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Cummins Vs. Duramax Vs. Powerstroke

jeffsprietjeffspriet Posts: 1
edited August 2014 in Ford
As the time for me to purchase my first diesel truck inches closer and closer I find myself surrounded by options and deals. I am very curious about people's difference of opinions on which will out perform and last longest. I am very familiar with Cummins and fairly familiar with Powerstroke, but not very familiar with Duramax. As of right now I am very sure Cummins will out perform in every category, but is also quite a bit more expensive. Keep in mind I will be buying a used truck, probably around the 2000 year. Please inform me on anything you know. Even horsepower differences. Thank you!


  • I am interested in buying a new Diesel pickup. I want to eventually pull a 5th wheel trailer which will probably have a weight apporoaching 14 or 15K. I am impressed with the Ford 350 and would probably go with them because they have avoided the bankruptcy proceedings. However I understand that the Powerstroke gets lousy miliage whether empty of towing. Can anyone enlighten me. Does the Duramax get better miliage? What are the pros and cons of the two engines and vehicles at the 3/4 or 1 ton level of competition?
  • davidlvgdavidlvg Posts: 3
    The only difference that I know of between the 1 ton and the 3/4 ton is more leaf springs and heavier axles... Since you're thinking about hauling that much weight I would suggest the 1 ton dually and because of the ride comfort. I would go with the Duramax myself I have no ties to either Ford or Chevy.... I'm actually a Cummins Fan/Owner..... but the Duramax has been less problematic and get's better fuel mileage than the powerstroke motors. The best engine for fuel mileage with the duramax is the LB7 (2001-2004) plus it comes stock with over 500 lb-ft of tourque. My brother in law has one and he loves it and I have to agree. The in cab features are amazing as well in comparison to other makes.
  • The LB7 is the best Duramax in terms of fuel economy, however, you can tune --or have someone tune -- the latest models to get just as good fuel economy.
  • Iam looking for a new one myself.I have experience with dodge,it didn't get in the 20's untill I had 30K on the clock.With the programer I can smoke the tirs off if I wanted to.My buddy has a ford and says he gets 24mpg pulling his 24ft skif.I had a 05,and the 10's drive so much better it make you want to run your old one into a tree.I drove ford and chevy,and both drove better than a callidac.I like ford for the finish product.Like exhaust SS tips,chevy just got big ugly pipe stick out the back.Chevy copyied ford with the trailer brake in the wiring .ford got them beat with the mirrors.Electric in ,out and tuck.Chevy don't even have them on their truck,just sport mirrors.I couldn't believe it.They put tow mirrors on the gas truck.They are not electric,but still go out. I asked about the and the manager said "O they very expensive" What Iam looking at 60K truck ,how much for dicent mirrors?I love the Durmax with the allison,The reason I didn't mention dodge,I think dodge is a good truck ,but chevy and ford are more plush.They look better built,but its a matter of opion.I had a dodge they offered lifetime warranty for 1200 buck that's a no brainer.I think you get 100K with the chevy and ford.Bothe truck are 60K who ever deal gets my money. dewey11
  • Bought a 2003 Silverado HD2500 with the Duramax LB7/Allison new September 2002. Now has 152k miles, last 20 pulling a 4,800 lb travel trailer. This week, I find the Chevy dealer wants $8,000 to replace injectors and related parts along with pulling the head to remove broken glow plug. Paid the premium price for the diesel for durability. So much for that.
    Appraised for trade $8,000 as is, $12,000 after repair. As if I'd ever buy another Chevy or GM product.
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