer, so it's easy to drop off for maintenance and service.
  • Hi, I am planning to purchasing a 2010 CC sport with R line package. what is the going Out the Door price for this vehicle? any great deal going on? I am from the San Francisco area. this is my first time buying a new car. Any help from you all will be appreciated!

    Thank you.
  • I am looking to buy a 2010 CC Sport and have been offering $5k off of the MSRP and 0% financing for 60 months. So far, I have offered this to 5 dealers in Sacramento area and had no luck. Am I the unreasonable one or are they really selling the vehicle at the MSRP with 0%? Considering the vehicle will be face lifted in 2012 the vehicle I buy now will be two years old and “an old model” in one year. What do you suggest? Should I wait to see how the dealer inventory looks like by the end of month towards the deadline of 0% 60 day offer? I appreciate all the help I get.
  • That's asking a lot. The car is pretty hot right now.
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