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2008 Caravan Bench/Captain Switch

luallenluallen Member Posts: 2
edited October 2014 in Chrysler
We just got a 2008 Caravan with a middle bench instead of the 2 captains seats. I've found the captain seats online and am curious if anyone has ever taken out their bench and put in the captains seats. We like the bench for now (it has built-in child seats with 5 point harness), but I was thinking about getting the captains seats for when the kids are past the car seat stage. Do I need the "floorplate?" How difficult is it?


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    shnagle1shnagle1 Member Posts: 1
    Prior to 2008 it was a simple switch. The captain chairs would just clip in the floor where the bench was attached. I would imagine that this is true with your car as long as you are purchasing 2008 captain seats that will fold into the floor properly. Your van should have the space under the floor for the new seats. I would bring it to a dealership to make sure this can be done before you purchase your new seats.
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    emtpeschkeemtpeschke Member Posts: 1
    I also have a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. Something I've been looking for online is to see if the bench seat is SUPPOSED to have integrated child seats. Mine does not, and I am wondering if the dealer switched the bench for an older model. Does anyone know if this is supposed to have integrated seats? The bench is ok, but I would like it better if I could replace it with integrated seats. Also, I have been looking into putting in captain chairs, as far as I can tell, the vehicle is equipped to hold them, but not sure how they will fit into the storage bins.
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    joepeterson56joepeterson56 Member Posts: 95
    The bench seats with the built in child seats are an option you must specify when ordering/buying the vehicle. I am sure you can find one someplace to purchase and install, probably at a very good price from any auto recycler.
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    desnyderdesnyder Member Posts: 1
    Well I am looking at doing the same thing in my van and wanted to know what you found out. Is it possible that you can switch the tow? I just want to pick your brain and see what you did.
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